Monday, November 2, 2009

Gentlemen, Start Your Moustaches

This morning I learned that November is no longer November. Oh no. It is now "Movember": International Grow a Moustache for Prostate Cancer Month.

As a former owner of a kick-ass moustache, I jumped at the chance to rationalize re-growing some upper lip hair before the snow flies.

"But how can I get involved?" you ask. It's as easy as not shaving it turns out. You can go to the Movember International page to find your country of residence and start taking donations for your own cookie duster growth. Women are welcome too; not to grow but to support.

If you want to donate only, you can go to my page. You'll notice a clean shaven pic of Trooper that will get hairier over the month.

But remember the immortal words of Peter Griffin: With great moustache goes great responsibility!"


Danielle said...

Ok, it's for a good cause, but I can't imaging brining back the Tom Selek looking moustaches. Not a fan!

dadshouse said...

If we grow Tom Selek moustaches, we'll need body guards to keep the women back! Er... all the women except Danielle!!! :-)

Sounds like a great cause

ZenMom said...

Looking forward to watching your progress, but, I gotta disagree with the lovely Danielle - Tom Selleck was hot. ;)

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Ah ha! I've already got one. And a beard to go with it.

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