Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where Are The Settings For The Body Clock?

This morning (Sunday) we had the switching of time here, as we lost an hour as we sprang forward into summer, for British Summer Time.

Get the barbeque out.

But don’t forget the patio heater too.

I’ve never really understood, like most of the northern hemisphere, why there is a need to change the clocks, as to best use the daylight hours that we get.

I mean, if the industry you’re in can make better use of starting the day earlier, then start the day earlier, and vica-versa.

No need for us all, and all our clock bearing devices, to be updated.

My weekend was further complicated by the fact that technology appears to be in a bit of a limbo, and that I needed to rely on it to make our Sunday our success.

See my son had been invited to two parties, and then there was an event at his proposed school in the afternoon.

It was all set up quite nicely, an early start, but all these activities were lined up nicely for an action packed day.

The first party was due to start at 10:00, at a place about 20 minutes by car away. Working backwards this meant we had to be up two hours before to give me enough time to get us both washed, dressed and fed breakfast.

08:00 on a Sunday would be a lie in, no need for an alarm clock.

But as we were losing an hour, 8 actually became 7 and we did indeed need an alarm call, just in case we slept passed that hour.

My alarm setting dilemma was if my phone would auto-update the time, thus I could set that alarm for 8 to get 7, if you get my drift.

I wasn’t sure, so I also set my archaic radio alarm for 07:00 as I knew that wouldn’t auto-update.

As it happens, both alarms went off at the appropriate times, and we were both up anyway.

I was also pleased we had such a busy day, as I hoped it would tire my boy out more than usual, so I could get him into bed an hour before he went yesterday, regardless of what his R2-D2 clock said.

I’ve been met half-way, and will be interested to see what time ‘we’ are up tomorrow.

Whatever time it is I hope it isn’t cold, that reminds me, I must go change the times on our under-floor heating and conventional heating systems.

Toodle pip.


Amber said...

yup, daylight savings time sux. I've shown up tot church a whole hour early before because I forgot to set my clocks, whole family & everything.

MindyMom said...

We did the daylight savings thing last month and I was sluggish for weeks. At least my 3 yr old "sleeps in" later now. ;)

Scandalous Housewife said...

In the end, I do enjoy the extra daylight hours of summer, but you have NO idea how difficult it is for a Scandalous Housewife to adjust to losing an hour of sleep initially...

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

It's hard when it's just a small change. But my kids both played hard on Sunday so they didn't notice much. But now it's still light out at nearly nine o'clock. During mid summer it's light till nearly 11 here, which is great, except the kids don't seem to get why they have to go to sleep while it's light out!

TentCamper said...

I hate the time changes. The extrat sunlight in spring and summer are great but the spring forward and fall back shit really fucks with me. I end up changing clocks and resetting shit for the kids for a freakin day and a half.

katherine. said...

I like to have all the clocks say exactly the same time....especially if they are in the same room. So it takes me quite some time to get them all lined up twice a year.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Are you kidding me? Who ever gets use to time body is STILL suffering...since our time change a few weeks ago.

I'm still staying up till 1 in the morning...time goes by too fast now...and that 4AM wake up call...SUCKS.

I'm sorry, I'm ranting.

Anyway...I get it.

dadshouse said...

My teen daughter was babysitting Saturday night, and I was sleepy. My son suggests I just go to sleep. "But I need to be responsibly awake when she gets home," I said. My son says no worries, and sets his watch alarm for me.

Daughter comes home at midnight. I'm asleep on the couch. Son's watch alarm rings at 1am. Doh! He never corrected for daylight savings.

LiteralDan said...

I say we all abandon Daylight Saving Time and just all promise to get up a little earlier in the summer to appreciate the extra time. Why mess with my clock?

Mum-me said...

Its not just the northern hemisphere that has daylight savings. We're going backward this weekend so that means the children will be up at 5am instead of 6am, but getting them to bed should be a bit easier because it will be dark.

ChocDrop said...

The one thing I try to do when the time is going to change is to change the clocks the evening before, like around 6pm.
This has helped me for the past few years.

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