Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Secret Lover

My secret lover, still like a statue staring at me
Our silent communication is the key

Adoring you, from head to toe
I can’t help but to stare, just so you know

Your dress is red, and sways in the air
A little flower, perfect in your long flowing hair

Your eyes and lips, what can I say
Seemingly painted on, every day

Breasts so perky and scantily clad
Your tight yellow top, ain’t so bad

Fingers that tickle and slide with grace
I only wish I could feel them on my face

Your body to the rhythm of my every move
A picture of you should be in La Louvre


Just Jules said...

"Your body to the rhythm of my every move" good line

dadshouse said...

Does she have a sister? I need a secret lover like that! (I could do without the ukelele)

Mariah said...

You and your freaking hula girls. I am tentcamper's finace and let me just take a minute to explain his obsession. They're EVERYWHERE!! In the car, on his desk, in the bedroom and on the shelves. I wouldn't doubt it if he had them in his flipping underwear drawer next to all of our sex toys. They are freaking me out. I'm just waiting for the day that he want to bring them into our bed at night.

ChocDrop said...

Oh such smooth words...and then the hula

TentCamper said...

Oh....Nice idea Mariah! their little grass skirts might be good for tickling ....special places.

Michelle H.M. Eliason said...

Oh how I am pleased I ran across this blog! I look forward to reading more! Who doesn't enjoy smiling? This one would sure put a smile on anyone's face!

Much Peace~

Not a soccer mom said...

Haha that is great...but the fade in the sunlight on a dashboard- just saying

Lolita said...

LOL! i guess who wouldn't fall in love with such a beatiful ukelele?

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