Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Mind, Body and Shit

I think that the majority of you know how I sometimes throw out some major randomness and how speaking my mind is not something that I am worried about doing….so here goes another edition of TentCamper’s Random Thoughts.

I know that it is something that everyone has thought about and even most likely had in depth discussions about….Yawning.

How is yawning so contagious? Why isn’t sneezing, coughing or clearing your throat? It is only yawning. Why does the brain only fuck with us on the yawning thing? I mean, you can see someone across a room yawning and …there you go a big yawn and you are not even tired. It could be someone talking about yawning or yawning right next to you. Even someone writing about yawning can make our dumb-ass brains think that we need to yawn.

What is the point of a yawn anyway? Is there any medical or biological purpose for yawns…or was this our creator’s way of fucking with us?

(How many times did YOU yawn while reading that?)

What about sneezing? Why can’t we sneeze with our eyes open? In follow up…I kind of think that those folks out there with severe allergies, who sneeze a lot….maybe should not be allowed to drive during allergy season.

Lastly, why are women's boobs considered 'privates' and men's are not? I think that my nipples are bust as sensitive as a woman's. If the reasoning is that they are considered a sexual organ....what about mouths? Should we cover those too? Shit...even hands can be quite the sexual organ. I say that we all pe-TIT-ion to have the requirement for women to wear shirt lifted. Men and women....equal! (Fine....some women should remain clothed...but the same goes for men... I guess I think that it should be a person's personal choice.) Let's get this done people!

Why has nobody developed an in the bowl vent for toilets? (I claim this as my idea so back the F up!)

Many (if not most) bathrooms are equipped with exhaust fans in the ceiling. This is indeed a helpful product. BUT what it essentially does is take the looming odor, which is directly under you, and pull it straight up your body, across your face and then up to the vent. Why not have a vent built-in (or even an ‘aftermarket’ product) that would take the emissions from one’s stink pickle and whisk it away…BEFORE one has to hold their breath as the vapors cross the facial area?!


Brandy said...

Apparently you don't even have to see the yawning; when I saw the word "yawn" I did just that. :)

T said...

I've been wondering about the yawn thing for years.

And my daughters ask me the same thing about boobies. Why can men go shirtless and girls can't?

Eh... somebody somewhere came up with some rule...

Daddy Geek Boy said...


Your post isn't boring. I promise. It's just that...yaaaaawn...I suddenly can't stop yawing for some reason.


Danielle said...

I love the randomness of this one. You made me laugh.
By the way, there are a ton of studies on why yawning is contagious.

Missty said...

Way funny! And yes, I did yawn.

And I love your toilet idea... I live with one husband and four boys! Enough said.

Barefoot Dreamer said...

I am trying really really hard not to yawn. Yawning is to cool the brain. As we get tired our brains get hotter... it is survival. Well, you asked. I know random things.

Boobs have to be covered here most of the year male or female - it is colder than a witches titty here 9 months of the year.

The toilet idea - brilliant. Why not put one directly behind the toilet at least in the wall? Take it and run man!

Other random thoughts - (oh I love random thoughts) why are bitchiness and bad moods more contagious then happy fun ones?

No matter what I cook I can not please everyone in my house.

I have raised three children who have entered school now - all pretty much the same two are in advanced classes and one is having letter recognition problems. (If you can't write your letters you can't take a spelling test by the way!) So - nature vs nurture... nature is winning these days

Are we better because of caller i.d. why do we have to see who it is before we answer?

When did we talk to all the people that we talk to on cell phones? How did people ever handle not having constant contact (i am against the whole constant contact via phone thing btw)

I love my bed (hey this is random)

I don't want it to snow on Saturday- it is suppose to.

Socks are made backwards the seem on the toes should be on the outside so it doesn't rub.

If you want to get annoyed try to get a pair of gloves on a three year old.

I bring my kids to speech therapy and as they start talking better I get sad. I hate losing words like "sissy cup" and "otay"

I don't think being in a house with another wife/girlfriend would be a bad thing - if she did all the house work.

Just Jules said...

