Monday, April 6, 2009

Lessons learned

Things I've learned in the 8+ yrs I've been a dad...

  • Be a good husband. Show his mom respect at all times
  • Teach him to keep a secret
  • Set a strict bedtime as he's growing up. Boys need their sleep
  • Let him know that he's never too old to take a nap
  • Don't let him sleep in your bed, even if he's scared or sick. Sleep on the floor in his room
  • Teach him to garden. It involves 3 things boys love- dirt, digging, and water hoses
  • Accept the fact he just might play with dolls. It's no big deal
  • Ask him what he did today. Listen to his answers
  • Teach him how to dial 911, when and why
  • Show him how to throw a punch. Then raise him to never start a fight. And teach him to walk away
  • Take him on hikes and show him how to ford a stream. Let him get wet and dirty
  • Let him hang out with you. Remember, he has to be around you, to learn what being a man is all about
  • Reassure him he won't die if he spills a little blood
  • Take your son to work with you every once in a while. Pay as much attention to him as you do other people in the office
  • Tell him sometimes you're wrong
  • Give him responsibility
  • Make sure he knows he's always safe at home
  • Don't tolerate temper tantrums. Not now. Not when he's 15. The world won't
  • Scream at him and you will raise a screamer
  • Don't let him quit out of frustration. He won't learn anything
  • His favorite game for a long time will be playing with you. Be available, even when you're tired. Even when the presentation went south. Be available
  • Insist he play outside a lot. It's much healthier than watching TV or playing computer games
  • Never forget that you can't hug or cuddle or kiss a young boy too much
  • Never tell him boy don't cry. Ask him why he's crying
  • Teach him to respect authority but not to be in awe of it
  • Encourage friendships with the white kid, the black kid, and the oriental kid who can barely speak English
  • Don't forget the point of sports when you're a kid is to have fun
  • Last but not least: Teach him that he can pick his friends and he can pick his nose but he can't pick his friends nose! Bwahaha...
That's all for now.
[Many of these were taken from "Father to Son: Life lessons on raising a boy" by Harry Harrison. I'm not smart enough to learn all of this on my own.]


Single Parent Dad said...

Cool list.

Some crackers on there.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Nice post. This is a great list.

jewelryandgiftsbyrebecca said...

Nice list. I need to keep those things in mind now, as of 9 month ago it is no longer a house full of girls.

TentCamper said...

Shit!!! I have 6 kids and have not learned half of that shit.

Nice work. You should start a tutoring program for dads!!!!

....but dolls....really I am not supposed to switch them out with trucks when they are not looking?

Scandalous Housewife said...

VERY good list. What about teaching him to respect women and his mama, regardless of what a lunatic she may be...

Mike said...

Great list.

Another Suburban Mom said...

Good list. You are a good dad!

Ashley said...

Love it!

Susan said...

Perfect. Since I have two girls and just recently inherited two beautiful step-sons, I now have a guide. ;) Dirt, boogers and praise.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

These are wonderful. I think I might just print that out and tack it to the fridge.

ChocDrop said...

You are never to young to learn anything.
I really like this. I hope lots of men print this out and follow it.

Even if you didn't think of it it is still important.

Karl said...

Good Afternoon Hubman,

A well written list. I would add: to treat people and the world he lives in with all due respect.

Hubman said...

Thanks everyone for all of your comments.

I didn't mean for this list to be all-inclusive, but I wanted to post something.

Especially since our fearless blog-leader called us out the other day ;-)

TentCamper said...

COOL!!!! I think I like being a "Fearless Blog-Leader"

And Damn Skippy....I'll call you all out!!

T said...

Aw. This made me cry.

Probably because I don't have sons and I wish every dad raised his son this way... maybe my dating life would be much easier.

jsprik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Samantha said...

what a great list. I have a son who is 6 and there are things on your list I never thought of. I have learned a thing or two today.

----- Jennifer ----- said...

your blog is very nice

LiteralDan said...

These are all good bits of advice, and pretty well in line with what I strive to teach my son.

I can't wait to go fording some streams and such when he's a bit older.

Kristen said...

That list is perfect. So what did you learn being married. I learned I suck at being married.

* TONYA * said...

I'm totally sending this list on to hubby ... I could probably take a few of these pointers on board myself.

You rock hot dad.

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