Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ask Hot Mamas (Episode1)

For a bit of a change...and to let you all know that we CARE about what all of you women think...we are flipping the script a bit.

On weeks that we don't get too many questions for the Ask Hot Dads post...we'll be sending some questions to random selections from our growing list of Hot Mamas.

We hope that this will be as interesting and entertaining to you as it is for us.
**and don't worry...as time goes on...the questions will get more personal in nature and (being who we are) we'll try to catch these hotties off guard a bit.

Enjoy the first of many Ask Hot Mamas!!!!

Hot Dads ask: Do you prefer boxers or boxer briefs on a man?

Zen Mom said:
Depends on the man. Mostly, I like boxer-briefs or nice boxers. Mostly, the only guys who can really pull off briefs are the ones in the advertisements for them. But, I'm not too picky, really. The ZenHusband has all three kinds.

ManicMariah said:
I like to inappropriately grope and actually feel what I am groping, so whatever kind that is. If you wear something too tight, it just feels like a big old sweaty tomato, you can’t really distinguish the frank from the beans. So yeah, the looser the better.

Why Mom Drinks Rum said:
Boxers 1000% all the way - without a doubt. A man in briefs reminds me of some pre-pubescent horror show.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said: Boxer Briefs no question! Boxers look gay on a guy... sorry, just saying it how I see it!!!

Becky's Blog said:
boxer briefs FOR SURE.

Hot Dads ask: Are you a panties (and what style) or no panties kind of woman?

Zen Mom said:
Well, if anyone is going shopping, I like these:

ManicMariah said:
Four words: Crotchless panties (and) boy shorts.

Why Mom Drinks Rum said:
Panties for sure. Sometimes cute, sometimes plain. I like the boy brief style - which is kind of ironic given my hatred for men in briefs. I'm complicated that way. But honestly? I lost the ability to go bottomless after the kids were born (the sneeezing ya know?)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said: With my religion we wear "G's" not panties. BUT before I was married I was a panties girl (boy shorts)! You HAVE to be a panties girl really, cause we have stuff down there that needs a stopper, if you know what I mean! But in a fantasy world, I probably would opt out of panties! How's THAT for a confusing answer :)

Becky's Blog said:
i'm a panties woman. sorry boys.

Hot Dads ask: What makes you feel most appreciated as a wife?

Zen Mom said:
I suppose I feel appreciated as a wife when I'm treated as an equal partner in our relationship. Then again, the occasional spontaneous, thoughtful gift is nice, too. ;)

ManicMariah said:
Most appreciated?? Hmm I think I would have to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ means a lot!!!Whether it is ‘thank you for driving me’ ‘thank you for dinner’ or ‘thank you for letting my friends sleep over AGAIN even though you’re exhausted and have had people over ever single night for the past three weeks. I promise we won’t stay up all night again and put each other’s underwear in the freezer again and I promise that the dish soap will not be used on the wooden floors for an indoor ice rink. Oh thank you mommy.’

Oh wait did you say appreciated as a wife?? Oh, I thought you said as a mom, my bad. As a wife I would say the same though, a heartfelt ‘thank you.’


Why Mom Drinks Rum said:
I guess when the small things get noticed. Or when he brags about how wonderful I am to other people.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said:
Surprises! No lie. I love when I get surprised by my guy. Like when I come home and all the laundry is done.

I love when he KNOWS that I need a break and appreciates all I do and decides to help out! Or surprises like, "Hey baby, the kids are with a babysitter and we have the house to ourselves... CHINESE food is picked up and the make-out movie is in the player!" But I'm actually pretty simple to please... just a stick it note on the shower door saying he loves me will do it also! :) Or eating my crappy cooking... even when the dog won't.

Becky's Blog said:
the thing that makes me feel most appreciated as a wife is just sheer thankfullness. a thank you would be nice every now and then. and i can probably count on 2 hands the times i've been told thank you by my husband or kids. sad isn't it? being a mom/wife is a thankless job a lot of the time and since i love the job so much, it's worth it to me :)

Hot Dads ask: What is the worst trouble (legal, parental or spousal) that you have ever gotten into?

