Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ingenuity...That Vibrates - and Booze

As any “real” man would…I have, for some time now, taken on the responsibility of cutting my own hair. Though I suppose maybe I wouldn’t if I were single and looking…I screw it up from time to time. At any rate, I have used several different electric razors for the job. It is not a difficult task as long as I have different sized guides and a functioning razor.

That being said, I feel as though I have recently mastered that art of keeping my head in a shape that is at least somewhat visually appealing to those around me. As for facial shaving…I have a mustache and goatee and love to make the excuse that I like the ‘scruffy’ look…as opposed to daily shaving. I have to say that this whole face shaving thing stinks…and I hate all of the guys out there who can run an electric razor over their face while driving to work…and arriving with a face that is smooth as a baby’s butt.

I am that guy who needs a standard hand razor, an electric razor and scissors to keep my face looking as hot as the rest of me.

Now, the folks at Remington were nice enough to send me one of their new razors to review…it is the new PG-360, 8-in-1 personal groomer. Once the package came, I immediately brought it up to my bathroom and plugged it in. While it was charging, I looked over the paperwork which listed all of its functionality. I was impressed, but still skeptical.

Later in the evening I decided to take a beer into the bathroom and take my new little toy for a test drive. The razor is small…not what I had been used to, but it was strong and functioned well. I will say that the trimming and edging took a little getting used to, but after a few mishaps, I was looking good. The interchangeable heads are a great touch to the product as I do not need to have scissors and regular razor at hand while grooming.

I, after perfecting my skills with this handy little guy, took the razor ‘downtown’ and did a bit of ‘manscaping’. Which turned out quite well… Mariah says that it makes me …sexy!!

I will just put this out there up front ladies…The only pictures that you are gonna see are ones that the folks at Remington gave me.

As I am thrilled with this new found friend of mine…enough to have cleared off an area of the sink for it...I am happy to announce that Remington is happy and willing to send a PG-360 to one of you.

Now...as you all can imagine...Booze is a great mix with vibrating cutting utensils....I am now going to hip you to another MUST HAVE for this...and every holiday season.

I am not a big liquor drinker…though the ability to offer up some goodness to guests, if they so desire, is not out of character for me. I, as you all know am the kind of ‘gent’ who enjoys a nice sudsy brew as I kick back and watch me some football.

At any rate, the folks at Sobieski asked if I wanted to try out a few of their new flavors. What kind of Hot Dad…or human for that matter, would turn down free booze?

Once the package arrived and the ripping and shredding settled, I realized that I did not know any drink recipes to test the stuff on. I was not about to go old school, college days and make a pitcher of screwdrivers or Vodka Cranberry (I don’t even know what that drink is called).

Being that within the walls of Hot Dads, there is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom…so I turned to brother Dad’s House for virtual guidance with his two recipes

Vodka Martini and Cosmopolitan
I used the cytron flavored vodka in the martini and the vanilla in the cosmo…both turned out exceptionally well.

The unbeatably smooth vodka was virtually undetectable in the sweet goodness…so much so that one minute I was sitting back and enjoying the (two) drinks and the next minute…I’m not sure what I was doing. Make note…this stuff is not for the lame…not for the amateur…not for the weak of heart…but strictly for professionals. Space em out, and don’t let it creep up on you.

I give a huge thumbs up to Sobieski…for providing us with a superior vodka…and for the two new flavors. Additionally I thank them for agreeing to ship a gift basket of Sobieski promotional products (sorry - no alcohol) to the lucky winner of this, Hot Dads’ newest giveaway.

Comment for one entry and Tweet about this giveaway for an additional chance to win. The winners will be selected and notified on Sunday 11/29/09.

Sobieski Facts:
o Sobieski was introduced to the U.S. market in August 2007
o Sobieski is the # 1 premium vodka in Poland and the world’s # 7 best selling premium vodka
o Sobieski received a Gold Medal, 95-point "Exceptional" rating, and "Best Buy" award by the Beverage Testing Institute
o Awarded Impact’s 2008 Hot Brand Award in the Spirits category and recipient of the 2008 and 2009 Beverage Information Group Growth Brand Awards

The new PG-360, 8-in-1 personal groomer. Great for use in between visits to the salon or barber, this cordless groomer makes it easy for guys to create and maintain their own stylish facial hair – from precision trimming and styling to close shaves. It features the world’s first neckliner (an exclusive detail) that easily maintains a straight, clean neckline. The 10 adjustable settings are great for clipping sideburns, necks and a variety of hair lengths, as well as five adjustable settings for all styles of facial hair – goatees, soul patches, light two-day stubble, moustaches or beards of any length. It also has an ear and nose hair trimmer for, um, that not-so-stylish hair. More versatile than Norelco, this rechargeable unit comes with self-sharpening, titanium-coated blades for sharp, precise cuts. Cost: $19.99. The PG-360 is now available nationwide at Target and WalMart stores and online at www.remingtonproducts.com.


Sincerely, Jenni said...

OK, count me in! Going to go tweet about it now.

Sincerely, Jenni said...

Tweeted! http://twitter.com/SincerelyJenni

WannabeVirginia W. said...

Is remington sending it for free? Heck let me know how I could get one, I have been eyeballing a few electric razors for "da man". One to have at his house and one for my house :) Let me know how I can get my paws on one of these babies.

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Are you kidding me? I totally need this. I lost my job so hubby isn't getting anything for Christmas so here is his Christmas gift and the booze to get us drunk to forget what a crappy Christmas it is! LOL. I am off to tweet about it as well...

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Tweeted! http://twitter.com/wiseyoungmommy

timothytee said...

This is the perfect combination! I have never really had the courage to cut my own hair. I have thought about it, but never really took the initiatve to get the clippers.
This opportunity provides the hardware and the "liquid courage."

Brandy said...

The only pictures that you are gonna see are ones that the folks at Remington gave me.

What a tease!

Jennybean said...

Oh pic me pic me!

Barefoot Dreamer said...

Us - I will drink the booze and then use the razor on hubby. I will even send pics of the end result (his goatee folks... geeez)

Cycling Papa said...

Ever since moving I can't find my shaver, this would be an awesome replacement!

pam said...

I'm in.

Danielle said...

Geesh, I am suprised you didn't shave your manhood off. That would really not make Mariah happy.

Danielle said...

Geesh, I am suprised you didn't shave your manhood off. That would really not make Mariah happy.

LoJo said...

I'm in. As Willie Nelson sang, "let it be me"!

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