Monday, March 23, 2009

Ask Hot Dads

It seems as though you, our curvaceous counterparts, do in fact see us as intelligent life forms after all. We had a multitude of questions submitted this past week which stimulated a quick chain reaction of wisdom and intellect to be sprung forth from the great minds of the ‘All Knowing Hot Dads.’ For the questions that we received, here are the answers from 7 of our contributors.

From this point forward, questions can be submitted in the comments section (just preface with Ask Hot Dads) and we will include your name and link to you with our answers…or you can email questions if you would rather your question be anonymous.

Without further ado, I present you with the first installment of Ask Hot Dads.

Would you rather your lady pretend not to be interested in sex, or would you prefer they tell you the actual reason why. For this question I am thinking about personal disgusting body reason ie: gas, constipation, possible contagious itch down there etc.....?
TentCamper says: Tell me the truth. The last thing I want is to be mid-stroke and have her fart or poo on me. There are plenty of other things that can be done and numerous hours in the day.
Dads Who Mock The World says: Give me the real reason why. I'm a big boy, I can handle it.
AlwaysHomeAndUncool says: Generally, I'd just prefer she pretend to be interested in sex.
DaddyGeekBoy says: It’s a slippery slope. If a woman pretends not to be interested in sex, it’s easy to fall into a “Ray Romano” situation, where the man continuously begs for sex and the woman continuously rejects him. Pretty soon the house is filled with canned studio audience laughter and a pesky mother-in-law who’s always butting her nose into everyone’s business. Before you know it, it’s been 8 seasons and the man is still not having sex.
However, if the woman keeps using personal issues as an excuse to avoid sex, the man may begin to worry what the hell is wrong with her and why she can’t stay healthy.
So either way, it’s really a gamble.
Cameron says: I would rather know the reason…even if it’s not the most flattering. Poor communication can quickly spiral into other problems.
Sage says: I'd want her to tell me!
Hubman says: I assume we're talking a one time thing, a "not tonight, honey" situation. I'd rather she just tell me the reason why. Even if it's "My pillow is more appealing to me right now that you are." Hell, we normally have sex 5-6 days a week, I can't expect to have sex every day, can I? Wait, don't answer that!

Do you think that dads should talk to tween and teen girls about menstruation and sex…or should that be left to the mother? (and the same question about boys…sex and wet dreams with moms or dads?)
TentCamper says: I think that they should make it known that they understand and are there to talk at any time, but if the child feels more comfortable talking with the same sex parent…make it easy for the child.
Dads Who Mock The World says: Mom is better, but Dad is better than nothing. Mom has been there and done that, I'd just be guessing.
AlwaysHomeAndUncool says: I think parents should tackle sex talk together when possible, but I'm leaving the menstruation talk to My Love because I believe in letting a proven expert do her job.
DaddyGeekBoy says: While I’m all for equality, I have spent a great deal of my life avoiding learning about menstruation, so I wouldn’t consider myself the best person to talk to about that kind of stuff. I would probably just shove a copy of “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret” in their hands and call it a day.
On the flip side, it’s probably easier for a dad to turn the shame of a wet dream into something more comfortable—and give tips about how to best hide the soiled sheets.
I think it really comes down to which parent will be able to giggle less during these talks.
Cameron says: Ideally, I would think that the ladies would speak to their daughters about their periods, etc…and the men speak with the boys about sex and boners and all that good stuff. I think it’s just easier to relate if you know what the hell you’re talking about. I can’t imagine trying to tell my daughter about tampons or PMS or any of that. Having said that though, there are single dads and single moms that have to handle both sides, and to them I say, “Bravo.”
Sage says: I think the mom should talk about to the girls and dads to the boys if that is possible. One who has the same plumbing could better explain, answer questions and understand.
Hubman says: When the time comes, I'll handle the guy stuff with our son and Veronica can handle the girl stuff with our daughter. Sure, I could talk about menstruation, but I'm lacking the personal perspective, you know? Let the expert handle that!

