Monday, October 26, 2009

Let The Haunting Begin

As Mariah and I were walking on the sidewalk in front of our house, we paused to look up at the big spider web that we have been passing for the last week. Every day, the web was getting a little bigger, but we never saw the spider. I am...not so into spiders, but in this house…you do NOT kill (or even “relocate”) spiders. (more on that…see ManicaMariah.)

Tonight, there it was….a monster! Simultaneously, we both jumped back, as if we were in “Attack of the Killer Spiders” and the thing was going to jump onto our faces and suck our brains out through our noses. We stepped back and I knew I’d have to photograph this one. I ran inside to get the camera…and of course our 9 year old. Christie is one of those….nutty, animal-freak kids. We remove “unwanted” critters from her room on a daily basis. Snails, lady bugs, worms, rollie pollies…anything she can catch. Christie is that girl who would need therapy if she (even by accident) stepped on an ant.

I asked her if she wanted to go see the big spider while I took pictures. She was out the front door before I had a chance to turn around. We walked up to where the spider was, I pointed, she looked up and (with her mouth gaping open said, …”Oh My.” I started taking pictures (knowing I had to get the perfect shot for you all. Once I had about 5 shoots, I showed them to Christie who responded to me with…”Wow! He’s HUGE!”...(then I got to a good close up) she looked at the picture and then turned to me and said, “That’s sep-spatula…I mean scepatula…um….slaptulaR. Wait, what is that word?” I responded “spec tac u lar”
“Yeah! That’s it!”

Then I said…...”Hey, let’s go check out the one on the other side of the house.” We trotted down the driveway to the side of the house, Christie chanting under her breath, “spectacular, sptcatipillar, ...UH… do you think this one is gonna be as big?”

Chuckling, I said, “Hold on to your britches Little One….we’re about to find out.”
As we turned the corner, we looked up to the web (that we had really only seen from far away …until now. We (both of us with jaws dragging the floor) stared and as I said, “Holy Mackerel” she barked (like an army sergeant), “That thing is a...MONSTER!”

I clicked away and now, even though I have some cool photos, I don’t even know what kind of spiders these are. I kinda hope that one of these super-sized, creepy-assed spiders bites me. I'd be the ultimate Spider-Man!!!!!!


ZenMom said...

Holy CRAP!
I'll be hiding under my covers if you need me!

Tracy DeLuca said...

I think I am traumatized. I may need therapeutic doses of alcoholic beverages.

But Christie's comments were hilarious!

Nonflammable said...

Creepy and cool. Just in time for Halloween.

Janie Woods said...

AWESOME!! Nothing beats authentic Halloween spiders!!

Ilina said...

I need to shower now. I feel like creepy crawlies are all over me.

Brandy said...

Forget the camera...grab some bug spray! Those things are icky.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Awesome snaps.

Good thing they're not black widow spiders. We had an infestation of those at my house two years ago. I still don't like to go into my shed.

TentCamper said...

Zen - ...sissy!

Tracy - Drink up...see if you can catch up with me.

Nonflammable and Janie - You said it!!!

Ilina - Yeah....they are creepy as hell.

Brandy - But it does make this holiday a bit more authentic

DGB - Don't get me started on them Black Widows...we have thousands...I always send the kids in first.

Missty said...

Oh my gosh! Those two spiders are seriously scary! I would be running, not taking pics! Or if I thought I could get close enough it would be with a can of spider spray!!

And your daughter - very cute!

TentCamper said...

Missty - oh come on....not that big. The body of the bigger one is about the size of a Atomic Fireball and the other...maybe the circumference of a dime.

By the way... I broke out some spray and I swear I heard them laughing at me.

Meg said...

Icky ick ick!

But Christie sounds too cute for words.

Candice said...


jenie said...

im all ok with spiders...just please not lizards! eeeeeeeeeew!!!

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link me back? well, visit first ;)
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earthy me

Danielle said...

Get out the boot. I would have freaked. Yuck!

Danielle said...

Get out the boot. I would have freaked. Yuck!

hot russian said...

You've been thinking about it more than you did back then... like back then you probably looked shocked and maybe even cried but you never REALLY thought about it and now it's been in your head and you're really thinking about how bad it was...
good luck.

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