Thursday, April 23, 2009

D.U.I. -- Decorating Under the Influence

We are in the process of converting my daughter's bedroom from heartwarming (read: infantile) to chest-pain-inducing (read: tween). This, of course, meant that the rubber duck theme of the bathroom next door also had to go.

Thing 1 and I headed to the local Dead, Daft and Diddley to select a new shower curtain, which we did along with a plastic ice-tray mold one can use to make teeth-chattering shot glasses.

This latter purchase is a necessity because redecorating in our house usually requires serious post-project imbibing to relieve the pain of smashed fingers, sore backs and box cutter slashes. It also creates a dreamy soft focus that masks my inability to get corners to square properly and helps My Love feel more in sync with the inevitably wobbly IKEA furniture we end up piecing together.

I had just put the shot-glasses-to-be in the freezer and settled down to catch up on what TiVo had wrought when My Love said I would need to go back to the store. The hooks I had purchased to hang the new shower curtain were not big enough.

"You just might want to get a smaller rod," she said.

"Amazing," I said. "You have managed to utter a sentence that in the history of Western civilization has probably never before been said by a wife to her husband."

She looked at me askance, paused, then left the room.

Mentally, though, she took the keys to my minivan off the counter and whipped them straight into my nether lands.


dadshouse said...

That's funny. Don't let your wife read my Hot Dads post about the anti-viagra device - with your flip attitude, she might make you wear one! (

Then again, if you were wearing one, that key flip into the nether regions wouldn't have hurt one bit.

ChocDrop said...

Oh upgrading for the tween.....been there done that.

I hope the aches and pains don't get to you to bad. Just think you MIGHT have a happy tween, if there really is such a

Kim said...

You crack me up. And you have an amazing ability to read your wife's mind.

M said...

As much as you made me laugh, my mind couldn't get away from shot glass ice mold.

Guess what I'm off in search of this weekend??

Swirl Girl said...

My 9 year old can't wait to be a tween...what't the big rush? Decorating around here means taking down the kindergarten picture and putting up a Jonas Brothers poster ...ugh.

HAHAHA - a shorter rod?

for a different kind of girl said...

Look at the bright side - at least you had a bunch of little ice cups to cup your stuff!

Wait. Did I say little?

You should check into freezable mugs, dear.

Daddy Geek Boy said...


Banteringblonde said...

If there are after shots involved I might be willing to do a bit more redecorating around here ... hmmm

Amorous Rocker said...

Psh, I would so have a rubber duck theme in my bathroom. Oh wait, I kinda do since I collect the little things and leave them sitting out.

At least you have frosty shot glasses to ease the pain of redocorating. ;)

Kristen said...

lol! Smaller rod! Did you hear Beavis and Butthead bantering back and forth in you head after that comment?

Anonymous said...


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