In your house, who is better with gadgets and tools?
TentCamper says: I am….by far!!!! Though she is a wizard with my ‘tool.’
Dads Who Mock The World says: Me, but she has more tools than I do.
AlwaysHomeAndUncool says: By leaps and bounds, me. Wait -- is this a veiled question about sex toys?
DaddyGeekBoy says: My handle is “Geek Boy”, I’ll let you figure that one out.
Cameron says: My wife sucks at all gadgets and tools…it takes her a long time to figure out how to switch from the cable to dvd, and if she needs a picture hung on the wall, forget about it.
Sage says: Me I suspect though I am no pro.
Hubman says: Me, by a long shot. If Veronica picks up a power tool, get ready for a trip to the ER!

How, honestly, do you consider yourself as a lover? (comparatively to the general population) TentCamper says: I love making love and think that I am pretty good, but I know that there are areas where I could improve. 41 and still learning.
Dads Who Mock The World says: Average, but getting better.
AlwaysHomeAndUncool says: Underutilized.
DaddyGeekBoy says: I haven’t slept with most of the general population, so I don’t feel right comparing. But I’m pretty confident with my abilities in the bedroom.
Cameron says: Honestly I think I’m good…not great but good. This may sound kinda gay, but it really turns me on to know that my wife is getting off. What can I say, I’m a giver. I say good, not great, because I remember 15 years ago when I could hump away for hours. I guess it’s just old age or whatever, but I don’t have the same stamina that I did when I was 17. What I now lack in stamina, I make up in foreplay.
Sage says: Over the top generous.
Hubman says: Aren't we all the best ever? I know I am ;-) We are The Hot Dads, after all!!

What has changed (romantically) the most in your relationship with your spouse since you had your first child?
TentCamper says: Complicated for me…but with ManicMariah, getting caught up in the daily lives of 6 kids leaves us with minimal time for each other. Sex is great, but not as spontaneous as it once was.
Dads Who Mock The World says: Sex, we have it more.
AlwaysHomeAndUncool says: We now lock the bedroom door.
DaddyGeekBoy says: We play a lot more Scrabble and have a lot less sex.
Cameron says: Less sex…but I don’t think it had anything to do with our first child. We were kinky fuckers after our first child. It was the second child. It’s not twice as hard with two kids, it’s 10 times harder. By the end of the day, we’re just too damn tired a lot of the time to get it on. Anybody wanna babysit?
Sage says: morning sex, I think I recall having it, but not in yearsssssssssss
Hubman says: At least once a month we get a sitter and have date night, just the two of us. We never did that before we had the kids. While it's not a romantic gesture per se, it helps to keep the spark alive.

Do you parent the way that you thought you would before marriage?
TentCamper says: For the most part yes…but I do find myself flipping back and forth between my two personalities (king and friend) randomly.
Dads Who Mock The World says: Mostly, but I am less of a hard ass than I thought I would be.
AlwaysHomeAndUncool says: Generally, yes. Of course, I didn't really think about it much before marriage. Kids -- Daddy's sorry.
DaddyGeekBoy says: I always thought I’d be a dad like Alan Thicke on “Growing Pains”, but I’ve come to realize that I’m funnier (though the bar’s not very high) but also stricter.
Cameron says: I think so…I’m the easy going parent, I spoil the kids a little more than I should and I play with them and let them burp and fart and laugh and play with little restrictions.
Sage says: Yes.
Hubman says: I'm a little bit more of the disciplinarian than I thought I would be, but otherwise I think so. Of course, I've been married 15 yrs and the memory ain't what it used to be, so who knows what I thought back then!

What would a perfect date with your woman consist of?
TentCamper says: A slow boat ride to Catalina, making love and fooling around the whole way there. Champagne and a candle light dinner at our beach campsite. Walks and talks along the deserted shoreline at sunset. Roaring fire outside our tent while we make love into the night. (Yes…this is a dream fantasy…I see no reality here…at least until the kids are all off to college.)
Dads Who Mock The World says: What is this "date" you speak of?
AlwaysHomeAndUncool says: We meet on a train in Europe and wind up spending one romantic evening together in Vienna. During this, my wife speaks with an adorable French accent and I have a rakish looking partial goatee.
DaddyGeekBoy says: A long, leisurely three course meal at a fine restaurant.
Cameron says: Big steak dinner, maybe head to a bar for a few drinks and some music, then home for some kinky, wild sex.
Sage says: Her 2 best friends and a whirlpool full of cool whoop!
Hubman says: We actually do this every once in a while. We first go our for dinner, it doesn't really matter where, as long as we don't have to cook or clean up and the kids aren't there to bug us. Then we go to our favorite strip club, Veronica gets a lap dance or two while I watch, then we go home and have hot sex!

