Monday, September 7, 2009

Ask Hot Mamas (episode 2)

For our second edition of Ask Hot Mamas, we’ve gotten a bit more personal in an attempt to spice things up a bit. You know us guys…always needing a bit of spice for our meat.
(by the way...this is a nice way to introduce some of Hot Dads' newest Hot Mamas!)

And here are week two's questions:

Q: Tell us one thing about you we'd never believe or guess.

Amber says: Well, assuming the readers here don't read my blog on a regular basis, I'd have to wager that most don't know that I've been married twice, and I met my first husband online.

Miss Grace says: Okay I've been staring at this question for.....longer than I'd care to admit. I went and answered all the other ones and now here I am still looking at this one. I can't think of anything I can say about myself that y'all would find surprising. Cuz I think I've already told everyone about every possible moment of idiocy. Fuck. I mean, I called 9-1-1 for a taxi once, because it was the only phone number I could remember, but are you really surprised?? (If you're wondering, this was effective - the police came, and they called a cab and made it take me home for free - WIN)So. I'm surprise-free at this point. The only secrets I have left are the ones that I actually don't tell.

Brandy says: (Brandy failed to answer this one…what the hell is she hiding????)

ChurchPunkMom says: ... I fart rainbows. Honest. Ask Aman.

Tom the Girl says: I have piercings...yes some very special places.

Q: What is your #1 favorite thing about a man, physically? (arms, hands,ass, whatever)

Amber says: Well, if it's any man it would have to be his smile. Hair (or lack thereof) is a close second.If it's my Mr you're talking about, it's his ass. His ass is perfectly juicy, a true pleasure to look at.

Miss Grace says: Mmmm backs. I *love* a nice muscular back. Makes me all wobble-kneed.

Brandy says: Shoulders; I love a man with broad shoulders. It just makes them look "manly".

ChurchPunkMom says: Hm... Any part of my husband!

Tom the Girl says: My favorite thing about a man would have to be the lines that run down either side of his lower abdomen, and disappear into his jeans. Oh my...i could LICK those lines..... *hot flashes*

Q: What is the best way (method, style, technique, etc.) to do some"landscaping" that causes the least amount of discomfort.(Shaving=razor burn) - no chemicals please.

Amber says: This question confuses me...are you talking about someone landscaping me, me doing the landscaping on myself, or me doing landscaping on my Mr??If it's Mr landscaping me I'd prefer him to use scissors and then an electric razor.I prefer to use scissors and a regular Bic disposable razor. I don't do waxing, that stuff is crazy, and I'm a no go for chemical removers in my lady bits.If I'm doing some manscaping on my Mr I think I'd feel perfectly comfortable using scissors for a light trim, anything more than that and I'd be afraid of damaging his manly bits.That all being said, what other ways are there??

Miss Grace says: I prefer waxing. The one time discomfort is worse than other methods, but it takes a long-ass time to grow back, and it's never stubbly/itchy, and while I can't say it gets 'more comfortable', it does get LESS uncomfortable as time progresses. In college my roommate and I totally had a waxing party with our friend Ben. No, he's not gay. I swear.

Brandy says: For a close shave, I use a mustache/beard trimmer without any guard. Sometimes I use a razor when I want to pull a Britney, making sure to take a nice, hot shower first so that the pores are open & the hair is soft.

ChurchPunkMom says: Ah, 'landscaping'.. well, I won't lie. I've never been a big fan of yard work.. But we all know it's gotta be done, right? I'm an old fashioned girl.. one who's never indulged in those 'simple luxuries' like manicures, or pedicures, or *shudder* waxing. I shave. Like a man.

Tom the Girl says: The VERY best way to manscape is to wax. I just bought GiGi Brazilian hard wax (the microwaveable kind) for my nether region, and while it hurts like hell to pull that wax off the FIRST time, it only stings for a second, and the results are amazing. Let's just say that my baby's bottom was jealous.

Q: Do you consider yourself more voyeuristic or exhibitionist? (you haveto choose one) …feel free to share the evidence.

Amber says: I'm definitely more of an exhibitionist. As we don't really dig motel rooms for the hourly rate, we have a tendency to drive on a few 4x4 trails up the mountain and have ourselves a good old time in the backseat of our truck.

Miss Grace says: I'm a total exhibitionist. I just can't make myself care about open curtains or lights on in a dark house. And there's something ridiculously hot about sex in public places/the chance of getting caught.

Brandy says: If I have to choose (cause I think we all have a little of both in us) then I pick voyeuristic. And I plead the 5th for the rest...

ChurchPunkMom says: Well, now that I'm getting older and have popped out a few kids.. I suppose I'd be more of a voyeur, or perhaps a retired exhibitionist. And sorry, no evidence here. Besides, imaginations can be much more entertaining and vivid than reality!

Tom the Girl says: I definitely consider myself to be an exhibitionist. Just ask my twitter ladies about that. They've seen mah bewbs. You probably will too :-*

Q: Who do you consider to be the sexiest/hottest (if you could, you woulddive into bed with) woman on TV or movies today.

Amber says: Hmm, Rachel McAdams is nice. Giving a time limit of today doesn't really do a whole lot for me. I'd prefer a woman who's intelligent and easy on the eyes, with a lean figure.I'd love to romp with Diane Lane, though she hasn't really done anything in a while.

Miss Grace says: I have a RIDICULOUS girl crush on Mary Louise Parker. Because, I mean, YUM.

Brandy says: I hate to say this, I really do, but Angelina. She's been one of my girl crushes ever since she was in Gia. Angelina's hot - plain & simple.

ChurchPunkMom says: This is a hard one. We don't watch much TV around here and the bulk of what I see tends to be animated. (Not gonna go there..) Gee... I'd have to go with...... David Letterman's mom. She's HAWT.

Tom the Girl says: Hottest woman celebrity today. So many to choose from... but if I had to bang ONE, it would be Adriana Lima (Victoria's Secret Model). She is pretty much perfect in every way, and totally my type. I mean, come on. LOOK at her! O_o


Anonymous said...

Diane Lane is a classic. And I'm saddened by the lack of "evidence" . . .

ChocDrop said...

I vote Angelina and the ever so sexy Gina Gershawn (think I spelled her last name wrong) but what the hell have you seen her...yum

Anonymous said...

Excellent answers ladies!
keep em coming!

Brandy said...

ChocDrop & I have similar tastes. And I simply forgot to go back and answer that question. Having said that I'm still not sharing...

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Lol! U guys r awesome! I need to go to each one of ur blogs and read u! Loved it!

I don't even think I know who Diane Lane is... Yet I don't wax! I do however trim... Cause its lady like...

Seriously great answers!

Miss Grace said...

I can't believe no one else wants to get Mary Louise Parker nekkid. I mean, she has a fantastic ass!

Not a soccer mom said...

Not too surprised on the surprising answers haha
good job ladies!

LiteralDan said...

Mary Louise Parker's alright, nothing against her at all, but any conversation in which Diane Lane is mentioned is one in which Ms. Parker becomes background noise. Sorry.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

You Hot Mamas are awesome!

MLP is hot. But I agree with Dan, Diane Lane is insanely hot.

Crispin said...

Well, I don't really suppose this is likely to have effect.

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