Monday, October 19, 2009

Ask Hot Dads - Wisdom at its finest

ManicMariah asked: "Do you Hot Dads think that online flirting with strangers (Twitter, comments, etc) boosts you ego in a way that is positive or negative way in your real life relationship?

TentCamper says: I don’t know. I suppose it could go either way. I guess that some meaningless flirting can be ok. (in attempts to get more followers and such…as long as the flirting is not genuine.) But then again. One has to take into consideration their spouse. Do they read what you write? Are they secure with how you feel about them? Are they the jealous type? Etc. Keep it to a minimum and keep it in check.

DadsHouse says: It can definitely be an ego boost. Is it healthy? Um.... NO! Come on, guys, Man up, and feel good about yourselves for the right reasons. Not because some hottie flirted on your blog. Find a young Starbucks barista to make eyes with! (Haha.)

CoachDad says: I don't really think it has a negative or positive effect with my relationship. I only correspond with two people that I have met through blogging or twittering and don't really consider it flirting. I enjoy emailing them or IMing them and we usually just talk about our day, kids, or relationships. I value the conversations I have with them, but would also not hide them from my girlfriend.

DaddyGeekBoy says: Any flirting can be an ego boost. But what you do with that boost is what makes it positive or negative. How does the flirting affect your real life relationships? While I have strong online friendships with people, I tend not to flirt with them (except for Tent Camper, cause he’s hawt!). So this is a tough one for me to answer.

Hubman says: While Veronica and I both flirt quite a bit [kinda comes with the lifestyle], I don't know that it's an ego boost. I suppose that having my flirtatious comments returned in a positive way could be good for my self esteem. I know that participating in HNT had a very positive effect for Veronica. So I guess that yes, online flirting has been something positive for Veronica and I!

Southern Sage says: Well I have no personal experience with this because I would never flirt. If I were to guess though I would think it was a positive thing.

What are your thoughts on having a stay at home parent as opposed to sending your kids to day care? (and what is done in your house?)

TentCamper says: I think that having a stay at home parent is by far the best for the kids. Personally, I would not want someone else raising and teaching my kids about life. I want that job to be done by a parent. I do though, think that it is very important to ensure the kids get a great deal of socialization and not just with your friend’s kids…They need to learn how to cope and deal with other kids with differing attitudes and behaviors.

DadsHouse says Day care rocks! It's great for the kids. Both of mine went through day care, and they are both socially savvy. That said, I work from home now, and I LOVE being here when my kids (teens now) get home after school. They talk to me like crazy in that short window between getting home and eating a snack (fourth meal) and starting their homework. After that, they have already processed their day and aren't as chatty. The parent child relationship is much importante! Check out the book, Parenting is a contact sport.

CoachDad says: As a single dad, I don't have an option. Ideally, a stay-at-home parent would be better for me and my children. However, as a head high school football coach, my girls love coming to my practices right after they are out of school and hanging out with me for a few hours on the football field.

DaddyGeekBoy says: I’m for whatever works best for that particular family. I have great respect for the stay at home parent and as a member of the work force, I also understand how challenging a full time job can be. There is no right or wrong. Except if it involves me being a stay at home parent…cause I would go insane!

Hubman says: Oh boy....

Inspired by my fellow Hot Dad Sage, my lovely wife wrote 2 posts on this topic a few months ago. Rather than try to restate what she said, and since she and I agree 100% on the matter, why don't you just click here and here to read what she had to say?

Southern Sage says: Are you trying to get me in trouble again? My bride stays home. I would have it no other way. There is no question a parent can raise their own kid better than others can, therefore the kid(s) will be better off if a parent does the bulk of the raising and supervising. I always do what is in the best interest of my kids.

Do you watch porn? And if so, primarily alone or with your partner?

TentCamper says: I’m ok with porn. I kind of like to watch with Mariah here and there…but it has to be as a form of foreplay. I will also state that I’d sign a petition to remove all sound tracks from porn. The music sucks, the lines are stupid and the plots are ridiculous. I don’t watch for anything but the view. OH ... and will you producers try to keep the actress pool at least appealing? Not too into watching middle aged trailer park sluts trying to act all sexy…it does not work.

DadsHouse says: I don't watch it. I'd rather get it on in real life with a real woman.

CoachDad says: I don't watch porn, but fantasize quite often about it. Don't seem to find the time to throw it on at home. When I find time at home for myself when the girls are finally asleep, I'd rather just do it with my partner.

DaddyGeekBoy says:Yes, I watch porn. I like porn. Thankfully we live in such a glorious technologically advanced age where it’s plentiful and easy to obtain. And I watch it alone.

Hubman says: Not really, believe it or not. I do browse an occasional website or two, but I rarely watch porn videos.

Southern Sage says: Again I have no personal experience here but if I did I would say alone.

Anonymous asked: Overall what do you think the (physically) most attractive race is for a woman?

