Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ask Hot Dads

OneZenMom Asked:

Did you dress up for Halloween this year? (what were you?)

TentCamper says: Yes. I was a ‘Black Ops’ agent…same costume for 3 years and running. I always say…”If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it.”

Dadshouse says: I went as a Hot Dad.

says: No

Daddy Geek Boy says: Sadly this.

CanadianBaldGuy says:
I dressed up as a proud father of a 3-year-old Power Ranger.

Hubman says: I'm not that big into Halloween. To placate the kiddos, I have an orange t-shirt that says "This is my costume" in black letters that Veronica bought me a few years ago.

Captain Dumbass syas: I was an unemployed stay at home dad. Sadly, a few days later I got a seasonal minimum wage job and I don't get to stay at home building Lego with the kids any more.

Southern Sage says: No but I did see a freak show.

Trooper Thorn says:
I tried to dress up as Buttercup from “The Princess Bride” but people kept asking if I was Princess Leia, so I just took it off.

What's your favorite thing about Christmas? Least favorite thing?

TentCamper says: My favorite thing about Christmas is seeing the kids excitement while opening their gifts. (and getting tools or fishing shit to add to my collection of unused stuff)

Dadshouse says: Favorite: lights on the xmas tree!
Least Favorite: spending 1/2 my xmas's without my kids.

Daddy Geek Boy says: I love the lights, the songs, the trees, the Rankin/Bass specials on TV. However I'm Jewish, so Christmas always comes with the sense of feeling a bit like an outsider. And dammit I hate looking for parking at the mall around this time.

says: Shopping. least favorite, that the commercials have started already.

CanadianBaldGuy says:
I love remade cheesy Christmas tunes. C' can you NOT love Bryan Adams singing, "Reggae Christmas"?? Least favorite? Not having enough money to buy the things I want to buy for my family. "It's the thought that counts?" Yeah...try telling that to an 11-year-old.

Hubman says: I love watching the kids opening their presents, the big smiles on their faces, and then spending the rest of the day lounging around the house with the family. We DO NOT travel for Christmas. My least favorite thing is Christmas creep. Last week I was in Sears when I stopped and realized that I was hearing Christmas music. It was November 4th, dammit!

Captain Dumbass The build up. I love the whole atmosphere of mid-November to Christmas Eve. Least favourite? Christmas Day. Aside from watching the kids, it's a let down.

Southern Sage says: Fave: It's during hunting season.
Least Fave: its cold.

Trooper Thorn says:

Favorite thing: Food

Least Favorite thing: Getting presents.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

TentCamper says: Bali – in a beach shack

Dadshouse says: I'd split time between Manhattan NYC and a California beach.

says: Aruba

CanadianBaldGuy says:
In the same city as my girlfriend...wherever that may be.

Daddy Geek Boy says: It would be easy to say someplace tropical, but if I lived in paradise every day, where would I vacation? I love the Pacific Northwest. I also would love to return to the east coast some day.

Hubman says: After an entire lifetime in NY, NH, MA, and PA, I'd love a snow-free winter. Anywhere south of here would be nice.

Captain Dumbass Coruscant or Gotham City.

Southern Sage says: I could care less. I ain't gonna be cold. I want to live where smart people govern, the deer hunting is excellent and the chicks are hot. Other'n that IDGAF.

Trooper Thorn says: Under the shade of Famke Janssen.

Have you ever broken a bone? Passed out? Had major surgery?

TentCamper says: no broken bones. Passed out only from drinking. Never had any surgeries.

Dadshouse says: No broken bones. I passed out once during an eye exam. One of those things where they touch your eye to gauge something (now they use puffs of air). They needed smelling salts to wake me up! And yes, I've had major surgery.

says: Yes, many. The worst being my collar bone. Broke it in three places. Yes, due to former question. Yes, the vasectomy was life altering.

CanadianBaldGuy says:
Cracked my wrist once...had a cast for about a week. Nothing serious. I've passed out a few times, and they were NON-alcohol related, too.

Daddy Geek Boy
says: I have not broken a bone, though when I was a kid I really wanted to so that I could get a cast that everyone could sign. Major surgery? Deviated septum repair when I was 15. Lasic doesn't really count, does it? And of course the ol' snip-snip.

Hubman says: I've only had two broken bones- I took a baseball to the face when I was about 9 yrs old, breaking my nose (so much for player catcher without a mask!), and when I was 17 a friend dropped a 10 lb plate in the weight room, right onto my hand and breaking a finger. I've passed out drunk, but I don't think that was the intent of this question, so no. I had surgery to repair an inguinal hernia when I was 11 or so and have the ol' snip-snip.

Captain Dumbass I've broken my pinkie toes on multiple occasions and judging from the look of my nose, that too though I have no recollection of doing it. I've passed out from sticking a nine volt battery on my braces and when a high school friend wrapped a tea towel around my neck and twisted me over his shoulder. I remember waking up on the kitchen floor and looking up at a Heinz ketchup sticker someone had stuck to the bottom of the kitchen table. I also remember my mom being on the phone at the time and continuing her conversation.

