Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Big Zen Wannabe Wolf - Asks Hot Dads

I know that it is not Monday but I had some questions and thought I'd serve you all up a plate of daddy wisdom spew!!

*Make sure that you keep sending in all of your questions.

OneZenMom Asked: What personal trait of yours do you hope your kids will share? What trait do you hope they WON'T get from you?

TentCamper says: Besides my stunning good looks….I hope that they inherit my logic and calm demeanor. On the other hand…I pray that they do NOT overdo things the way I tend to.

Hubman says: I'm a hard worker, but I understand the importance of maintaining perspective and having fun every day. All work and no play, something like that, is an attitude towards life that I hope they share with me. On the flip side, I have a bit of a temper at times. While it's gotten better over the years, I hope that managing anger or frustration is something my kids do better than I do.

Captain Dumbass says: My sense of humor, or better yet, their own twisted version of mine.

DC Urban Dad says: Whew, that's an easy one. I wish her all her Mommy's traits and none of mine. Especially not my temper.

SurferJay says: I hope my kids love to surf as I do. Because if they would rather play something like, oh I don’t know, baseball, I would just die. For one thing, that sport is so boring, I don’t how I could ever sit through one of their little league games without falling asleep.

I hope my boy doesn’t inherit my fur. I have some good size fur coats on either side of my back. Now that I’m getting older at thirty, I’ve started to acquire the fur stragglers. You know, the individual hairs that sprout up all over the shoulders and upper back. And it’s a lot of work to pluck each one individually, and my wife will only bust out the buzzers for me on special occasions.

Dadshouse says: Hope they get: The ability to enjoy life without feeling the need to spend and consume. Hope they won't get: Keeping a messy kitchen table. (there are papers everywhere)

Canadian Bald Guy says: My fun-loving attitude. I do my best to be "the fun guy" and see the positive side of things, so I'm hoping they'll both get that trait from me.

When pushed I do have a bit of a temper, though. I'm really hoping that they don't get an attitude or anger issues from me.

Trooper Thorn says: a) I hope they become patient as adults; I can’t wait for that day. b) I’d prefer that they didn’t procrastinate the way I do, but they will likely leave that up to the last minute.

LiteralDan says: I hope they'll be able to laugh at most anything, especially stuff that sucks but can't be changed. Most of the traits I hope they don't get they're already clearly fated for, like the special brand of compulsive precision that earned me my nickname.

Daddy Geek Boy says: My kids are already showing a sense of humor similar to mine, so that said, I hope they develop the ability that I learned later in life, which is not to be so sensitive.

OneZenMom Asked: What TV show, or movie, are you embarrassed to admit you like to watch?

TentCamper says: ‘Spose I’ll have to say that I am embarrassed to admit that I cried during an episode of Quantum Leap…beyond that…I have no regrets!!

Hubman says: Occasionally, when Veronica is watching Project Runway I find myself getting sucked in and start paying attention. But if she catches me, I'll only admit to watching Heidi Klum, who is one delicious piece of eye candy!

Captain Dumbass says: I watch a pretty wide variety of TV and movies and can't say I'm really embarrassed by any of them. I loved the first few seasons of Gilmore Girls because the writing was fantastic and Lorelai Gilmore was HAWT so win/win. Where's the shame.

DC Urban Dad says: To tell you the truth, none. I am super confident in the crap I watch. Sure I watch a little Rachel Zoe on Bravo, have been known to watch some Pussycat Doll's search for the next girl.

SurferJay says: I would never admit to anyone but my wife, that I sobbed tears of sorrow while watching the movie, Lorenzo’s Oil. And that was before I even had kids.

Dadshouse says: Koyanisqatsi. (If you've heard the Philip Glass score, you'll know why.)

Canadian Bald Guy says: I have a LOT of "guilty pleasures". My biggest embarrassment would probably be my fandom for professional wrestling. Although it's been waning over the past year, I was such a "super-fan" for such a long time that my first online writing experience (for over four years) came writing for wrestling websites. I might watch an hour or two a month these days, but it used to be a five-hour-a-week addiction...and even at an hour or two, it's still embarrassing.

Trooper Thorn says: I will watch Desperate Housewives, but I complain bitterly (to whoever will listen) if the episode does not contain at lease three decent lingerie scenes with at least one gratuitous side-boob shot.