Zen Mom said:
This one time, at band camp ... Naaaaah.You guys are going to kick me out of the Hot Mamas ranks for this one, I know it. Because, the truth is, I've never been in any serious trouble. I'm a good girl, I am. There are a few things, I suppose, but they're pretty tame. I suppose the worst trouble I've been in was when I was 16. I was driving around in my car with my best friend when I wasn't supposed to be and I accidentally sideswiped a parked car. Then, like an idiot, I lied to my parents about it. They totally busted, me, of course. I suppose I did a few worse things in college ... but I never got caught at any of those. So they don't count. ;)

ManicMariah said:
I’m actually a goody two-shoes. The worst trouble I have ever gotten into was a DUI about four years ago. We went downtown to a party and I had 2 maybe 3 glasses of wine, we got down there fine and then the party we were going to was over so we headed back after goofing off for an hour or two at the hotel. So, two hours passed and I honestly thought I was fine to drive, but my rear tail light was out and I got stopped for the broken tail light and then failed a breathalyzer. I’m ashamed and guilt ridden, but I have definitely learned my lesson. I NEVER drive if I have had a drink, not even one glass.

Parental trouble? OY! My mom could tell you stories…

Why Mom Drinks Rum said:
The most traumatic trouble I got into was when my Dad was genuinely angry with me. Otherwise? I've managed to not get caught on everything else.I grew up in a village on an Island off the West coast of British Columbia. It was a pretty sheltered existence to say the least. Sheltered, but unique. I can remember wandering the woods behind our house for hours, finding old forts, abandoned houses that had collapsed but left enough of their skeletons behind for me to imagine pirate hideouts or forgotten families that had died there of some unknown tragedy.In one direction, if you wandered into the woods far enough you came to an old forestry road, and following that road would lead you to an entirely new neighborhood. There were Shetland ponies in those woods that someone had built a rough pen for. I guess they didn't have room on their own property. And I guess in those days nobody cared that you kept them on public property. I can recall wandering far into those woods with a friend one afternoon and finding targets on trees and on the ground. We were very scared, and very curious. Our poking around was noticed and the owners of the grounds came out and explained that we were in an archery range, and would we like to try it out? So we did. We were gone for 7 hours that day. That was the only time I can remember my father ever spanking me. We both cried.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said:
You are totally going to judge me... but my life's an open book... people would fall asleep after chapter ONE! And I honestly don't get into trouble with my spouse... he's my partner not my DAD!!!

But if anything DOES get me in "trouble" it would be my mouth! Saying things that are taken the wrong way... Oh wait, on our first anniversary he planned this great night, we went out for steak (which is my favorite) and then he took me home and there was a present there, a foot massager thingy... so he took of my shoes and stuck my feet in the warm water and turned on the vibration to massage me feet...and... I fell asleep at 9pm, he ate the Cake by himself :(
It's TOTALLY funny now!!!

Becky's Blog said:
worst trouble? hm. i'm pretty straight laced. probably the time my mom caught me sneaking out at night. i wasn't actually doing anything wrong. i was just hanging out with a boy down the street. all we did was talk. but i was 12. and it was 2 am. i was grounded for what seemed like FOREVER.


Scandalous Housewife said...

A little confused with Manic Mariah's 4 word answer to the fave panty question.

dadshouse said...

I love boyshorts on a woman. Mmmm...

ZenMom - you never got into trouble? I think you are missing out on half of the zen universe. To not get in trouble is to be immersed in the light of goodness. There's loads of dark places to go visit. A dimly lit downtown bar is a good enough place to start... Go forth and get in trouble!

ZenMom said...

David, I didn't say I did't go to dark places. I just said I didn't get into TROUBLE for them. ;)

Mariah said...

scandalous housewife-
How do I confuse I said four words

crotchless panties, boy shorts.

No confusion my friend

Mariah said...

I think zen mom is just super sneaky!!!

Amber said...

I'm impressed at the popularity of boy shorts here, they're setting a trend!
Y'all are masters of deception, you each claim you've done nothing horrendous, and at the end of each answer you slip in "I've done other stuff, but just never got caught".
You need to give us a lesson! LOL
WTG Hot Mamas, well answered!

ChocDrop said...

I love that you guys are flipping the script. That is AWESOME.

Show 'em what you got HOT MAMAs

SciFi Dad said...

So women who like wearing men's underwear are sexy, and men who like wearing women's underwear are freaks.

Yet another example of the gender bias. ;)

ZenMom said...

Filed under TMI ...

I love boy shorts style underwear ... on other women.

I do have a two-piece swim suit with boy shorts bottoms that I like.

