Monday, June 8, 2009

Ask Hot Dads

Today's installment of Ask Hot Dads comes with a mix of questions that have rolled in over the past few days. As eager as we are to impress you all with our intellect and worldly knowledge...we've tried to keep our answers in terms that you should all be able to understand.

Additionally…brace yourselves for next week as we have already gotten a few very good questions. (Keep the questions coming!!)

Without further ado, please continue on to enlighten you with our wealth of knowledge…as we bask in the glory that our wisdom showers us with.

Jessica asked:
If you could teach your kid/kids ONE thing in life what would it be and why?

TentCamper says: I would have to go with respect. Elders (including parents), peers, rules, laws, etc…but others must respect them as well…if not, they may not deserve theirs.

DaddyGeekBoy says: I want to teach them to respect others. That's one of the most important lessons I have.

Cameron says: Respect, because if you respect your peers, your bosses, your spouse, etc, everything else will fall into place. I was going to say kindness, but there is a fine line between kindness and being naïve....some people take advantage if you're too kind.

TrooperThorn says: The one thing I would teach my kids is: "Just do what she says." This works in all situations and relationships.

Hubman says: That's easy, the Golden Rule- "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" It all starts with consideration for others.

Dadshouse says: Giving love is all you need.

Southern Sage says: You only come into the world with two things, your name and your word, you need to make every effort to make those 2 things still be good when you leave it.

IrishGumbo says: To live life always being themselves. Why? Because the price of living as someone else wants you to be is, in the long run, much too high. Trust me on this one.

Willow Witch asked:
How should I have handled this situation? Riding 60 miles an hour down the road on my bike, I get nailed in the forehead by a bee, it then drops into my t-shirt and my UMMM unmentionables, and starts stinging me, how would the single men driving by have preferred to see me getting the little sucker out instead of the Tarzan act I put on?

TentCamper says: As I am not single…I am speculating here. I would guess…lying on your back over the seat while pouring warm oil (if you don’t have warm oil…water would be ok) all over your front. Then tearing your shirt off to reveal your oil covered chest, while rubbing yourself all over to caress the stings. At which point you call said single man (or another hot woman) over to help you remove the stingers. …I could go on and on.

DaddyGeekBoy says: Come on, this one's a little too easy.

Cameron says: I’m sure the single men would have preferred this – you AND YOUR HOT girlfriend stop your bikes, you tear off your clothes and YOUR HOT girlfriend examines, and maybe caresses you to make you feel better. I’m pretty sure married guys would be Ok with that too.

TrooperThorn says: Disrobing in slo-mo is always good. Try and toss your hair around while you run your hands up and down your body to make sure the bee is gone. Employ some background music if you can like "She's My Cherry Pie" by Warrent. Often men like to see water employed such as a lawn sprinkler or emerging from a pool a la Phoebe Cates in 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High'.

Hubman says: Your tits are unmentionable? Why?I've had a similar thing happen while on my bike and was much more concerned with killing the little fucker than how I looked doing it. As long as you didn't crash [60 mph? I need to find some hills like that!], it's the result that counts. Don't need any extra bumps on your boobs. The one is the middle is enough ;-)

Dadshouse says: First off, if you can travel 60 MPH on a road bike, you should be in the Tour de France. Top speeds there are 35 MPH when the peloton works together. Screw Lance Armstrong and his record 7 wins - you'd kick ass in this race!Second, I'd recommend taking your top off. Plenty of guys would stop their cars and offer medical help. I'm guessing you needed mouth to mouth, as well as some hands on massaging of the parts that were stung. I'd be happy to provide an extensive examination.

Southern Sage says: Flag me down, allow me to help you check aall over you to make sure that there were no stings where the poison needs to be sucked out!(Oh thats poisonous snake bite remedy but we could go with it anyway!)

IrishGumbo says: Ummm...if the alternative was to see you pull over, and do a slow strip tease and then get rid of the bee, then I think it wouldn't have mattered if the men were single or not. Just sayin'...roadside burlesque, anyone?

Anonymous asked:
How do you convince your spouse or s/o to explore more with you? I've opened a lot of doors already with mine, but am lacking a lot in the oral department, and could use some more excitement when it comes to foreplay. As I've noticed that my spouse doesn't get subtlety, should I just blatantly say what I want, or find a nice way to ask for it. If so, how many times is too many?

TentCamper says: You need to tell him if you want something. If you feel that telling him outright would be difficult you could try something that we do (for fun.) Both of you write down a sexual fantasy night together and the read each others aloud. If you prominently include what you feel is missing, it might help in the message sending department. But again…communicate your needs.

