Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Daddy, I got a bra!"

The day I have been dreading for 11 years arrived yesterday. I knew it was going to happen, but just not this soon.

I had hoped it would never happen. But, at 7 p.m., my oldest daughter's mother called me and broke the news.

"Brett, I took Kern out and we spent all the money you gave her on school clothes. . . $250 on school uniforms, socks, underwear, and a couple bras."

I often have to ask Kern's mother "What?". I was never very good at listening when words came out of her mouth. That's probably one of the reasons why we didn't work out.

But, this time, I heard exactly what she said. It didn't stop me from asking her my favorite question.

"What was that last thing you said?", hoping I heard her wrong.

"Yea, we got her a few bras. We have looked at them before because she liked the patterns on some of them. Now, she actually needs them."

I was speechless. I couldn't believe what she was saying to me.

My little girl needing a bra. The same girl I spent three years staying at home with when she was a toddler watching Blues Clues, Sesame Street, and Little Bear. From a bottle-carrying blue-eyed girl whose life revolved around when she would get to go in our pool in the front yard, to a young lady who now sends me text messages and needs a bra.

How did this happen? I know days, months, and years going by is how. But, how did it happen so fast?

You are not supposed to have a favorite child. You are supposed to love them all the same and do your best to treat them equally.

But, Kern will always be special and different to me. She was the first one. The one that taught me how to be a father, how to truly love, and how to put someones' needs, wants and desires in front of my own.

Seems she isn't done teaching me things. Now, I get to learn about buying and washing bras. Took me three years when I was in high school to learn how to take a bra off my girlfriend.

I doubt I will get that same amount time to learn how to be OK with my daughter growing up.


Amber said...

awww, well I'm sure you'll adjust just you let the info sink in ;o)
And you know, there's always Wiki How to learn how to wash bras, LOL

Sandi said...

you sound like my husband. He himself would pretty much rather ignore it and pretend like it's not happening. haha I don't mind. I have four daughters so he'll go through this a lot. I have a 12 year old so I know the feeling. My husband just shhhh's us all when we talk about anything remotely girly. haha It's just a little joke between us. :)

OneZenMom said...

Oh boy, that is a milestone isn't it? I have to admit that it's mostly the fear of pre-teen and teen girls that and all their assorted drama that makes me quite glad that I have only boys. :)

Cande said...

aww, such a sweet post. Gotta love what parenting throws you.

Mike said...

I'll just repeat what my Mom said. Thank God he gave me boys.

Anonymous said...

I got the bra buying this year also!!!

"what"???????? is right!

The Exception said...

My daughter is 9 and has friends wearing and needing bras. In my house we aren't yet there but... it will happen. Today a bra, tomorrow... who nkows. It is all part of that magic of having kids!

Not a soccer mom said...

I agree babies growing up is tough.
And I have been past this stage you speak of for years with my girls... next would possibly be a wedding dress but I am not wishing for it anytime soon

Irish Gumbo said...

What? Wait, hold many years do I have before this happens?!?!

Oh, crap, is there some book I could read or a manual that explains that stuff? Aww, mannnnn...

TentCamper said...

oh, how I feel your pain. I live in a house with 3 young girls...10 to 17 and between them...I am always learning something new...or needing to adjust to something girly.

Just wait...won't be long before you need to go to the store to buy tampons and Midol for me...I KNOW.

Good luck and ...I am here for you.

chocdrop said... have reached the beginning of transition time for a young lady. Just take it slow you will do fine.

You are ask us ladies whatever it is you need!

Ashly Star said...

What a sweet post, it made me smile.

I hope you're still around and blogging when the topic of her wanting to date comes up. =) I'm always curious about how parents handle that curveball.

ChurchPunkMom said...

bras??? ACK! no.. don't say that!!!

not that I'm *at all* freaked about the inevitable puberty storm that will someday hit our house... oy.

Trooper Thorn said...

That's nothing. Wait until you have to get her tampons.

dadshouse said...

My daughter is 17, so I know the feeling completely!

The thing I'll be dreading - when I'm doing laundry, and find out she has started wearing thongs. Don't want to know!

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