LiteralDan says: Probably Law and Order: SVU. Mostly I wouldn't readily admit it because I mock my wife for the inescapable pull the show has on her, no matter what else is going on when she happens to flip to it, new or in reruns. Nothing ruins a planned night of fun like a gripping tale of the police's efforts to apprehend a child rapist. Still, it's kind of a good show.

Daddy Geek Boy says: Believe it or not, I can't think of anything that I would be embarrassed if anyone knew I watched. For a while there, I really liked the movie 40 Days and 40 Nights. Having rewatched it, my initial enthusiasm for it has dampened. But I still like it.

OneZenMom asked: Name one blog - besides Hot Dads, your own, or your spouse's - that you read every day (or just most often).

TentCamperm says: Obviously….Manic Mariah MY WOMAN!!!!

Hubman says: I have a folder in Google Reader called "Friends", which contains about a dozen or so blogs, so I can't name just one.

Captain Dumbass says: Just one? Seriously? My list is long and distinguished (like my johnson. Oh! Thank you, Top Gun) so to avoid pissing anybody off I'll pick

DC Urban Dad says: I have quite a few actually. I can hardly name them all, it would take too long. But here is a super quick snapshot ---- Clark Kent's Lunchbox, Scary Mommy., Undomestic Diva, Luke I am Your Father.

SurferJay says: …(…nothing)

Dadshouse says: (I could name a bunch - this is first in my blogroll, counting backwards)

Canadian Bald Guy says: I love The Quest for T. I may not leave as many comments as I used to, but she's one of the first I'll read (next to my girlfriend's) on a daily basis.

Trooper Thorn says: I always check out to hear what animals MamaDawg is rescuing today.

LiteralDan says: I misunderstood the question at first to be asking for a blog both my wife and I read, so I'll stick with my answer for that (since I read way too many blogs to pick one, anyway)-- Barefoot Foodie. Brittany is one of the original Hot Mamas here at Hot Dads, incidentally.

Daddy Geek Boy says: My blog roll has gotten out of control and I can't keep up. (Sorry if I've stopped commenting on yours, I'm working my way through them.) Some not mentioned above that I dig are you Zen Mom, Tales From the Dad Side, Sorry For the Convenience and oh yeah, This Is Why You're Fat.

OneZenMom Asked: How do you split holiday time between your family and your wife's family (or for the divorced guys, between your house and your ex's)?

TentCampersays: well…this is a confusing one when you put everything together as Mariah and I are both divorced. But if you have not been keeping up….I don’t get shit! YET! As for other family, mine are spread a;; over the country and it’s been a long time since we’ve all spent a holiday together, but luckily, Mariah’s family, though spread out, does everything in their power to be together for the big holidays. …makes me very happy…as I miss my own ‘pretend’ blood.

Hubman says: Veronica and I are in the Boston area, my mom is in Pittsburgh and the rest of our families are on Long Island, NY. Usually, Thanksgiving is at my in-laws house, though when we lived in PA there were years when we alternated between Pittsburgh and Long Island. Ever since Darling Boy was old enough to get into Christmas, we stay home. All of our immediate family has an open invitation to join us, but we are NOT traveling for Christmas.

Captain Dumbass says: My wife's family doesn't really do Christmas, but we try one year with them and the next with mine. Of course, the terrifying snowy mountain drives up to visit my family are beginning to lose their magic. We don't really get a lot of snow in Vancouver, but fuck it, rain isn't actively trying to kill you.

DC Urban Dad says: We alternate across both families. This Turkey Day we are with my family at the beach in NC. Then for Xmas we are with my wife's Mother and then will spend a few days with her father. Next year, we will change it up again. Luckily everyone is in NC so it is a bit easier.

SurferJay says: Have you ever heard that a good compromise leaves both parties unhappy? Well that’s how, we’re both unhappy about it, (some more than others, ahem).

Dadshouse says: I'm divorced, and every other year I get Xmas. On year's I don't get Xmas, I get Thanksgiving. The other holidays we play by ear, but we aim for 50/50.

As for splitting holidays within my family, we almost always go to my parents house. We've gone to my brothers' a few times. My place? Once. (The women plan these things months or years in advance, and I'm not a woman.)

Canadian Bald Guy says: As a dad with two children fathered by two different mothers, visitation during the year can be tricky (especially where one lives half-way across the country). 'Holidays' for me usually revolve around Christmas and birthdays. The attempt right now is to have my kids every other Christmas and birthday and rotate annually. So far, it's worked out quite well.

