Sunday, April 19, 2009

Whatcha-ma-callit, Caption Contest

Times are tough but I dont think they are that tough!

Porn for women! Click to big it.

Haaaaaaa some of y'alls kids need this shirt?

rut roh, somebody is busteddddddddddddddd

Well last week I went to pick the kids up from the school house and Son 6 and Daughter 10 loaded up in the truck. Son said "Daddy you know what J told me today?" Well I figured this might not end well and I started to tell him to wait and tell his momma when I got em home. But being an idiot I said "do tell". He said he told me that a girls PP is really called a cha-china! I damn near wrecked the truck. You know how kids look at you when they have a revaluation to tell you. Well my boy was serious as a sake bite when he told me about the cha-china. Daughter 10 fainted think, she rolled her eyes at me. Well I corrected him but I got to thinking ( I expect little or no response to this really but I did study on it) , What is it you call your stuff, when you think it. I mean when you think about that part of your body, male or female what do you think of it as? When you think of the opposite sex what do you think of it as?
I mean surely few people think "my penis is pinched in the dungarees" or "these pants make my vagina uncomfortable" I can hardly imagine 3 chicks on a GNO saying amongst themselves "look at the bulge on that fella, his penis looks huge in those pants". I could be wrong on my suppositions but I doubt it. I know for sure that I have never ever ever heard guys say "damn fellas her vagina was this that or the other."

I always of course use different terms than most others because thats how I roll. I mean any of y'all known many folks like me? There ya go.

See I go with unit, tally whacker, ding a ling or the General (hey when I was a kid some of em called it privates, I figured if they had a private mine was sure The General, 5 stars too!)

Then your stuff, female girl women I always went with Tater,or Yee haw (that what I always think when I'm close to one yeeeeeee haawwwwwwwwww) or as an action would go with "shot of wing ding, or shot of leg. Like "hey baby whatabout a shot of wing ding?" Or "Hey any chance I'm gonna getta shotta leg tonight?"

So there ya go, now tell me whatcha call yours and the opposite sexes stuff?

Caption contest!

Ok there ya go, give the last one a caption! Opine on whatcha call it. Steal any of the pics you want! Send questions for Hotdads to answer, answers to questions go up tomorrow!

Say it. NSFW slides up at Sageville!


~*Jobthingy*~ said...

for men i call it junk, parts, cock, shlong, dick, package

girls (yes my own and others) vag, cookie, twat, meat curtains or piss flaps (that is for pad porn pussy that is hanging down to their knees bleck) hoo haw, pussy, cootch, beaver,

i am sure there are more i just can think of them off the top of my head first thing in the morning LOL

Amber said...

caption: I wanted to test how well they worked, cause you said they were for protection!

Just me... said...

Of late, because my daughter is now very interested in the differences between boys and girls, they are tooties and tallywhackers.. I have no idea where her use of 'tallywhacker' came from.. But I'm beginning to think I should raise the settings on the parental controls on the famliy computer.. :):):)

Rhea said...

Caption: "It said they had wings!"

Anonymous said...

Job: Lol! haaaaaaaa

Amber: lol there ya go!

Just me: I'd think tally-wacker was a deep south kinda thing!

Rhea: he good one!

ChocDrop said...

The 2nd one I would hire...a man who cooks....priceless
A slight urine smell are you kidding me......Not a chance in hell.
Well my 'girl', 'Twat', 'business'. Sometimes those words are adjusted based on the company I am with.

Caption--It was light day, spring is in the air, so I dressed appropriately....

Lil Bit said...

LOL @ "cha-china"!! -- THAT's a keeper right there! Tooo funny.

I don't really call it anything odd ... cock or dick for guys... "Schlong" is silly & just cracks me up.
Puss or pussy for the chicks. Sometimes I call mine my "bizness" or my "christmas", LOL, or "coochie" when I'm being silly.

CAPTION: "The knight is ready for battle!"
lol, funny-ass pic!

Single Parent Dad said...

'Vivienne Westwood moves into kids clothing.'

And I go for all sorts, dependent on audience. Tinky Winky and the La las for kids. Meat and two veg for the lads. Beast for the ladies....

I also use the C word quite a lot, but not a kids parties. Well, not always.

Anonymous said...

Choc: Haaaaaaaaaa perfect caption!

Lil: Yeah I thought cha-china was classic! Christmas? ha thats a new one on me!!! As in a present to open??

SPD: haaaaaaa excellent!

Coachdad said...

Caption: No leakage here. Great post as always!

RHT said...

I don't have a caption for that picture but I sure as hell got a good laugh! God that is so damn funny!!!!!!

Cameron said...

I can't even come up with a good caption, but that was some good shit.

My daughter calls a penis a butt right now, so boys have a butt and girls don't.

LiteralDan said...

"Locked and loaded to do battle against the forces of odor and wetness!"

I have to wonder if the kid or the photographer stuck the privacy pad over his junk.

Either way, I'm thinking he learned an important lesson when that one was peeled off.

Drama Queen Jenner said...

Caption: Where's the football? I'm wearing my pads.

My girls' daddy mentions 'stuff muff' when changing diapers. Or just 'baby stuff'. The 3-y-o calls it her 'red'.

Susan said...

We are totally open about all this stuff here: penis, nuts, sac, package... Vagina, crack, prized possession... Ha.

And I just got that picture recently - you beat me to the post!

I can't even think of a caption... I'm still laughing.

Mrs. C. said...

Well, we called it "wink" on the boy since he was born, but just recently we referred to it as "wedding tackle" and he liked that a lot. Then he asked if girls had a tackle box. Works for me. Girl stuff has generally been referred to as "stuff", "girly bits" or "business". Guess we go for G-ratings around here...

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