DaddyGeekBoy says: This isn't a matter of trickery or subtle hints. You need to have a direct conversation with your spouse about what you're looking for.Communication is one of the most vital sexual tool we have, and all too often we feel that we shouldn't talk about it or we feel thatthings should just come naturally in the bedroom. They don't always.Talk. This way you can understand where your partner is coming from.

Cameron says: I would just talk about it with your s/o… maybe start making out / groping a little bit, then tell him/her some of the things that you want to try. Maybe even offer a little something something in return. You never know, they may want to do the same thing. If your s/o is a little timid in the sack, take things slow, don’t try to get too crazy all at once.

TrooperThorn says: Shave it all off.

Hubman says: One thing you should NOT do is bring this up in bed. Find some alone, but not nekkid, time and bring it up. Tell him, without insulting him or making it seem like your sex life at present is somehow inadequate, that there are things you'd like to explore or do more of. Ask him if he's interested, but be ready to hear 'no' for an answer and respect his boundaries.I suppose it depends what you're asking for as well. Does he already go down on you and you just want more of it? That shouldn't be too hard to convince him to do. But something he's never tried? That could be more difficult.And don't forget about doing something for him. Is there something he'd like to try that you've resisted? A little quid pro quo can go a long way!

Dadshouse says: If you are interested in oral exploration, you might consider interning with a dentist. If you mean oral sex, and your partner isn't responding to subtlety, mix up a batch of my famous Mai Tai recipe and get him drunk. These Mai Tais aren't watered down with pineapple or orange juice. It won't be the first time alcohol was used as a sexual stimulant.

Southern Sage says: YES! I tell this to chicks all the time. SAY IT! I would do anything this side of down right deranged if she wanted. If you want him to go downtown and he just refuses then you have two options, let it go or hold back what he likes. Say he LOVES to do you k- fashion (or whatever) then don't allow it. Everytime he tries just say whatever he says wen you want him to go downtown. Say nah I don't like that any more than u like going down on me so we are evern.
Never 2 many times until he does it.
Men are EASILY trained.
You have all the tater, use it to your advantage.

IrishGumbo says: Say it. Say it. SAY IT!. If he doesn't get subtlety, then by all means be direct. And it is very possible to be direct and be nice at the same time. This is an area where honesty and forthrightness are VERY important. Never assume that your partner will just "know" what you want (true mindreaders do not exist), and if they never bring it up or take the hints, then you will end up increasingly frustrated and resentful, because you will not be getting what you want. Pick a quiet time, preferably when you are alone together and in the mood for a little sump'n-sump'n, and just ask. Maybe something like, "You know what I'd like to try?..." and then tell them what you want. I can't claim to be an expert, but this works. Chances are your spouse will be open to it. At the very least you have made your wishes known, and open to discussion. And that is a good thing all around, if everyone truly wants a healthy, honest relationship.

D. M. asked:
I’ve heard it said by a few men that they don’t like lingerie on women. More than that, they really DISLIKE it! So this confuses me, and when I’m dressing for a special encounter with a man for the first time, I find myself choosing something ‘in between’ – not too risqué, you know - just in case.
Tell me – how common is this? Do you men discuss this preference at all?

TentCamper says: I don’t know about most guys but I am on the fence. I can say that I think women can look pretty hot in lingerie…but at home I guess I feel that it is a bit unneeded. Mariah is quite hot enough without it and quite frankly lingerie can be confusing and frustrating to get off when you are in action. I much prefer cute little cheekies and a tank top.

DaddyGeekBoy says: I've never sat around with the fellas talking lingerie over beers and video games. So I couldn't tell you if most guys like or dislike lingerie. I think the right outfit can be sexy as all get out.

Cameron says: I’ve never really known anybody that dislikes lingerie….the only complaint my wife has is that I rip it off of her too quickly because I get riled up immediately ;) Seriously, there are a few particular items that I don’t care a lot for, but most items I love. Anything revealing, sexy, silky, I’m up for it. “In between” is fine, but you may want to take it up a notch. Get a little more daring. I will say this also – if you’re wearing something sexy like lingerie, you HAVE TO sport a sexy attitude to match it. If you get all shy or start to show body image issues, it’s a turn-off.

TrooperThorn says: Men like what the lingerie represents: that you are into sex and feeling sexy. It heightens the anticipation that this encounter will not be regular Tuesday night humping duty but an experience that you are looking forward too. We are not particular to the style since it all looks the same piled on the floor.

