Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Put your money where your mouth is

Do you say you support our troops? Do you actually do anything about it? If not, here is your chance.

The fantastically awesome Hope is doing all she can to help our American men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan by sending a whole shit-load of care packages, but she can't do it by herself. Somehow she gets all that stuff donated and just needs our help to pay for shipping.

Click here to read her post about it today.

Your help would be appreciated, not only by her but by those she is trying to support. There is even a link on her blog for PayPal to make it easy for you. I sent $20 her way. How about you?

Do the right thing and show Hope some love.


Another Suburban Mom said...

I am betting that Hope gets lots of love today!

Another Suburban Mom said...
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Not a soccer mom said...

what a great thing she is doing! I wish I could do something similar. For now I will send her some help.

My son leaves for Iraq this september and is training in war games as we speak- peace be with him

Amber said...

I used to send care packages out regularly when we lied in Canada, dunno why I stopped since we moved to Ohio. Hmm.
Thanks for sharing the link!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting guys! You all are awesome for putting this up.

Every bit helps. The last post kind of explains what your money does and how it works as well as how it all came to be.

Lots of hugs.
And no I haven't forgotten your blog pimp I had planned weeks back, but I was missing a couple of interviews. I'll get that together once this the drive is squared away. XOX

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