Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ask Hot Dads...Or Not

OK Ladies…I’m gonna have to lay it out on the line for you.

You all say how much you love the Ask Hot Dads posts and many of you say that that is one of things that attracted you to the site in the first place. YET……I am nor receiving any questions from you.

Sure I could make up some questions…or better yet, make up some really juicy ones and just say that they are from YOU. (I could easily post a question like: ZenMom asked: “How (exactly) are babies made?” or Janie Woods asked: “How come sex toys don’t come with directions?”

But I won’t do that. If you want the Ask Hot Dads to continue…SEND ME YOUR FREAKIN QUESTIONS!!!!!

Additionally, if you Guys have questions for the Hot Mamas…We can do that as well. (Not that we need answers to anything…you know, just to make the Mamas feel important.)

If you want your questions to be anonymous…say so or leave them in the comments anonymously. I can respect less knowledgeable folks being a bit embarrassed.


WannabeVirginia W. said...

Okay, here's two questions that I have been pondering. One is: when a woman looses weight does her vajayjay get smaller, in particular the bits (parts). The other one is why do men like eating kitties? (lol)

BigLittleWolf said...

Well since I summed up a bit of data I'd heard from divorced dads and sex over in Big Little Wolf land this morning - anything there you'd care to refute? Or add?

Booty on a first date. Automatic "no second date" and no relationship?

What would you do if you had a hot night out (and in) with a babe who spoke with a french accent, and in the a.m. over a steamy cup of coffee à deux, she dropped it, in a playful way? (The accent, not the coffee.)

What's the sexiest, most unexpected sexual surprise you've ever encountered?

Do men honestly think that a woman's libido plummets over 45? (I'm not talking wifely libido, I'm talking single woman libido.)

(Know anyone who'll take care of my... mmm... squirrels in the attic?)

ZenMom said...

Hot questions for hot dads on their way to your hot little hands in a hot minute. ;)

Lester said...

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