Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sage on Sex, come on you KNOW you wanna

Ok I thought I'd let those of y'all that don't know it get in on the goodness. There is yet another blog I contribute to Real World Venus Mars that is a bunch of bloggers talking about relationship issues. Well today one of my posts is scheduled. We don't get to many male voices and of course we are always looking for new female voices to opine. This post should maybe make you snigger, or at least grin. Hit it up and say it!!!!

Topic: My spouse is a Morning/Night intimate person, I'm a Morning/Night (opposite) intimate person we make sex/intimacy work by doing this...

First and foremost lets establish this un-deniable fact. I HAVE NO PREFERRED TIME! Anytime, every time and all the time. I'm game on. I mean I'm By God for it whenever wherever. If she even hints like she might be the slightest bit interested I'm all over that like a rooster on a June bug. You know those folks that have dogs that will ummmmm be intimate with the leg of a stranger??? Just sayin...................

Thats the first paragraph........ the rest is HERE.

Come on you can do it, if they won't let you in the password is "Sage isa Hottie".


The Pipster said...

SAGE I am going to get FIRED for looking at this at work when I don't know an ass is going to be in my face when I open your post. Gads!

Barefoot Dreamer said...

Pip - always assume there is some sort of nekkidness if Sage's name is on it!

Also - am I the only one to spot the typo on that poster? YES, cuz the rest were all busy looking like I mean at the ass

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