Friday, April 3, 2009

Comment, comment on my blog...Who's the hottest of them all?

While looking at our track record of posts and comments, it surprised me to find that there are 2 Hot Dads that have not posted anything yet and 3 that have only posted one time.

I am asking for your support here….beg these guys to get with the program and prove their hotness. Go to their blogs and harass them. Ladies…maybe you could bribe them for me….send them some sexy pics or something. I kind of think that me sending a pic of my ‘tent pole’ would have quite a negative effect.

The following is the latest in statistics for Hot Dad posts and comments:

TentCamper / BedsideTalesMan – 27 Posts with a total of 356 Comments

Southern Sage – 10 Posts with a total of 154 Comments
Daddy Geek Boy – 5 Posts with a total of 112 Comments
Irish Gumbo – 4 Posts with a total of 72 Comments
Coachdad – 4 Posts with a total of 67 Comments
Trooper Thorn – 4 Posts with a total of 58 Comments
Hubman – 4 Posts with a total of 41 Comments
Cameron – 3 Posts with a total of 74 Comments
Russ – 3 Posts with a total of 46 Comments
Dadshouse – 2 Posts with a total of 44 Comments
Single Parent Dad – 2 Posts with a total of 26 Comments
LiteralDan 1 Post with a total of 16 Comments
Always Home and Uncool 1 Posts with a total of 13 Comments
cIII 1 Post with a total of 16 Comments
Heinous 0 Posts with a total of 0 Comments
Halftime Lessons 0 Posts with a total of 0 Comments

Regardless….I’d like to thank all of these HOT contributors…especially that sexy TentCamper guy...c'mon...say it! What's my name bitch?

I am showing my link love…so the least you can do is show us all some comment love…or your boobs!


It's Just Me said...

come on guys get with it.... every post = huge ego boost from all the hot comment love.

Defending coachdad - his computer is down due to a virus

Susan said...

Ok, Ok, I'm trekking on over to Heinous and Halftime... and by the way, I jokingly offered to show my boobs once for some tech help with a blog problem I was having and I picked up way too many freaky stalkers... so can I just comment the HELL out of your box?? Thanks.

Single Parent Dad said...

I see I just creep 'safely' into the list that does not need nude pictures sent to him. I'm going to delete one of my posts.

Halftime Lessons said...

Hah! Now THAT is the way to light a fire under someone...send beautiful women to cajole us to post.

Sorry, the life has been extraordinarily busy the past few weeks, and the only blogging time I have had has been keeping my OWN little blog running...

Message received loud and clear...I am on my way...

Jay @ HalftimeLessons

Scandalous Housewife said...

I think you're ALL the hotness, in your own special way.

T said...

Um, yeah? We could ALWAYS use more hotness 'round here! Tsssss!

I'm off to harass some hot dads!

(the nude pictures will follow later)


Amber said...

Looks like a few have lots to say, and a few have little to say. I'm gonna go give those guys somethin' to talk about...

TentCamper said...

Go give em hell ladies!!!! Adnd I'd be happy to be the middle man for all of the pics you want to send them.

Anonymous said...

I'm for the pics! Send the pics!
sheeeeeeeeeesh girls. Help them to be inspired!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Since I'm number 3 in the Hot Commentators list...that makes me a COMPUTER GEEK...and let's be honest, who wants nude pictures of a computer geek?

So I'll spare them...

But as far as I know Heinous is having family stuff...he hasn't even written on his blog...and I LOVE the way he I would know! :)

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Just cause some of us have posted a handful of things, doesn't mean we don't need inspiration too!!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Ah, harassment, now that's the ticket.
I'll let all of you take care of the free porn though...

Hubman said...

OK, OK!!! I'll get writing...

You realize we're gonna have like 4 posts a day next week now, don't you?

dadshouse said...

Now I have comment envy. Is that typical of posting disfunction disorder?

Hot Dads is a very cool thing! I will try to increase the length and girth of my posting.

Irish Gumbo said...

Well, I better get cracking! Although, if hold off a little while longer, maybe i could get more free boob pics.

Hmmm. Dilemma, dilemma...

In my defense, I should say I have been broadsided by a new job (after being laid off for nearly three months) and some very serious personal biz I'm still trying to resolve.

But...boobs can be really persuasive...hmmm...I may have to rethink my policy...:)

Anjeny said...

Funny stuff. I'd send pix of my boobs but I'm afraid it will stop all you hot dads from posting altogether then I will have a riot on my hands...LOL.

Ok, I'm off to check out those two other hot dads.

Cameron said...

I have two things to say:

a) I've written we may than 3, it's just the 20 other drafts I wrote were crap, and I won't subject our dear readers to my drivel unless it's the best drivel I have to offer

b) Incentive? Hot mamas, please send your scantily clad photos to crodseth94 [at]

3) Ok, I lied, I have 3 things to say. I will try to put something together soon, I've just lost some of my creativity lately.

SweetPeaSurry said...

Hmmm ... single girl harrassing married men with her boob pics ... I think I'm gonna have to pass on that one. I like my nose right there in the middle of my face thanks!

LiteralDan said...

Ah! I knew I'd be called out sooner or later. I won't waste everyone's time with excuses.

I hang my head in shame, desperate for a good post idea. I think your proposal for reader inspiration is more than fair.

Should I wait for the pictures to come rolling in?

Anonymous said...

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