Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Better Man

Conflicted, twisted, can’t get it straight
Feelings of uselessness invade the mind
Is there a better man for them?
A candle flickering, the sun peaking through clouds
Fighting off the self disgust
Jealousy, insecurity...the stabbing pain
Is there a better man for them?
Doing my best…not nearly enough
Happy but hating
Loving and loved…but is it enough
Things can’t go on in the manner they are
Is there a better man for them?
The scale teeters, weight on both sides
What is for the best – love or money
Clutching to a thread, unable to choose
I had better be right, I’ve got everything to lose

Am I helping or hurting?


Homer and Queen said...

No, there isn't....

Barefoot Dreamer said...

wow this is really heavy.

You are the better man.

Cande said...

Stay where you are. feeling good about who you are and supporting the people around you are the best thing you can offer. Be confident.

Not a soccer mom said...

The better man is the one who take the time to wonder

T said...

I promise you... that your family is not going to look back on their life years from now and think of what they lived without. They will say, "We felt A LOT of love and acceptance in that house. And we had LOTS of fun!"

Enjoy it. Relish in it.

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