Monday, July 20, 2009

Ask Hot Dads

It's the dog days of summer and us Hot Dad's know the best way to combat it is to fire up the grill, pour a frosty beer and dazzle you with our big brains.

We need more questions, so please keep 'em coming! Email either tentcamper AT gmail DOT com or daddygeekboy AT gmail DOT com, and we will amaze and delight you with all that we know.

One Zen Mom asks...I'd like to know the Hot Dad's opinions on Friends-with-Benefits. Most of the women I know have a pretty strong opinion one way or the other. How about you guys? Good idea? Bad idea? Best invention ever? Asking for trouble?

Tent Camper says... I think that FWB is pretty much asking for trouble…unless it is 100% clear on both sides that that is all that it is. If so, both people SHOULD see other people at the same time. I think that the problem in most cases is that one of the ‘friends’ forms a sort of love or dependency and then things go to shit…and someone gets hurt.

Southern Sage says...It seems to me that FWB's start off good for both but inevitably one or the other starts to have feelings outside of just the F'ing. Then inevitably there are problems. I never ever had one that didn't end up wanting more (before I was married of course)

Hubman says...FWB for me or for my wife? Or for us to share? Actually, as swingers [still feels weird to use that term to describe myself], it's pretty easy to think of our other partners as FWBs and rather enjoy having them in our life!

For a single person, why not? As long as both partners have the same expectations about the nature of the relationship, it can work. Trouble can appear when one partner is starting to expect more from the friend than the occasional fuck-buddy. [Look at me, talking as if I have a freakin' clue....]

Always Home and Uncool says...Sounds great in theory but not sure how well it works in practice. Do the benefits include dental?

Daddy Geek Boy says...If movies have taught me anything, and they have, it's that in any friends with benefit situation, one of the friends will undoubtedly have feelings for the other and keep it hidden. Hijinks will ensue, a petty fight will happen, the friends will "break up" only to realize that they are truly made for each other. The chances of this are even higher if one of the friends is Ryan Reynolds and/or Kate Hudson.

Dad's House says...FWB does not work! If you are friends, you are friends. If you start sleeping with your friend, it gets weird and becomes something else. That said, I do think it's possible to have a lover who you are not dating. The difference? You don't do things as friends. You simply get together for the occasional romp.

Amber asks...If the answer to the question is 42, then what is the question?

Tent Camper says...Obviously….13, 9, 11, 7, 2 Or…how old will I be in December?

Southern Sage says...RED of course. Duh.

Hubman says...Is this the same reader who asked about the meaning of life a few weeks ago? I have no idea what you're looking for Amber...

Always Home and Uncool says...What uniform number did Major League Baseball universally retire?

Daddy Geek Boy says...I'm no mathematician, but I'm pretty sure it's: 21 x 2

Dad's House says...Which President was Bill Clinton?

Jessica asks...What and where is the sexiest or most creative tattoo you have ever seen? If you have one what is it?

Tent Camper says...I don’t really find tattoos sexy. If a woman is hot enough and can look sexy with a tattoo…god bless her, but it is the woman not the tattoo.

Southern Sage says... I know a chick that got "fuck you" on the bottom of her big toe, for the undertaker. I like the ones you can't see all of, like goes below the belt line or you see a flash of it when they move a certain way, like on the small of the back.

Hubman says...I'm not a fan of tattoos and generally don't find them all that sexy. A small, tasteful one or two on a woman is okay, but a bunch of body art is a turn-off for me.

Always Home and Uncool says....Tats may call my attention to you (or at least certain parts of you that I might wish to get better acquainted with) but I can't say they do much for me. One of my blogging colleagues, surfer-in-chief Jason, does have kind of a cool one that he got recently, and my son was sporting a nifty Pokemon tramp stamp the other day; however, as my wife's friend -- the Babe Mortician from Nebraska -- has told me, no tattoo ever looks good on an old, wrinkly dead person.

Daddy Geek Boy says...This one.

Dad's House says...Sexiest tattoo is on the small of a woman's back. That's hot! I think Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers called tats like that a target that said the woman wanted to get nailed. Of course, when she's a grandma, it might not look so hot.

Chop Drop asks...Has there been a time that you feel like you did not get the credit you deserve for something? Or has someone taken the spotlight of your moment to shine??

Tent Camper says
...The story of my life! But for real…it happens all the time but the thing that helps me is to just know myself that the credit is mine…fuck what other people think. As the master of the universe…I can’t expect that everyone will be willing to have the spotlight on me at all times. I share the wealth.

Southern Sage says...Not that I am aware of. I never would care as long as I know. I would let them have the spotlight.

Hubman says...Not that I can think of, at least nothing major. Sorry, I don't have much to say about this one.

Always Home and Uncool says...I get that feeling pretty much every time I look at my blog numbers. And at my bank account. And down my shorts.

Daddy Geek Boy says...Can't recall that I've actually had a moment to shine for somebody to steal. That sounds way more depressing than it's meant to be.

Dad's House says...Yes! Anyone who works in corporate America will feel that way at some point. That's why working for yourself is so much more gratifying.

Me Thinks asks...The boyfriend has a birthday coming up. I can never seem to get it right for him, either I take a risk and dive in too deep (flight lessons) or pull back and its too superficial ("stuff"). What are some of the best gifts you got from girlfriends/wife/significant other?

Tent Camper says...Honestly…I think it was when Mariah got me 2 tickets to an NFL game, arranged for child care and then went to the game with me and spent the night in a hotel. Other than that…I would just say that a woman who can put aside her personal dislikes and goes to do guy stuff with her man (i.e. fishing, sports, etc) is a woman to hold on to.

Southern Sage says...LOL I'm a grinch, they are only allowed to be me dungarees, or shirts, nothing else. A 3-some always seems like a good gift though!

Hubman says...I'm not a big fan of "stuff", we have too much crap around the house as it is! I think one of the best gifts that Veronica got me was last year for Father's Day. She knew I had been interested in learning how to ride a motorcycle, so she signed me up for a Motorcycle Safety Foundation sanctioned Basic Riders Course. That was pretty cool.

Always Home and Uncool says...I have a history of less-than-exciting birthdays, but My Love made up for that by surprising me on my 40th by having Marshall Crenshaw play a concert at our house. The barbecue was also excellent.

Daddy Geek Boy says...One of the best gifts I ever got was a trip to Sandusky, Ohio to ride roller coasters for two days with my best friend. Our wives were tired of us constantly talking about going there and decided to just make it happen for us. Yes, I was in my early 3o's when I went on this trip. Don't judge.

I think guys are pretty easy when it comes to gifts. Something that speaks to our interests is usually great. If you're worried about doing something too big that he might not like, why not float the idea past him? Who says a birthday gift has to be a surprise?

At the very least, give him some hot lovin' and he won't be looking for anything else.

Dad's House says...Mind blowing sex. (Haha) Seriously, I'd rather have a fabulous woman in my life every day than get an alligator skin wallet or a Ducati racing bike on my birthday. Of course, if she mixes up the Best Mai Tai Recipe and treats me like a king for a day, I won't mind one bit!


skywind said...

Aa a hot dad, I am willing to explain my daughter's any strange questions. : )

dadshouse said...

Southern Sage - that tatoo underneath the woman's toe is hilarious!

ChocDrop said...

DaddyGeekBoy...that was a cute tattoo.

Anonymous said...

Damn its slow here huh?

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

WHO SAYS a birthday gift has to be a surprise???


That's the best kind of gift!

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