Friday, October 9, 2009

Dear Santa

Those of us with children have to understand the annual Dear Santa letters. These are the letters that we ask our children to write to Santa well before Christmas asking for a few very special things. We do this NOT to reinforce the belief in Santa Clause but for our personal gain.

This is how we, experience and knowledgeable parents get a reasonable list of what the kids want for Christmas. If we ask the kids to make a list for us of what they would like for Christmas…it would read something like this;

I want: a pony, plasma TV for my room, a new laptop, Uggs, Vans, Xbox 360 (with Internet connection), gift cards (to A & F, American Eagle, Vans, AMC, Baskin Robins and Blockbuster) the new iPod, the Blackberry Storm and some cash. (or something like that)

The dear Santa letters look something like this:

Dear Santa –

I know that you must be very busy this time of year, but I wanted to write to you to tell you that I have been very good this year and I have kept my grades up.

There are only two very special things that I would like for Christmas this year and they are; a new bike (because mine is much too small for me) and some new clothes……oh and…for mommy and daddy to have the best holidays ever…and I love them.

Love, Kid

There is a significant difference in what is wanted when talking to parents vs. the infamous Santa Clause…no kid wants to be seen as selfish or too needy to Santa.

Get them to write letters!!!!!!

And that is my wisdom for the day.


ZenMom said...

That's really sweet. :)

Now that you mention it, my 5-year-old's mantra of "I want that!" is a bit toned down in the formal letter to Santa.

But, then, he's figured out that the *real* people he needs to butter up are Grandma and Grandpa - they are the real jolly old elves who come laden with gifts for their "darling boys"!

Trooper Thorn said...

In their letters to Santa, my kids always wrote how much they loved him far more enthusiastically that their Mom and Dad.

Nonflammable said...

My kids don't believe in Santa anymore, but Santa still leaves them each a letter every year anyway.

My son just told me he wants a mini fridge for Christmas. What the.... He's ten.

Missty said...

Love this. lol And your so right on. And just a few months ago, I was going through some boxes, I found a couple of my now 25 and 23 yr old sons letters to Santa. SO SWEET!!

So those days... like yesterdays post, don't matter when you look back and his letter says "all he wants is the green power ranger"

That Santa delivered after mom and dad, stood in a zillion toy lines that year! Ugh the things we said we would never do.

I miss toy shopping.

pam said...

I don't know who's kid you have but my kids Dear Santa letter was Never that nice.

Barefoot Dreamer said...

Dear Santa,

please take my kids and bring them back fully trained in about 5 years. In the mean time please relocate me to a tropical location where there is white sand and turquoise water and no snow and cold.


Danielle said...

Hilarious and I bet so true!

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