But whenever I buy that style underwear, they never look right on me.

Too hippy, maybe? I dunno.

You Hot Mamas need to post pics of yourselves in the boy shorts so I can decide. ;)

TentCamper said...

Dadshouse - Way to lead these women into a life of corruption.

Zenmom - we can read between the ines.

Mariah - I think you are right...and you look HOT in boy shorts.

Amber - how true...they are all hiding something.

ChocDrop - Glad you like it.

SciFiDad - Good observation...they get away with everything.

Zen mom (again) - Pictures are a GREAT idea...I'd be happy to host/post them here.

Brandy said...

Don't hate...boyshorts are comfy!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Funny... I have a pic of me in boy shorts..but I'd have to die and someone would have to steal it for it to get posted! U aren't finding the right boy shorts ZenMom! They be comfy!

I never it away with anything! Which is WHY I didn't get in trouble... I was a wuss... Didn't want to get caught, was to aferd (afraid)

Mom said...

Very interesting, Hot Mamas. Thanks!

ZenMom said...

Shelle: Apparently, you need to take me shopping. You know, next time I'm in Utah. ;)

Hubman said...

Interesting answers ladies! You're a sneaky bunch, aren't you, never getting caught..

Bloggin Betty said...

Shelle--You freakin crack me up.

TentCamper said...

Brandy - Is there a boy shorts chant?

Shelle - so...that pic...what if we ALL as really nice-like?

Mom - Glad you like this

Zen (again) - Yeah...I can picture the two of you squished in a little dressing room with 546 pairs of boy shorts.

Hubman - stealthy bunch of hotties!!! Who'd a thunk?

Betty - Yeah...she's a real crack up!

T said...

Dang it. I'd swear I commented on this earlier.

LOVE this idea! How fun!

Not a soccer mom said...

Ladies!!! you did awesome! the guys got nothin on you!

A bunch of good girls? or bad girls who wont talk?

great job tent camper
I must say: I had a feeling the women would use a bit more words :P

Love ya girls

TentCamper said...

Next week....different Hot Mamas and different (more personal) questions

Becky said...

Love it. Thanks for adding my stuff in :)

Anonymous said...

well dang I don't wear panties, boxers boxer briefs or those things that make MM think of a sweaty tomato!

I reckon I lose all the way around?!

Julie said...

How am I not a Hot Mama? Have you seen my rack?????? Is this elderly discrimination against us upper 40'ish women????

(I'm just jealous that Deb made it on this list and I didn't, all because she flashed her boobs in her blog.)

Missty said...

Oh great answers ladies!! LOL Love the reversal questions.

Youngblood4ever said...

FUN! Very enlightening answers, but I have a really hard time thinking y'all are "good girls." Are you sure???

M said...

Oh I'm liking this just as much (or more!) than Ask Hot Dads!

Must think of questions...

April said...

Shelle: With your religion you wear "G's"? Are G's something completely different than panties or is that just what you call panties? Also, what's the reason for not calling them panties? And what is your religion? I'm sorry for all of the questions, but this has me very curious! =)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

HOLY COW I totally forgot to follow this thread.

Okay... Thanks Betty!

TentCamper--Not even if you ask nice... with that question even with the "force" with you, I'd have to say NO :) Promise, you are all better off! :)

You under estimate also how many boy shorts a girl can try on! hehehehe

Okay April, I'm not sure if you will come back and read this, but here is you answer as best as I can explain it! :)

The religion that makes me me is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or "Mormons" as we are nicknamed around the world.

When we are old enough and are ready, we are prepared and allowed to go through one of our TEMPLES. When we do that, and make our committments and covenants we wear what we call Garments. I nick name them G's.

They replace our UnderWear :)

They cover up A LOT... You know guys long boxer briefs? That's kinda what they look like and then like a cap t-shirt top... but obviously the material is lighter and breathable since we wear them as underwear :)

They really are an outward expression of an inward committment! :)

And in a way, they ARE what we call our panties, but they aren't panties! hehehe

Here is a link for further information if I didn't explain well http://newsroom.lds.org/ldsnewsroom/eng/background-information/temple-garments

Here is another link that is good.

Okay... obviously from my answers I tend to ramble!

Hey TentCamper you better ask me some questions again... it was a lot of fun! Thanks! :)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

OH, but that doesn't mean we can't buy the fun things to keep things exciting behind closed doors... if you know what I mean! :)

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