Trooper Thorn says: Time between houses just depends on which one of us my kids hate more at the holiday: me or my ex.

LiteralDan says: We spend most of the holidays with my family now that we live closer to them, though we used to spend the slight majority with her family when we lived closer to them. Now, we'll just fly back out there every other year or so for Christmas. (It's becoming clear they will never come out here, any time of the year.)

Daddy Geek Boy says: We laid out the rules from the very beginning to our parents: You will get us every other year. No exceptions. This is for Thanksgiving. We don't travel for Christmas.

OneZenMom Asked: How do you do your Christmas shopping - Do you plan ahead? Wait 'til the last minute? Shop throughout the year? Do it all in one day?

TentCamper says: I’d like to do it year round, but times I have done that, by the time X-mas rolls around, the gift will be ‘the older model’. I end up doing it last minute.

Hubman says: I really only have to shop for Veronica, she takes care of everyone else. She and I have already started talking about ideas for family members and it wouldn't surprise me if she's even bought a few things. She is so stinkin' efficient, when we drive to NY for Thanksgiving, Christmas gifts for family there are already bought, wrapped, and delivered to the respective homes to be opened on Christmas Day. I try to have my shopping done by mid-December. If there is something I hate more than shopping, it's fighting holiday crowds to shop.

Captain Dumbass says: If it's for the kids then I plan ahead. If it's for my wife I like to leave it until the last possible moment. There's nothing like blind panic for romantic inspiration.

DC Urban Dad says: We try to do as much online and early. Now that we are a little older we don't do Christmas for the adults. Now it is all about the kids. With my wife's family we draw names and are only allowed to spend $100. For my family, we are only giving presents to the kids.

SurferJay says: A-m-a-z-o-n-.-c-o-m. As long as my free three day shipping makes it into to unwrap Christmas morning, we’re all good.

Dadshouse says: Last minute, for sure!

Canadian Bald Guy says: I absolutely HATE that I wait 'til the last minute, but that's what I do. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

Trooper Thorn says: I firmly believe stores don’t put the good stuff out until the afternoon of the 23rd. If you really care for people, why would you shop before then and purchase marginal gifts?

LiteralDan says: Every year I try to plan ahead, and every year I fail almost totally. I don't quite do it all in one day, though in the past I've nearly gotten to that point, but the last week or so is frantic, especially when shipping is involved. Thank Jebus for Amazon, I say.

Daddy Geek Boy says: I echo the praise for Amazon. If I never have to step foot in a store from now until January, I'll be happy.

BigLittleWolf asked: What would you do if you had a hot night out (and in) with a babe who spoke with a French accent, and in the a.m. over a steamy cup of coffee à deux, she dropped it, in a playful way? (The accent, not the coffee.)

TentCamper says: Not that I’ve been in a situation to go on a date with a random person in more than 15 years, but I don’t think it would bother me…unless I was really into the girl. If it was just a roll in the hay…act away!!!

Hubman says: Do you mean that she was faking the accent all night? I wouldn't really care, though I'm ambivalent about French accents anyway. Now an English or Australian accent, that's another story! Maybe she could try one of those next time?

Captain Dumbass says: Meh, whatever.

DC Urban Dad says: Did you say she was hot?

SurferJay says: I would make a confession to her as well, “yeah, you know how I told you I’ve only slept with 3 girls, well I feel guilty about lying to you so I must confess, it was really 23. More coffee?”

Dadshouse says: I'd laugh. Besides, I usually date women with south american accents.

Canadian Bald Guy says: I think I'd be pissed off. I'm not a fan of lying. And no, I'm no angel...but that's purposeful deception. If she was hot enough, I suppose I'd get over it quickly. But yeah...I'd be pissed at first.

Trooper Thorn says: I’d breathe a sigh of relief and take off the George Clooney mask. How the two of us would laugh…

LiteralDan says: I'd pay her a little more for the extra effort, of course. Actually, I'd probably be happier, because that means she smelled better AND she was less critical of my breakfast options.

Daddy Geek Boy says: As long as it wasn't replaced with a Long Island accent no worries.

BigLittleWolf asked: What's the sexiest, most unexpected sexual surprise you've ever encountered?