Random thoughts? I am in... love your stream you had going.

At what point is it no longer ok to walk around topless as a girl? why is ok for a four year old girl and not a five year old girl ?

Leaves fall in the Fall and flowers and grass spring up in the Spring - so Winter and Summer? yeah....

At what point do you get comfortable enough with a mate that bodily functions are no longer hidden? burping, gas, etc...

I am working on a post for Shelle at Venus vs Mars about romance- do we all agree that men and women have different ideas of romance, or are men just romantic idiots like some people say?

As the weather stays raining and gray I find I have less and less motivation. Why can't it work the other way - the worse outside the more you feel like doing ?

Why do washable markers cost so much more?

My son turned 10 and I turned stupid on the same day - go figure!!!! amazing.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

HEY! I didn't yawn. Does that mean I'm weird???

I'm just not one to follow the crowd... ya know?

I love Random Thoughts.

I do them on my blog also.

I usually have one comment per random thought but what the heck! I'll go above and beyond today.

I don't get why some people HATE tomato's but LOVE ketchup? HUH? Or LOVE spaghetti sauce? HUH?

OH there are chics out there who have big breasts... and they have to be bound or gravity does it's magical work faster than they really want it to. Then ya know, throw having kids and breastfeeding into the mix and it's just better that, like you said, "some women should keep the shirt on" just sayin... and then the ones that don't need a bra... they might get mistaken for a guy so would it matter anyway??? lol lol I kid I kid, I'm just hatin on small boobs cause I wish I had them.

Moving along.

How come it only takes like 2 days to gain 10 pounds but takes months to get those 10 pounds off???

Sorry, I'm in training mode for a triathlon I have coming up and it would be SOOOOOO much easier if I could get those 10 pounds off!

I love Random... great post!

Barefoot Dreamer said...

why isn't there a holiday for whipped cream? I declare Thanksgiving to be just this- I am thankful for whipped cream.

I barely remember how to swing a hammer now that i have a nail gun.

My hubby doesn't talk back when I have the nail gun in my hand.. funny that way :)

we are building a garage... yeah.

Why does the person on the road who calls from their cell - to waste time, not realize you are not on the road and don't have time to waste?

Anonymous said...

I like the poop one. I always figured in public poopers they should hook some potpourri spray up to the flusher so @ lest the next person doesnt have to smell the last persons nasty ass!

Anonymous said...

BFD my bride might be good for your guys GF, I'll see if she wants to but y'll haveta pay her bills!

Just Jules said...

No one around here seems to notice if I scrub the floors or dust. So, I don't anymore.

I do not like fruity alcoholic drinks.

I do not like wine.

I do like beer.

Even though supper comes around every evening it always seems to surprise me and leave me scrambling...

I think I have a brain tumor - but it moves, I never know what part of my brain will be effected each day.

Barefoot Dreamer said...

Is your wife brunette?
Is she cute?
Can she put up with my hubby's crap?
Does she know how to make "hotdish"

Really -as long as she is nice, and will cook and clean, I'll pay her airfare. That leaves you with the kids though. We are full up on bedspace here.

Anonymous said...

Shelle I'm with you on the time it takes to lose the weight for sure!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Food is awesome, poundage SUCKS!!!

Thanks for the validation Sage!

Sigh, I needed that

Ok enough gutter talk

TentCamper said...

Brandy – It is quite the phenomenon…shit…I just yawned.

T – I’ll take the whole yawning thing if women go shirtless

DGB – Dang…just reading these comments is making me yawn. And you better not be hinting that I am a boring writer.

Danielle – Random…is how I roll!!!

Missty – Thanks for the vote on the toilet thing…I think I could be the next millionaire.

Barefoot D, Just Jules and Shelle - …and I thought I was random. What planet do you three live on?

Sage – I need the toilet one in my house….not that I’ve made my own eyes water…but still.

Sage and BD –This is Hot Dads….not a swingers club/pick up joint. If it were…I’d be charging a subscription…Hey, there is an idea!!!!!

Amber said...

ROTFL An in the bowl vent? Man, you must really stink some...

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