Friday, April 10, 2009

Maintenance Man (Child)

I am not renowned for my hands-on skills.

In fact, most of my family and close friends would say that I was inept in the art of putting things together and fixing stuff.

All this in spite of me project managing my own self-build, and I even once put up a shelf that was reasonably straight.

There are correct though, I am a tad useless when it comes to graft with a modicum of craft. And I avoid doing these jobs as much as is physically possible, bribing and cajoling others to help me.

That, I am much better at.

Today I really had to give the garden an overhaul.

It was time.

The wind here had also battered a few things over the winter, so I needed to do some maintenance of some other outside stuff too.

My gentle coaxing today got my mother to mow the lawn, my father to trim the edges, and I even got the pensioner from across the road to trim my hedge.

Coaxing is my bag.

Colostomy is probably his (my neighbour) .

I have also started training the boy, so my upkeep schedule can be further shared.

Check him out.

Available at a reasonable price.

With Daddy's 20%, obviously.


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Reasonable price, eh? Does he do windows by chance?

Susan said...

You DID NOT have your mother mow your lawn!! And I'm not commenting on how some pensioner "trimmed your hedge". Please.

Uh, your mom really didn't, did she?

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I feel your pain, as I too am prett un-handy around the house. Those Time/Life books don't teach for shit.

Not a soccer mom said...

The feeling of hard work, together cant be beat

ChocDrop said...

I do commend you for still trying to teach your son, eventhough you are seriously challenged.

dadshouse said...

Too funny. You're like a British Tom Sawyer! Or would that be Thom...?

Anjeny said...

Super cool if you can cajole your mother into mowing the lawn whether that was real or made-up. Real funny stuff.

Rhea said...

Please send your crew over here! Especially if they speak English...

Single Parent Dad said...

Blogging Mama Andrea - If you have a ladder.

Susan - She certainly did. I learnt this art from my dad, she does their lawn too.

Daddy Geek Boy - If they did I wouldn't read them.

Not a soccer mom - I don't understand.

Chocdrop - Thanks.

Dadshouse - If I knew who that was, I would be equiped to comment.

Anjeny - I am the master.

Rhea - We speak fluent 'brummie' not understood worldwide.

TentCamper said...

The powers of persuasion!!!!!!

I am the opposite. I love fixing and building stuff. Not great at it...but I do it and it feels good.
As for coercing others to do things for me...shit I am way too anal for that. I would completely redo whatever they did cuz it would not be how I'd do it.

I SUCK!!!!!

Single Parent Dad said...

TentCamper - Thing is, I really enjoyed doing the little jobs with my boy. But have never got a sense of achievement out of them. Someone can always do a better job, and I do cut corners in my boredom.

Anonymous said...

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