Monday, August 3, 2009

A Day That Will Live On Forever

I don’t want to sound like I am beating an old, worn out drum, but I have to throw this out at you all.

This past Sunday was my son’s 8th birthday and both of my boys were with Mariah and I for the weekend.

We have been very excited about this birthday weekend and have been throwing around ideas about what to do for him and what to get him. I know that we talked about taking him rock climbing and buying him a ‘big boy bike’ on Twitter and our blogs. Now this post has two connected, but separate parts.

First of all, as some of you already know, my EX is a blogger and is also on Twitter. I know that she (and or her friends) read/monitor pretty much everything that Mariah and I say while online (and I know I should be more careful about what I say…but I really don’t care if she knows what I am saying.) That being said, I have been confronted by her regarding misinterpreted things that I’ve said and done, and she has brought them to her lawyer and into court. Still…the bottom line is that I know that I am a good father. I know that I have a safe and secure home. I know that the children in this house are very well cared for….and I know that she just wants to feel in control or that she is better than I am. The fact that she and her friends lurk around our blogs and Twitter updates and are too embarrassed or feeble to show their faces …says a little something about all of their characters. (*so ‘other side’ when you read this please feel free to comment and state your opinion ‘like a man.’)

Secondly…We decided to buy a big boy bike (two wheeler) for my son for his birthday. He has mentioned to me that he does not have one and does not know how to ride one. (Personally, I think that every kid (especially boys) should have the opportunity to learn to ride a bike by 5 or 6.) Anyway, I do not know what the reasoning is for why his mother never bought him a bike or encouraged the ‘nanny’ to teach him….but I am glad now. One of the best feelings in the world was getting this bike for him, taking him across the street to the school yard and teaching him to ride like the wind.

After getting to the playground I held the back of his seat while spouting out all of my words of wisdom that pertain to learning to ride a bike; “Always look straight in front of you. Pedal a bit faster. Hold your body up straight. If you feel you are going to fall…put your feet down. Don’t be afraid to fall. Did I tell you how many times I crashed learning to ride?” and the list went on and on. Within no more than 10 minutes, he was riding all by himself. I was amazed…but not nearly as amazed as he was. He told me on the way to the school that he was scared and did not know if he could do it. His face was glowing all day long. by his attitude and the expression on his face...this was far better than a free pass at a candy or toy store. He was so proud of himself. Little mini me could just be the XGames 2018 winner. He definitely got an A+ from this bike instructor.

This I know for sure…neither he nor I will ever forget the fact that we did this together. From my past and from this experience…I know that for a father and son, this is what it is all about.

When their mother came to pick them up, he was so excited to show her that he could now ride a bike…he jumped on and burned rubber all the way down the block and back. Upon his return, she looked at him and said, “Wow…great…cuz a bike is exactly what someone else got you for your birthday.” My son also had mentioned to me that his mother was having a rock climbing party for him. (see BOLD statements above)

I don’t worry though…the first learning how to ride a bike and dad teaching is one thing that even his mother will never be able to take from either one of us…though she may try.


Ashly Star said...

Aww. This was such a great post. My dad taught me how to ride a bike when I was 5. I still remember what the bike looked like and how he helped me learn. Not to mention all the crashes I had and scrapes I got that day.

Anonymous said...

This IS such a big day. I'm glad you had it together. He looks so proud!! (FYI, I agree...5/6 at the least for a bike!! ;) )

OneZenMom said...

Well, then. Now he has a bike at both of his houses. That's great, right?

And you have the beautiful moment of helping him learn to ride for the first time. Which is much more precious than the wheels.

ChurchPunkMom said...

I'm SO glad you got to teach your boy to ride. You're right, there is something so precious about that experience. I LOVED watching my husband teach our boys to ride.

Good for you (BOTH of you)! :)

Brandy said...

There's an easy solution to this...keep one bike at your house and the other at his mothers. What matters is that YOU were there to show him how to ride...and that memory will last forever.

BTW, cute kid! I don't know if I ever seen them minus the stick figure face ala Mariah.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

It's true... you guys will always remember that! And good for him... that's a big step for sure!

And I think your ex wife hit me up on twitter but I didn't follow her back? Well cause it was weird...

Anonymous said...

He is such a cutie! That is awesome he learned that fast. My son took a while to learn but he got it and loves to ride now.

Amber said...

what an amazing feat on your part! You figured the way to her undoing, drawing yourself closer to the heart of you little man! No matter what antics she may pull, she can't stop the love that you two share, and solidifying that with memories that he will cherish is just the icing on the cake.
I'm proud of both of you!

Mariah said...

I agree too, kids should be riding by age 5! He did an awesome job and so did you teaching him. That memory is something NOBODY can take away!!

DGB said...

Wow on a few levels.

First...awesome experience teaching him to ride. I will never forget the day my dad taught me. regards to your ex, are blog postings really admissible in court? Is there such thing as poetic license? Embellishments for comedy and/or drama?

Not a soccer mom said...

Divorce drama sucks. And the smarter parent will realize that before the child is scarred. The other parent in many cases realizes when the kids become as bitter as they are.

Just me... said...

There is nothing better and more bittersweet than watching your baby ride off 'alone' (mine turned 8 last month with a new bike)... And there is nothing anyone can do can take that memory away..
Even if someone spends all their energies and money trying to spoil a child or to 'one-up' you in the child's eyes.. In the end, whether they believe it or not, they lose..

Mom said...

You ARE a good dad! Happy birthday to your son, and congrats on the bike riding. What a great weekend.


TentCamper said...

Thank you guys for all of your thoughts and well wishes. I know that I am a good dad and that as long as I continue to be that...the boys will love me for it.

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