Hmm. Time to call my therapist again.

Southern Sage says: Broke fingers and toes, passed out several times and no major surgery, all this goodness is real and unaltered!

Trooper Thorn says: Not since my ex found a new boyfriend/victim.

Do you parent like your own father? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

TentCamper says: No…not at all. My natural father left before I was born. My adoptive father was …pretty unreliable as a father. My stepfather was strict and a bit racist. I am easy going, but kids MUST follow rules. I play and roughhouse, but demand respect. I don’t miss sporting events, school functions or birthdays.

Dadshouse says: I parent totally differently than my dad. Like Jonathan Franzen suggested in his novel, The Corrections, each generation tries to correct the child-rearing mistakes of its parents. If you haven't read The Corrections, read it! It's funny.

says: Yes, it's a great thing.

CanadianBaldGuy says:
I sometimes parent like my father, but I try to only use the best qualities. Sometimes my temper will come out, but I try to quell that as soon as possible.

Daddy Geek Boy says: I think I'm carving out my own parenting style, but it's only a matter of time before I morph into my father.

Hubman says: In some ways I do, but my dad was an alcoholic (I say was because he's been dry for 16 yrs+ now) and while he often had nothing but the best intentions, sometimes the execution left a little to be desired. He let me down on numerous occasions and I hope never to do that to either of my kids.

Captain Dumbass I try not to and that should answer the second question.

Southern Sage says: I am tougher than my dad was but I do parent similar to him, and yes thats a good thing.

Trooper Thorn says: I wish I was a wise and patient as my Dad. I can never seem to get it right when I discipline and only seem to make the situation worse.

Why do you guys have so much trouble putting the damn seat/lid down?!

TentCamper says: You may not believe this but something must have happened to me at birth, but I can’t remember EVER leaving the toilet seat up. Ask Mariah if you don’t believe me…it is kind of freakish.

Dadshouse says: Because we need it up to pee. And if we can pee without touching the toilet, that's pretty darn awesome, don't you think?

says: Why do you? Actually, in our house, both seat and lid are lowered. I have a fear of dropping things in the commode. Plus, the kids like to play in the water.

CanadianBaldGuy says:
It's a habit that one has to work out on their own. I leave my own seat down...but it's taken time to learn.

Daddy Geek Boy
says: In order to stop my cat from drinking out of the toilet, I put the toilet seat down. The behavior stuck. Yes, my cat trained me to put the lid down.

Hubman says: I don't have any trouble putting it down- Veronica has trained me well.

Captain Dumbass Why would any woman blindly sit down on the toilet without looking?

Southern Sage says: Why do you have such a problem putting it down? Down is easier than up, it will fall most of the way if you get it started, if its easy for us to put it down why is so damn tough for y'all? I mean I'd look before sat my butt is some water. I have never in 38 years sat without the lid being down, I dunno why its such a dilemma. Since I love me some women i decided I'd never forget to put the seat down, now I don't ever raise it, problem solved.

Trooper Thorn says: Why do women have such a hard time surveying where they sit with their pants down?

NotASoccerMom asked:
They say you can tell a lot about a man by his dream car...what is yours and why?

TentCamper says: I have 2 – and neither is too luxurious. The first is the GMC Youkon Denali XL. That is a sexy ass man-mobile!!! And the second is the late 60s Ford Bronco. It is just plain bad ass!!!!

Dadshouse says: A Bianchi Talladega. I ride it 4-5 days a week. Oh, you said car. Sorry. That's a bike.

says: It changes weekly. Currently, the Audi S6. Good family hauler that really hauls.

CanadianBaldGuy says:
I'd just like mini-cooper. I really don't know why, but I've just always wanted one. Flashy cars or SUV's don't really do much for me. I'm more interested in how it makes ME feel instead of how others would perceive me in it.

Daddy Geek Boy
says: When I graduated college, I drove a cherry red Toyota Celica. A little cheesy? Yes. But I loved that car. It was totaled in an accident and I've never loved any car since.

Hubman says: Something sporty. Mini Coopers look fun, though at 6'2" I'm not sure how well I'd fit. I'd love something high performance, but that screams "mid-life crisis" a bit too loudly. Just for the fun of it, Veronica and I almost rented a Dodge Viper when we were in Las Vegas last month, but even the 5 hr rental was a little beyond our budget. We settled for a Mustang convertible...

Captain Dumbass The Bugatti Veyron. Why? Because I saw a test driver cry after driving one. I'm not joking. Or a 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB.

Southern Sage says: F-250, 7.3 liter diesel. Thats the baddest bitch on the road. I own one. If I had to drive a car then a 67 mustang fastback or a 69 Camaro.