TentCamper says: My woman being ok with having sex with me and another woman…and what I talk about in this (explicit) post. Just being with Mariah is all the sexy I need.

Hubman says: It's a story that's perhaps a bit explicit for this blog. But I've written about it on my blog! Click here for the story.

Captain Dumbass says: Getting laid in a racquetball court. That was unexpected. And it sounded a lot like whales humping. Not that I've ever heard whales humping, but if you've ever been in a racquetball court I think you'll know what I'm talking about.

DC Urban Dad says: Love being woken up in the middle of the night and "connecting".

SurferJay says: …(failed to fire)

Dadshouse says: When a woman did a certain act without me asking, and without her first demanding to be serviced. As for which act, that differed for each woman who did this sort of thing. Sadly, there weren't many. Most woman either had to be coaxed, or insisted on being serviced first.

Canadian Bald Guy says: The greatest sexual experiences of my entire life have happened over the past year with my current girlfriend. She reads this blog, so forgive me for not divulging details.

Trooper Thorn says: The first time I ever got laid. I mean, who saw that one coming?

LiteralDan says: I guess, if pressed, I'd have to pick that one time when Rachel Weisz showed up at my door late one night, saying she had an unexpectedly long layover and wondered if I could help her pass the time.

Daddy Geek Boy says: Not sure WonderWife™ would be comfortable with me putting that out there. But I have a big grin on my face right now.

WannabeVirginia W. asked: When a woman looses weight does her vajayjay get smaller, in particular the bits (parts)?

TentCamper says: WHAT THE…???? If there was a Slim Fast for women’s privates and you could diet to make it tighter or bring it back to what it was in High School….that shit would be flying off the shelves and the person who developed it would have won like 45 Nobel Peace Prizes or something.

Does that answer it for you?

Hubman says: I've never heard of that before and have no idea. Veronica's big changes in weight have come with pregnancy, the end of which of course has it's own effects on the almighty vajayjay, so I have no experience to draw on. But why would it?

Captain Dumbass says: I've never actually been a woman or had a vajayjay so I can't answer that definitively, but I think it might be wishful thinking.

DC Urban Dad says: Good question. Odd, but good.

SurferJay says: …(plead the fifth)

Dadshouse says: I honestly don't date women whose weight fluctuates that much for me to notice.

Canadian Bald Guy says: I've got no fucking idea.

Trooper Thorn says: It doesn’t necessarily get smaller, but it does get tighter because she feels better about herself. Know what I’m talking about?

LiteralDan says: These are the kind of questions you just can't make up... I have no idea, but I'd doubt it. I think the only thing that could manage that would be a time machine! Where's Doc Brown when you need him?

Daddy Geek Boy says: I'm not a doctor, but I'd be happy to study photographic evidence to either support or disprove a theory.


Danielle said...

So many across the board answers. Love it.

Not a soccer mom said...

these were great questions! and answers!
Captain dumbass you have me in stitches!
good job all! keep it up I am taking notes.
Gilmore girls is great writing I concur- but then i am a Loralei

ZenMom said...

Whew, that was a long one. But, as usual, you guys deliver on the perfect mix of serious and funny. Love all your answers, but I especially liked reading about your holiday shopping habits. :)

dadshouse said...

Trooper Thorn's xmas shopping advice is the best!!!

TentCamper said...

all I have to say is....."we are wicked smart!!!!!"

What would the world do without our wisdom?

Trooper Thorn said...

Reading the responses confirms I'm not crazy, despite what the doctors say.

Missty said...

You Hot Dads are just so... Hawt! Love the answers!

Nonflammable said...

Interesting...very interesting answers to some very well thought out questions. That last question was some what perplexing though.

T said...

Those Q&A's are always so interesting... You boys...

And CBG!! You do still love me! You really do!!! :)

Thanks for the mention.


LiteralDan said...

DGB, 40 Days and 40 Nights is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. And I normally like movies like that just fine. Just godawful. Be more ashamed!!

And I believe you might be able to find a couple such pictures on The Internet. Just ask my friend Mitch Googlestein.

DC Urban Dad, I hear you on the temper thing, though I can already tell it's too late there for both kids.

And we could never stop doing Christmas for the adults. I can't imagine it. My wife likes presents too much, and I like getting them for her too much (always for half the price she'd have paid, one way or another).

Captain Dumbass said...

You're still crazy, Trooper.

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