TentCamper says: Wow…hard question. I’ll have to say that women raised in Santa Monica, CA are the Hottest. (you’re welcome baby!) But as a close second, I’d have to say South American and/or Northern Europe (i.e. Denmark, Sweden…Scandinavian)

DadsHouse says: Latina. Though I'm sometimes attracted to Indian, Persian, Mediterranean... dark hair, olive skin, slim waist, wide hips, nice butt...

CoachDad says: I am non-discriminatory when it comes to women... Any beautiful women physically or personality-wise will do.

DaddyGeekBoy says: I’m going to take this question to mean ethnicity rather than race. I think Indian women are some of the most beautiful women out there. But they’re right up there with Latin and Scandinavian.

Hubman says: Are you serious, Anonymous? Women of all races are attractive!

Southern Sage says: Hmmmm well that’s surely the first time I have ever seen this question asked anywhere. I would say oriental if forced to choose, though I never culled on account of race.

If you could magically change one part of your body, what would it be and why?

TentCamper says: DEFINITELY NOT MY MANHOOD! (shit that is one power tool that any mechanic would die for). That being said….I’d go with my chest and shoulders. ( I could stand to work out a bit more).

DadsHouse says: Wait a sec - are you trying to sell us some elongating device? Because that is NOT a part of my body I have any intention of changing. I get rave reviews already. (Gotta love a blog that lets you brag about your manhood. I mean, who's gonna check!?)

One part of my body... the big toenail on my right foot. It's funky.

CoachDad says: My abs... Doesn't matter how much I do, I am always five beers short of a six-pack.

DaddyGeekBoy says: I wouldn’t mind toning down the body fuzz a bit.

Hubman says: Goodbye spare tire, hello six-pack!!! Because it's the one part of my body I really don't like. Well, that and my receding and thinning hairline.

Southern Sage says: I would have all the hair removed from everywhere I shave it, face, head, boys.

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Mariah said...

Y'all are an informative group! Thanks for answering my questions, I've been up with insomnia waiting for these answers.

Sage, I think you are denying your flirtiness and your porn activity! That's OK though, I can read between the lines

ZenMom said...

I love getting to probe deeper into your manly psyches. ;)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Funny, none of you said, caucasian-Irish complexion-dark hair blue eyes, mutt mixture of ethnic groups.

Its all about the dark skin or olive complexion. My life sucks...u can't help ur genetics!!! :)

Flirting online? Is having guy friends online flirting if u tell them they have an incredibly sexy mind and know how to spin two words together which turns can turn a woman on? Not that I would ever say that...I'm way to shy, but just wondering :)

Things ruin your relationship if you let it.

What is this porn everyone keeps talking about? From TC's explanation it doesn't sound worth watching...

Great questions! I need to send some in!

Anonymous said...

Great Post guys, I love reading the answers they are very entertaining.

@Coach Dad - atleast you are only 5 away from the six pack!

@TentCamper - I am with you if the talking and music wasn't so cheesy porn might actually be good.

As for online flirting I think that if you are in a relationship and nothing is hidden or kept as a secret its harmless. When your actions are such that you cant tell your significant other then there may be a problem!

Great Job HOT Dads!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Thanks to Sage for (kinda) admitting to the porn thing. You other guys, stop lying!

Brandy said...

I thought it was mandatory that guys enjoyed porn. Although I do agree with tent camper - the plot lines & music leave much to be desired.

But truthfully I never make it all the way through so who cares. :)

ZenMom said...

Um, you guys who are watching porn for the plots?

Yer doin it wrong. ;)

Actually, porn as an occasional part of foreplay (porn-play?) can be fun. But, I do usually end up giggling and eye-rolling at the "plots" so much that it can distract from the intended purpose. But, hey, that's what the Fast-Forward button is for, right? ;)


Barefoot Dreamer said...

My favorite posts on here are the ask hot dad posts. this one did not disappoint.

TentCamper said...

@mariah - I thought I was THE REASON you were up all night?!

@zen - Probing deeper and trying to school us on porn? Who do you think you are?!

@shelle - white and blue eyes is what I said, my first choice. and why do you continually flirt with me..talking about all the porn you watch?

@LB - I think it should just be video and then each viewer can select their own soundtrack...or better yet, be able to type in yout names and have them say..."hey there TentCamper...come give me a spanking!!" etc.

@DGB - Fine...I've never seen debbie does dallas, sorority house pool play, amatures in vegas...or any other raunchy disgusting videos.

@brandy - It is...I think

@barefoot - Thanks! We love having you.

Anonymous said...

@TentCamper I think you are on to something there, Personalized Porn you pick the music and the script!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I'm just sayin' in the wide world of the internet, there's a ride for every passenger.

Jus' sayin'.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

LOL TC. UH HUH... you caught me. hehehehe

hot russian said...

I glad to know that you have answer all the questions from your visitors. Its very informative post.

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