Thursday, July 30, 2009

English Sucks!!!

This subject makes me absolutely insane at times. Maybe it is my ‘fragile’ mental state …or maybe it is just my longing for simplicity…but what the fuck is up with the English language?

I could go on and on about words that make no sense to me and will most likely have a series of posts on the subject. The first in the series has to do with words such as;
Immature (not mature)
Impossible (not possible)
Inaccurate (not accurate)
Insecure (not secure)
Infertile (not fertile)
Unacceptable (not acceptable)
Unfair (not fair)
Nonsensical (not make sense)
Nonbeliever (not a believer)

Can’t they just pick one prefix? I don’t get why there needs to be 4 prefixes that mean exactly the same thing.

How do you rationally explain to a child why these words are different?

Maybe I should just start using the one that makes most sense to me…”UN” and say shit like, “Don’t be so unmature. The reason that you are giving me for why you feel unsecure is unaccurate.”

10 AM and now I feel like I need a drink.
Someone fix this stupid language!!!!!!!!


Trooper Thorn said...

What about 'inflammable' and 'flammable' both meaning “combustible”? How messed up is that? And why can you be overwhelmed or underwhelmed but never simpley 'whelmed'?

Amber said...

LOL Trooper Thorn
I think you need to go back to bed TC ;oD

Daddy Geek Boy said...

"Me fail English? That's unpossible!"

ZenMom said...

Dude. DGB Totally stole my comment. :P So I'm just gonna have to go with:

Learning English embiggens your brain. What? It's a perfectly cromulent word.

Sandi said...

lol don't know what to say...but you made me chuckle.

Mariah said...

As your life lover and friend I know how much this bugs you.

Anonymous said...

It's like that on purpose to keep us on our toes :-)

Sam said...

I'll never understand the English language, which I why I made up my own. It works, for me anyway. Most people have no clue what I'm saying, but I'm okay with that.;)

The Exception said...

The language is like this fun game or challenge. We have so many ways to use it and wow... that is exciting in itself!! I love the language! (Sorry David)

The one that gets me is the word "Should" I dislike this word and am not sure why exactly.

MindyMom said...

I'm with the Exception; I love the language.

Misuse can be irritating but even the pros get challenged from time to time.

Not that I'm a pro but I still mess up affect and effect.

NYD said...

I found this irrevocably ironic and quite atypical for those who enjoy the vagaries of language.

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