Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kids, Immagination and Yoda

Am I the only one who thinks that imaginary friends are an odd fucking thing?

I have come to find out that I live in a house with 3 girls and 1 (really sexy) woman who all have or had imaginary friends.

We talked about it at dinner tonight and I could not be convinced that having imaginary friends was a normal, everyday thing. I was bombarded with fun little chatter about everyone’s ‘friends’…including the chickens that lived in one’s eyes…who even had a slide, the little boy Charlie who had to go everywhere with them and even had to have plates of food prepared and set out for him, the hand/finger elephant that would play for hours on end, and yes, the group of stuffed animals and dolls that were actually alive and talked…but only one person could hear them….

I proceeded to say that I never had an imaginary friend, played with dolls, talked to my hand or any stuffed creatures that resided in my room. Along with all of that…I do not recall any of my 5 brothers and sisters having any of the above either. The closest I think I came was pretending that I was Yoda and trying to move shit 'with the force.'

Their response…almost simultaneously was…”you are no fun…lighten up!”

Maybe my thoughts have something to do with my mother being a child psychotherapist…me majoring in psychology or the numerous movies and TV shows that I’ve seen where the kids with those imaginary friends pick up an axe or flame thrower…or some shit like that and kill everyone who can’t hear their friend.

Any of you have thoughts on this subject?


CJ said...

Ahhh, I remember those days when dear Link-a-Link lived in my room.... (Don't ask me where the name came from 'cause we've never quite figured it out.) He didn't make the move with us when I was around 9 and I haven't spoken to him since...I wonder if he's still hanging around that old house????

Seriously though, I think the difference between "normal" and "nuts" depends largely on when (or if) said imaginary friends are outgrown and left behind.

Scandalous Housewife said...

Did the family have mushrooms for dinner?

Amber said...

I never had imaginary friends...well, maybe i did but they only lasted a day, and though I did play with dolls and stuffed animals I don't believe I ever insisted on having a place set for them. Though, you might need to confirm that with my mother. I had a way over-active imagination, so who knows what my antics were when I was a kid.

Barney said...

My imaginery friends name was D.L. Donald Luther is what it stood for...

Now he only appeared when my parents were fighting.. or he would float along the side of the care when we would take long road trips. In fact, when I moved from New Mexico to Washington state - he floated along the car window the whole ride. He did however disappear once we hit our new home here in WA - hmmm.... That was when I was about 10.

I honestly think imaginary friends appear when there is something going on in a child life - it could be anything from something small and simple to something dramatic and life changing. I believe it's healthy. Why wouldnt it be healthy?

Brandy said...

I never had one and I don't know anyone that has. Or should I say anyone that would admit to it.

But I don't see it as a bad thing as long as they are okay socially and have pals that really do exist.

Mariah said...

So what If I had woodstocks living in my eyes, they were fun!

Trooper Thorn said...

I think imaginary friends are perfectly normal, but my imaginary friend Bubby thinks they are sign of madness.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I had an imaginary friend. I don't think I was ever under the impression that he was real, nor did I pretend he was real. But I used to talk to him during the quieter moments of my childhood.

If movies are any indication, someday he will reappear in my grown-up life in order to make my dull existence as fun as it once was.

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