Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Do What's Easy With OJ

As I sit in front of Tom and Jerry in the other room, working on my latest photos of the newborn, Lilly was trying to give her a bath while our 22 month old was tormenting her with frantic screaming and torturous whining. He wanted to take a bath also. For twenty minutes I bore witness to this scene. And no, I couldn’t pry him away from the bath if I tried, which I did. My wife was pleading with him to stop throwing things, stop crying, to stop acting crazy, and to stop repetitively sliding and banging the glass shower door into the side of her head.

I grabbed some OJ from the fridge, walked into the bathroom singing, ‘OOOOJJJJJJJ……O O O O OJ’. And you know what. He stopped smashing the door into my wife’s head and grabbed the OJ. Sat on the floor next to her and watched our newborn get a bath in relative silence as he slurped it down.

And you know what happened to me? Can you believe what happened to me? I got scolded by the wife because I gave him more OJ. Because a second cup of OJ today was too much. Two is too much OJ. Even in the midst of him being near impossible to handle while Lilly was tending the newborn. OJ, such a simple and benign fix. And yet I was yelled at! Lilly was pleading for me to help, and I helped. I calmed down the raging boy, bringing peace and harmony into our home. And I got yelled at. Need I say, I don’t understand?


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Anonymous said...

well Jay evidently you are an idiot.

You mean to tell me you "don't understand" you wife?

Come on man that is insanity. Craziness. Surely everyone understands women!!!

Obviously I am kidding seeing how women don't understand women, hell most women don't even understand themselves!

Web Hosting said...

How funny! he he........

TentCamper said...

obviously....she had nothing else to yell at you about, and in that situation she HAD to yell at someone (and it would be wrong to yell at the boy.)
Stay strong and ...watch some Man Vs. Wild or something.

Anonymous said...

LOL damned if you do damned if you don't

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Let me say this. At that point you are at your wits end. Now I don't know the whole story, but if you already knew the fact that your wife didn't like the runt to have two glasses of OJ before hand then you should respect that. And giving into the tantrum just means the next time he throws a fit he knows he will get rewarded for it... Was there not another fix? I don't know the whole situation so trying to make sense of it :)

Now if she hadn't laid out the no two glass OJ "law" before then I don't see the problem...and she was just took out her frustration on you. Which is what we do... Lol...but seriously it's easy to see how unreasonable she seems by the way you wrote it... I'd be more pissed you sat and watched him slam the shower door on my head and took so long to find a way to help out :P

but I wonder what her side of the story would be?

THAT would be uber interesting...I bet there is a emotional rationale there somewhere! ;)

Danielle said...

This makes me smile. Sorry Surfer Dad, it is just nice to know that I am not the only one! :)

x said...

Surfer Jay, is that a picture of your newborn on top of the laundry basket? Totally cool - like an Anne Geddes photo.

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