Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hot Mama Awards

If any of you have been looking for some hotties to follow…or would like the scoop on some of the coolest mommy bloggers out there…I am now officially announcing the next round of Hot Mamas. Not only are these blogs; interesting, funny, engaging and informative but the authors are HOT and really know how to represent mommies, bloggers and MILFs…on a global level.


I officially welcome the following to Hot Dads’ Hot Mama posse....lead by the one and only ManicMariah

Another Suburban Mom
Dirt & Noise
Harassed Mom
For A Different Kind Of Girl
I Am Divorced Not Dead
Life According To Candice
Mommy In Pink
Motherhood in NYC
QTMamma’s Blog
Single Mom In The City
The Quest For T
the world according to me
Two Dogs Running

You have officially been selected as the newest HOT MAMAs.

*To the new additions...there are only a few things that you need to do:
Put the Hot Mama image on your blog (copy from the Hot Dads blog) with the link to us.
Go to http://labeldaddy.blogspot.com/2009/05/dad-blogger-of-year.html and nominate me for coolest daddy blogger (feel free to tell your friends to do the same.)
Post something soon about becoming a Hot Mama!



Anonymous said...

welcome to hot momma-dom.

congrats to all!

Gwen said...

I love Candice! She is definitely hot. Haven't read the others but I will have to check them out.

Laura said...

Thanks for the bloggy love and the awesome award!

Not a soccer mom said...

Congrats girls! Well deserved.

Ilina said...

Why, thank you for the love. I'm suddenly feeling totally hot and I'm not even going through menopause.

Homer and Queen said...

OK I'm bitter...just cause I'm not hot and not funny doesn't mean I can't be a Hot Mama! Does it?

Just Jules said...

Oh Queen I should have nominated you!

I made the rounds to all the hot mama's blogs - I feel a little stalker-ish now....

Anonymous said...

Cool, my wife (ASM) made it and I didn't even have to lobby for her!

Damn, now I got a bunch of new bloggers to check out....

TentCamper said...

Gwen – get to visiting and give them all some good comment love.
Laura – you deserve it.. keep on doing what you do.
NASM – I have a feeling you are going to be next…keep a look out next week (hint)
ILina – gives you something to look forward to!
H and Q – we can be bribed
Jules – there are laws against that…you had better get commenting…no lurkers allowed.
Hubman – ASM can hold her own…no need for lobbying.

Just Jules said...

Don't fear dear T.C. I did indeed comment away - I am not one for keeping my mouth shut, plus lurking is kinda creepy ;) in a trench coat kind of way (unless you're into that)

TentCamper said...

....which...I kind of am. Who am I kidding...it is kind of a turn on.

Homer and Queen said...

Thanks for the thumbs up Jules but I don't think they want a 51 yr old hottie!Oh well their loss! And I would never stoop to bribery! But if I was going to stoop...what would it take? Food? Money? Just askin' not that I would bribe...LOL

TentCamper said...

Ain't nuttin wrong with 51. and by the way...we take all forms of bribery.


Frogs in my formula said...

I see I missed the pageant this year. Sigh.

Rhea said...

I'm honored. And touched. But hopefully not touched...if you know what I mean.

I'm posting about it tomorrow.

T said...

Thanks guys. You rock my world.

Mama Kat said...

Lulaville gets my vote. We make through our computer screens all the time and there is NOTHING hotter than two women making out through computer screens. Nothing.

Swirl Girl said...

at least this is better than winning the Hot Flash Mama Award!!

thanks for the shout-out Tent Camper!!

(i've been away this week and just saw this!! Yeah )

LiteralDan said...

Our goofy little family grows and grows. Welcome, ladies!

Anonymous said...

I'm so honored! :) Thank you guys, do you indeed rock!

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