Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Journey of Life

I know that I am only 41 and can in no way (unless from the mouth of a wisecracking teenager) be referred to as old. But the fact of the matter is that I am getting older and …it kind of scares me.

The journey from cute little awkward kid to handsome, philandering young adult, to Hot Dad has been quite a ride. Yes, I’ve gone though some rough patches and yes, I’ve wanted to hit the ‘rewind’ button a time or two, but now I find myself frantically searching for the ‘pause’ button…or at the very least life’s slow motion controls.

Though I am semi comforted by Mariah’s adoration of old men, I am still having a hard time with the impending transformation from Hot Dad to decrepit and wrinkly geezer sporting a broken hip and wearing Depends.

Though I am in relatively good shape, I still find myself waking up slower with joints that creak for the first hour or so (or until well lubricated with multiple cups of coffee) of each day. My bladder and bowel control’s ‘motherboard’ seems to be on the brink as I tend to spend about as much time in the can as I do parenting. My feet get cramped and achy when I am up and walking around too much and a cool breeze can stiffen my neck before I can even get the window closed. My back has both good and back days, but when I use it for much more than picking up a pile of dirty clothes….she kicks my ass for days on end.

Now Mariah keeps telling me that I just need to exercise more and that I will feel better when I get on a good workout regimen. I don’t know if she is just looking out for me…or if she is looking for me to buff up and uncover the buried six-pack that was once visible and give the arms and chest of a college athlete. Regardless…when I hear her, or anyone else say, “Working out will make you feel better.” All I know is that when I work out…all that happens is that I get tired, sore and cranky.

Well, Thursday morning I have a full physical and though I want to go, I’m a bit scared that I’ll get some bad news…or that things are going to have to drastically change in my life.

Getting old like this would not be so bad...Look at how HOT Mariah is.

Is it normal for me to be going through these thoughts at 41 freaking years old??????


ZenMom said...

If it's not normal, lie to me.

Because I'm 35 and I have the same kind of thoughts, sometimes.

In my mind, I never think of myself as "old". But my body - traitor that it is - keeps stepping up it's efforts to remind me that time is creeping by.

Sometimes, that thought scares the bejeebus outta me - panics me, even. Sends me scrambling for high ground and anti-oxidants.

But, more often, it reminds me that every single moment is so very precious and must never be wasted.

*fingers crossed* for a good doctor appointment Thursday. Flirt with the nurse - it will make you feel younger. :)

pam said...

Can't help you. I'm 52 and can't remember what 41 felt like.

Mariah said...

I think these are normal thoughts for your age. Wanna work out ;) Ya know, sex is a fantastic cardio work out!

Missty said...

I think your as young as you feel. Or maybe even think. I am 45, ugh that is hard to type. But really, I don't feel it, nor do I think I act it. lol Maybe having four boys ages 17 yrs -just turned 25, keeps me young?? Who knows, But I swear I am 35!

All that said. When I do have looming Dr.s appointments - I start to worry and feel my age... but just for the week of the appointment! lol

I am so much happier in my 40's then 20's or 30s. Much more relaxed, kids older...life is good! Enjoy it!

Danielle said...

Mariah is HOT! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm feelin ya bro, for sure.

My mid is 16, my body 38, I feel 58.
beats being dead I reckon.

good luck at the doc.

Amber said...

Now is the time to start exercising and taking supplements. A glucosamine/chondroitin is good for those aching joints, calcium, and glutamine to help your muscles recover quicker when you actually do decide to do more than picking up the laundry :oD
It's cool to owrry about growing, but now is the time when you need to actually be pro-active about your body, rather than reactive.

Hubman said...

I'm 39 and feel your pain. Each and every day, I feel it.

Good luck at the physical. Though I hear that once you hit 40 the doctor does "that" check....

TentCamper said...

ZenMom - Yeah...I get all caught up in...odd little things that pop up here and there...a lump, sore neck, odd rash, whatever, and I'm scared to tell the doc about them.
Pam - Yeah, but I am already on the calling/mailing list for those freakin Hoverrounds...they call me weekly.
Mariah - I feel a 'work out' cumming!
Missty - I agree. We have kids ranging from 5 to 18 and by the end of my days...I am spent, and in the morning...just don't want to get up. But I would not want to go back to my 20s or 30s.

TentCamper said...

Danielle - Ain't she though?!
Sage - I look 30, act 25 and feel 55...WTF!?
Amber - Thanks for the supplement tips...but that working out....Not sure my feable body could take it.
Hubman - Thanks for the sympathy!!!

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