Thursday, July 16, 2009

Secret Box

Well this is always a cool post. This is the secret box. I run it in Sageville every now and then and the always delightful Shelle got it stolen from her fair and square and she runs it some too.

So here's what to do. Put your secret i the secret box. Naughty, nice, funny whatever. I don't have access to the stats so I have no idea who says what.

So comment, with your secret or a secret. You can own it or you can comment Anonymous. Either way suits us. The other places it has been done it was worth following comments or coming back to see what secrets were exposed. Put your secrets in, comment on other secrets!!

You can hit up the stunningly sexy Sandi for a free give-away!
Then hit the tantalizingly sexy Isabella for a free blog makeover!

Go get em, have a good week!


London Escorts said...

Wonderful post! Doing great job.

Anonymous said...

My wife and girlfriend do not get along at all.

Barefoot Dreamer said...

all of the secrets I have are too embarrassing to admit because they will make me sound hopelessly ridiculous. So, I guess my secret is that I AM hopelessly ridiculous :)

Anonymous said...

Ha Nah BD you aren't ridiculous!

Just Jules said...

I just booked a flight/hotel for a 5 night vacation. I don't want to tell any of my friends or family (like parents/brothers etc) since I am going with my friend leaving my hubby at home with the kids. I am sure they will judge and make "small talk" (Minnesotan for rude comments) behind my back.

So, I think I will spring it on them like a week before I leave. :)

Anonymous said...

I would leave my husband for the right woman!!!

ChocDrop said...

I can't afford to leave, so I stay!!

Anonymous said...

It's not much of a secret at this point but I might be addicted to shoes, fancy sheets and well sex. he he but hey everyone has their vices right??

My ultimate orgasms are reached when I get to combine all 3 together! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm dating the same guy for a year and half. About a month into it, right after we had the exclusivity talk, I went out drinking with a geeky guy friend and we ended up having smoking hot sex all night long. Probably the best single night of sex ever!

The guilt about killed me. I'm finally over it now though.

Not a soccer mom said...

well this is not a secret to everyone but possibly everyone here.
I had a baby at age 16 and gave him up for adoption. I still wonder where he is.
But I am ok with the thought that he is in a better place

Anonymous said...

I have been propositioned by ALL of my husband's closest friends....and then some. Watch your friends boys. ;)

Barefoot Dreamer said...

I am so damn excited to book that same vacation again this year - and I already told my family I am going.

anticipation is going to kill me.

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