Friday, July 24, 2009

Fake Fuckers, Exes and the Internet

I will start by throwing out a quick question….
Why the fuck has Blogging and Twitter become so cliquey?

I think it is stupid that people’s circles tend to grow by the number of noses that they can fit up their asses and how many bung holes they themselves can snuggle with.

I started blogging and using Twitter as they were good tools for throwing out your honest thoughts and feelings. I no longer feel this way. I am seeing all of these little cliques of people pretending to be people that they are not…gravitating towards the folks that have a bit of a following already. It is like being in high school all over again.

The fact that people can’t be comfortable just being themselves is beyond me. As you may have noticed, I have not posted anything in a while, have not been commenting and Twittering has been less frequent. I am about at a loss of words.

My ex Twitters and blogs and has seemingly gathered a little, mentally challenged, group of folks that she has convinced that I am some kind of devil and now these people follow my blogs and tweets as well as everything that Mariah writes.

Yes, I know…this post is morphing…but not that much off point.

Anyway, this woman, my ex, is soooooo not the person that she leads you to believe. (I will distribute email addresses for a handful of folks that know her quite well that can tell you ….if you are interested) She has sole legal and physical custody of my boys , yet has been evicted from 4 houses in 5 years for not paying rent. She has been booted from several banks for being fraudulent, has had my boys switch schools cuz she does not pay the tuition, etc, etc.

I’d be fine with her doing whatever she wants but now I am having my boys complain to me about having to live with their friends …and having to move…AGAIN.

She and her lawyers (who she is on number 4 now…yes…unpaid bills) have done a pretty good job convincing the judge that I am not a capable father(…yet am side by side with Mariah, raising her 4 children) and a drug addict (yet I’ve passed every urine and hair follicle test thrown at me.

I don’t know…this whole thing is making me sick and I wish people could just be real, say what is on their mind and not worry so much about what the fuck other people think about them.

People who are friends with my ex….unfollow me and and Mariah and mind your fucking business! You don’t know us and have never met us...(with the exception of one back-stabbing fucker...who knows who he is.)

Those of you who just need to belong to a popular clique…I hope you grow up…for your families’ sake.

Guess that is enough for now…

I will undoubtedly lose some followers from this one!!!! I could care less.

You lying son of a bitch. I've switched schools bc of tuition!? Our sons were in PUBLIC school and I switched them to private. I've been evicted 5 times? You're a lying sob and I'm filing for a restraining order as (My lawyer) already said I should. Especially since I've been told you said you'd commit homicide if you were here. I think that's the 3rd time you've said that? (And yes, people got screen shots before you deleted that tweet)

You don't know the truth but are lying about me. Yet you have no job, fraudulently claim the kids on your taxes, neglect the kids. You are in for the biggest shitstorm of your life. You owe me tens of thousands in child support, our children witness prostitutes with you, you don't properly care for our kids, I could go on. I have kept quiet for the sake of (The Boys), but since you don't care about them, I guess it is time to stoop to your level. I didn't before but I'm done.

And then you attack Jim? He knows who you are. He's a real man. He is an amazing dad. You are a pathetic, lazy, drug addict, liar who would rather focus on me because that's easier than looking at your own flaws.

Real smart to do this right before we're headed to court and I've gotten an earful from some of your "friends" already in Chicago.

Off to mingle with more of your 'friends'

And then…

Oh - and about the address. Mail any supposed check to (My Lawyer’s) office. We're telling the court about your recent actions including helping someone who has been stalking us and threatening homicide yourself, so in addition to a restraining order we are seeking to limit your visitation and prevent you from knowing where I live.

Please do not email me anymore. All communication needs to go through my lawyer (and no, he's not my 4th lawyer), since you are harassing me.


Barefoot Dreamer said...

Oh ouch!

Momma Sunshine said...

Wow. Sorry that things are so tough for you right now. As if divorce weren't difficult enough. :(

Take care.

ZenMom said...

I quite often tell me husband that I will never divorce him .. because killing him would be soooo much easier.

Barney said...

how sad for your kids and you... are they of an age to talk to a guardian ad litem? Probably been there done that..

I was in the middle of my parents divorce - luckily the Guardian ad litem was my voice..

Good luck..

Not a soccer mom said...

divorce and its after effects are so crazy!
Good luck... this will end someday...been through similar myself

Trooper Thorn said...

Were we married to the same person? Our local police get called on my behalf weekly and I've had to fight a restraining order all during the normal course of pick-ups and drop-offs. My kids have been instructed to search my medicine cabinet for pills, sneak my cell phone to check text messages etc. I don't understand why. She wanted out. It's been 3 years now. I've paid every dime the court determined. I have my kids as much as they want to be with me. Why can't she just find somebody new and move on?

Anonymous said...

:( Oh man. I just want to send some positive vibes. And a drink.

katherine. said...

pretty much a drag for the boys....

hopefully someday you both can figure out how to be divorced amicably.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you and yours have such heavy burdens right now. Time, I hope, will make it better.

Anonymous said...

I'm sensing hostility here. Sucks!

SweetPeaSurry said...

Wow, you're ex sounds like a real peach.

I have to tell ya, I've noticed the cliques and groups. I keep looking for other TV or Books centered blogs, and maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place. I ended up following a bunch of mommies and daddies. Mainly because their blogs crack me up!!!

I do hope things get better for you. Blessings on you and yours!

Just me... said...

I don't know why people can't just get on with their lives? And your ex is the very thing I fear in the immediate future.. Here's hoping mine will just fade away....
Yeah, pipe dream, I know..
But a girl can dream!!! :):)

Brandy said...

Um, does she realize that you could also lawyer up and get her for slander? Not to mention harrassment. Sheesh.

I'd like to say it will get better but unfornuately it's hard to predict what someone like that will do.

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

ick man. sorry about all that crap. :(

Amorous Rocker said...

What a mess.

As for the start of the post, there will always be cliquey little groups and I always thought blogging to be cliquey as hell. I just do my thing and try to keep up with anyone who tries to keep up with me. I say shit that pisses people off, online and in real life, and I really don't care because at least people always know where they stand with me, lol. I hate fake people and I don't waste time with a lot of bullshit.

Anyway. I hope your shit gets straightened out soon so you don't have to keep dealing with this mess. Makes me feel bad for the kiddos too. Sucks all the way around man.

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