Tuesday, October 27, 2009

D.W.I. - Driving Wealthy Idiots

I don’t know if it only happens where I live…or if this epidemic occurs allover the country…or the world, but I have to lay it out for you…you know, my form of therapy.

The question that we will be discussing today is: Why the hell do people who cantfreakindrive buy cars that they are scared to drive?
I run into this all the time and it is causing me great mental anguish and lending itself to my pre-Happy Hour drinking.

Whether I am at the coffee shop, grocery store, surface street or highway, I find these middle aged to elderly people driving around in $150,000 cars and they take 20 minutes to get in or out of any given parking space…or they wait at an intersection til they can’t see anyone coming for 18 freakin blocks…or they drive 30 miles an hour in the fast lane (though in some parts of LA…that is pretty good.)

It is either that, or, they drive like they own the world. Granted, I don’t know who these people are and they may well be the mayor of our city, or the King of Santa Monica or something. But this drives me absolutely insane.

My thoughts are:
1. If you are a shitty driver and can’t park worth a damn…get a Cooper Mini.
2. If you don’t pay attention while you drive…buy a junker and put a sign on it saying that you’re a shitty driver.
3. If you own a section of town or a specific road, indicate it with a large lettered sign, so that the rest of us can get the hell out of your way.

And for those of you that just have these cars to show the rest of us how much money you have…trade it in and wear a jewel encrusted crown, or a jacket made out of stitched together 100 dollar bills.


Nonflammable said...

This is a constant and major peeve of mine. In fact, I could write a 10 page outline on this subject.

People who deliberately take up 2 parking spaces deserve their car keyed and tires slashed. I would never do this type of thing, though I would be inclined to look the other way if I saw someone else retaliating in this manner.

Dadoo said...

do what self respecting car collectors do and park way out in the lot to avoid damage. These are lazy people who deserve some door dings.

WannabeVirginia W. said...

Its a sense of misguided entitlement. That guy in the hummer was quite crass for parking on a handicap space.

Nancy@ifevolutionworks.com said...

I love the giant hummers that park in tiny spots. Without fail there is always a 5'2" blonde that falls out of it. How they even see over the wheel, let alone park....is beyond me.

Trooper Thorn said...

Do old people who drive slow do so because they were alsways slow, or do they get scared as they get older?

Meg said...

Well, I think older people have the nice cars because they couldn't afford them before but maybe now they can.

As far as people driving stupid, ahh! Pet peeve. I get so irritated behind the wheel. It is raining right now and I believe everyone turned into a moron while driving because of the rain.

TentCamper said...

Nonflammable - I'd be happy to save space on the blog for you all to send in pics (with license plate numbers) that I can post of idiot drivers and parkers!

Dadoo - I agree ....to the fullest.

WVW - If they spend more than 80K on their cars...they think they can do whatever they want.

Nancy - Small chicks in big cars kill me. Almost as bad as 'little' guys in big trucks.

Trooper - I think they get scared...but if that is the case...get an 88 Celica that can handle a few scratches...not a Bentley.

Meg - You must live in Southern California...when it rains...I just refuse to drive cuz of all of the idiots.

ZenMom said...

I thought there was some kind of ordinacne in So Cal mandating the bad drivers buy big expensive cars. No?

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