Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Tomorrow (and part of today and most of Friday) are Thanksgiving. Since I will be eating and watching football and really be of no use to society whatsoever, here are some links to my past thoughts on Thanksgiving.

I'm thankful for cut-and-paste!

Why American Thanksgiving is better than Canadian Thanksgiving

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Why I'm Thankful

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Made In Japan

What's that say Poppa?" The boy asked me as he pointed at the backside of his new extrra large bright red beach shovel.

"Let's see. Says, Made In Japan."


-Later that day-

While grinding playdoh into the dining room chair cushion, the boy flips over his Spiderman plate and asks me, "What's that say Jay?"

"It says Zak!."

"Oh. What does that one say Jay?"

"Made In Japan."

"That what it's called?" He asked.

"Sure. Yep."

The following day while playing with Lacey's toys he flips one over and sees more text. "What does this say Jay?"

"Well, that one says Made In Japan too." I said with a sigh. He is begining to call his toys 'Made In Japan'. As if that is their official name. We must have gone over a dozen toys and plastic plates and cups this week, all saying Made In Jap Land on the back.

He finally asked me what Made In Japan means.

"Well. It was made there, in the land of Japan."


"Yeah, by little kids just like you."

"Oh. Like me?"

"Yep. and they made just enough money to buy some gum from the gumball machine at Pat And Oscars."

Oh how exciting this was too him. "Can I make one too? I want a red gumball. A red one!" It's his favorite color you know.

"Well, listen close buddy. When Obama is kicked out of office, the new administration just might bring the tax rate back down, then they may give companies incentives, such as tax brakes, to bring their business back to the US. So they might come back home and make their stuff here. Then you can make one. Ok?"

'Ok! Ok! Reeeeeeeeeeddddddd gggggguuuuuuuummmm baaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllssssssssss!" Was shouted around the house for the rest of the day.
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