Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Boy In The Hall

The boy in the hall, looking so confused
Having no friends - And all the friends in the world
Expressions changing, personality so fluid,
Like the chameleon, his ability to blend is his only defense

Thoughts and attention on surviving the day,
Inner self is ignored ‘til enemies are at bay.
Mistaken happiness – fitting in
Sadness overwhelms the innocent victim.
Sliding from clique to clique just to maintain,
One false move and it all goes down the drain.

Being pulled form all sides,
Can’t hold on, he needs to choose.
The forecast is blurred, he has to guess.

Praying the right choices were made,
He’ll do his best in all he does.
Realizing that wrong choices were made,
Unwilling to change made the boy who he was.
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