How do you parent, in general, differently from the way your father did?
TentCamper says: I grew up with a distant father and a stepfather, who were very different from each other, but all-in-all I would say that my main focus as a dad is to be there for my kids, be very hands on and make them know that they come first. I did not have that feeling as a child.
Dads Who Mock The World says: I am much more involved. Not a knock on him, he was working three jobs (literally) so my Mom could say home with my sister and me.
DaddyGeekBoy says: I change diapers. I get on the floor and play with my kids. But as my oldest kid approaches the tender ghastly age of three and a half, I’m learning that in attitude I’m very much like my father. This scares the hell out of my wife.
Cameron says: I’d say I’m not quite as strict as my dad was. He was (is) a good father, but he was a little strict..
Sage says: I am harder on mine, though my father was very tough. But basically the same.
Hubman says: I'm much more interested in who my son is friends with, how his day in school was, etc than I ever remember my father being. Darling Boy and I do a lot of things together, but I have few if any memories of my dad and I having what my son calls "man time". I'm not sure how much of that is related to my dad's alcoholism and how much of it was a function of the hours he worked at the airport. My step-father, whom my mom married when I was 22, is much more of a role model than my biological dad ever was.

I hope that you have all got a little something from our answers. We tried not to use too many medical or scienticic terms so that everyone could understand.

....even if we only help one person...our efforts are not for nothing.


Another Suburban Mom said...

Great answers guys! Its great to get that insight into the male mind.

SweetPeaSurry said...

Wow ... fantastic answers! I wish I could blame lack of sex on kids, unfortunately I can't. Those doggone morals!

Rhea said...

Great post! It's neat to read so many guys' answers altogether on the same questions. I'll have to think up some good questions now.

Susan said...

Love the new Q&A honesty. I'm be sure to submit in the coming weeks.

Cameron said...

Great answers, Hot Dads. And Susan, I appreciate your offer to 'submit in the coming weeks.' I Call First right now, I don't want sloppy seconds.

jewelrybyrebecca said...

I'm impressed, glad I came back to check out the answers.
(The hubby likes you too...go figure)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I was expecting ADD after the first couple of questions so I'm totally impressed!

Interesting to compare your answers with what I would have answered...

Men definitely are least most of you!

Amber said...

I love the answers!

Tuesday Taylor said...

I loved all of your creative date ideas. I'm always the planner of anything that might go on romantically in my little world...

Mariah said...

I love you hot guys, and all of your candid answers

dadshouse said...

All right, I missed the boat on the offical answer session. So here's a smattering of A's to go with the Q's:

On not wanting sex: because of her gas, or mine?

On talking to tweens and teens about sex: I'm divorced with half-time custody, and my ex didn't want to talk to the kids, so I did:

and the funnier version:

On gadgets and tools: I suck. My son rocks.

On being a lover: I rock. I won't speak for my kids (doh!)

And that's my smattering... I'll try to weigh in officially next time!

Mama Dawg said...

Great questions and even better answers.


Ok, I LOVE this post and I LOVE this idea!! Definitely keep this going... I can already think of more questions to ask you all. Love the honest look into the male mind.

Thanks Hot Dads!

LiteralDan said...

Danget, that's what I get for not having my act together this weekend.

Oh well, just add a "Me, too" from LiteralDan at the end of all these questions.

for a different kind of girl said...

You are a creative gang of hot dads, I'll give you that. Loved the answers (and then my heart broke a bit to see I'm not on the Hot Moms blog roll!)

Anonymous said...


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