Trooper Thorn Dream car: Bumper. For a lack of consequences and accountability

So any of you have self image issues the older you get?

TentCamper says: occasionally. Mostly I ‘grow’ to love my aging and decrepit self. PLUS – Mariah has a thing for old men…so I guess I am kind of looking forward to getting there quickly.

Dadshouse says: Hell no! We're Hot Dads. The mirror has never looked better.

says: I'm a SAHD, I'm pretty comfortable in my skin.

CanadianBaldGuy says:
I'm actually getting more comfortable with myself as I age. I was REALLY self-conscious as a younger man.

Daddy Geek Boy says: Aside from the beginnings of hair loss, I'm pretty happy with the way I'm aging.

Hubman says: Aside from the slightly receding hairline, nope, I'm pretty happy with how I look.

Captain Dumbass Er... maybe about this strange growth I have around my waistline. Also, ear hair. WTF? WHAT! THE! FUUUUUUUUCK?!?!?!

Southern Sage says: Not me. I think I am way better looking than I am. Don't believe me? Just ask me.

Trooper Thorn says: What to do you mean? Are we supposed to loose the ability to reflect in a mirror as we age?

Mostly for the single men... I feel as though my independence makes some men feel threatened... when I make my own repairs or chase off critters. Is this the case? Are men intimidated by independent and self sufficient women?

TentCamper says: When I got together with Mariah she was single and had 4 kids. She was and is one of the most independent and strong women that I’ve ever met. That is one of the things that I love about her. She does not need to be ‘taken care of’ she can handle herself in pretty much any situation…and in some situations she has bigger balls than I do.
BUT…a pushy, overbearing, hard-headed, bitch of a strong woman…I’d have to either run away or snip off my own balls and just hand em over.

Dadshouse says: Not at all. I'd love a woman to come change my oil.

says: Quite the contrary, I'm turned on by them.

Daddy Geek Boy says: I'm not single, but I'm chiming in anyway. Hells to tha no! Independent women rock! How can I turn into the stereotypical suburban dad who can't do anything myself if I have a woman who can't do anything herself?

Hubman says: Hell no, I love an independent woman! That doesn't threaten me at all.

Captain Dumbass I'm not single, but any man who feels that way is stupid. Bring on the self sufficient and independent women. Especially if she's independently wealthy. My wife needs a better paying job so I can stay at home and be a kept man.

Southern Sage says: Not me. I'm for it. If you will make some repairs on my shit I'd like you even better and yeah honey I think I heard a noise go check that out wouldja.

Trooper Thorn says: Not at all. How much to you charge for your services?

Can I see all of the Hot Dads’ booties? I am a butt lover.

TentCamper says: Sure…just call my manager at (800) TNT-CMPR

Dadshouse says: Come join us for a eucalyptus steam bath at our next Hot Dads conference.


Daddy Geek Boy says: Sure.

CanadianBaldGuy says:
No. Butt thanks for asking.

Hubman says: Have you read my blog? The blog where I participate in Half-nekkid Thursday

Captain Dumbass I'll do it if the other guys do. And if I'm allowed a month or so to do some squats. Maybe a little jogging.

Southern Sage says: every single week? You really don't have to work too hard to find pictures of me bare-assed on the internet!

Trooper Thorn says: We are putting together a nationwide tour in 2011. Reserve your tickets now.


Scandalous Housewife said...

Interesting psychological profile on you boys. Not too interested in nekkid man butts, tho.

Danielle said...

This was one of the funniest Q and A's I have read.
Captain Dumbass- Hilarious pass out answer.
Daddy Geek Boy-Lol at your cat teaching you to put the toilet seat down. Hey, what ever it takes.
Southern Sage- F250's rock. Love me a man in a big old truck.
Trooper-The ex's victem cracked me up.
You all look marvelous in your aging skin. HOT dads for sure.

Momma Sunshine said...

Two things - YAY for men who put the toilet seat down (I don't think canadianbaldguy as EVER forgotten to do that at my house) and I see CBG's booty on a semi-regular basis, and let me just's freaking adorable. Pinchable, even.


Not a soccer mom said...

Hubman: ouch! To the bat to the nose- as for the nekkid Thursdays I guess I better get reading your blog more.
DGB: you are not alone in wanting a cast to get it signed and never needing one. But as for your booty- yuk
Capt: Seriously? Braces and a battery? I am beginning to see the reason you are the captain.
Loved the questions and loved the answers to mine even more. Thank you all for humoring us girls.
Side note: be glad to tackle the honey do’s since you all think it is sexy
DH- I will gladly change your oil in exchange for one of your famous cocktails.

and I am with Danielle on the F-250's hot hot

there is no reason any of you SHOULD feel self conscious with your bodies...just wondered...sheesh

T said...

Freakin' awesomeness. As usual!

Anonymous said...

F-2 fiddys RULE!!!!

damn comments are way down WTF?

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