Hubman says: I LOVE lingerie on women! Well, I like it better on the floor, but I digress...I don't think I've ever discussed this with other men, aside from on various blogs like this. The last date Veronica and I had with another couple, the woman was wearing a cupless bra and a g-string and I thought it was perfect. Go visit my wifes blog and her HNT last week if you want to see ;-)

Dadshouse says: I am one of those men who does not care for lingerie. I prefer tearing off whatever clothes you are wearing, and getting it on. I do like boyshorts on a woman, or a thong. But I don't need to see you in a fancy lace teddy. A bath towel, or one of my shirts on you is sexy enough.

Southern Sage says: I have no preference. If I'm gonna get it I don't care if shes wearing Gene Simmons make up, a dunce hat, plaid old man golfing britches, a burlap sack a Ronald McDonald shoes. Lemme have the goods. I have never heard of someone being repulsed by lingerie.

IrishGumbo says: These few men, are they from this planet? (grin) Not like lingerie? Hmmm...maybe in some extreme cases it isn't so great. I suspect that as the number of straps and hooks and buttons increases, the presence of desire may tend to decrease. No one really wants to spend TOO much time getting to the "big reveal". And when the blood is up, impatience can rear its ugly head. Having said that, though, I personally can dig some strategically placed lingerie, not too frilly and not too much. For crying out loud, guys, slow down, ENJOY unwrapping what is quite possibly the best gift you'll ever get! As to the choice of 'in-between'...I can understand that. In my opinion, it is sexier to pick something that reveals "just enough" and that reflects the personality of the wearer. Becasue good lingerie should not just be about making the man happy, it should also make the woman happy, too.


Another Suburban Mom said...

Great answers guys!

I love how you all had very similar answers for number 1.

Ashley said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting these. I love all of the answers for #1. Southern Sage sounds like me and my dad. That's a belief that he and I both hold firmly to and I hope to impress it as deeply on my son as my dad has on me.

Didn't really get #2, but hey, it was fun at least.

And #3...I'm glad to see all the answers. It's not something I've really thought about but I'm definitely glad to have men's perspectives on it.

Now, how about another question.

Or two.

#1-Everyone always asks what the biggest turn on for a man is, but what are some of the biggest turn-offs for you guys?

#2-What's your favorite little "Kid Wisdom" that your child/children have shared with you?

Sammanthia said...

Great answers! I am a little confused, though. Are you saying flannel isn't sexy?

TentCamper said...

Sammanthia - I suppose that would depend on where I cut holes in it.

M said...

Great questions this week!

I wonder about the lingerie thing. I've never been a frilly lingerie chick, but now that I am single and will enter the dating scene at some point, I wonder if I should be out buying this kind of stuff.

I mean it's not like I'm running around in grannies, but nothing too fancy. Most of the time it's nothing.

dadshouse said...

M - as a single dad on the dating scene, I can say that if you buy some hot panties, you don't need to do much else. The idea is that as i'm tearing off your clothes, the hot panties will get me worked up even more. If you instead say "let me go change into something more comfortable", all the sexual tension dissipates while you're out of the room.

Not a soccer mom said...

I am impressed and agree with all of you on number one!
wo was hilarious and I knew you would all go 'there' the minute I read the question.
Three.. I dont really care what you want me to wear.. if that is what you are looking for, you can get it by strolling victorias.
Men look hottest in boxers or boxer breifs but doesnt change my course at all if they are in whities.

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

As always, great (and funny) answers!

TentCamper said...

Hey ladies...why not submit some questions that you all think men would never know the answers to...see what we do when stumped. Could be funny.

ChocDrop said...

I am so glad Ask Hot Dads is back on the map. You guys are great, keep it up.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I'm not a Hot dad... but I feel like answering these questions:

#1-Self Respect. I think everything will fall into place after that.

#2-SLOW THE FREAK DOWN--Jump off your bike and get that bee OUT of your precious chest area and then run around with your arms above you head and scream like some crazy person. Flag down a car ask them if they have a penny. If they do, grab the penny and put it on all your stings... I hear it takes the sting away.

If it's a guy you flagged down... try and be seductive as you rub the penny all over your stings!

#3--I like to put on the BIG WINDOW out side our house little hints to my Significant other/spouse... like one time it was LAUNDRY ROOM...NOW...10 MINUTES!!! He usually picks up on them.

#4--Men don't discuss it because it's well known. If they don't like a woman to wear something that turns them on... they're gay. THE END.

But I'm not a Dad... so these could be wrong. :)

Judy Lewd said...

i like the answers

"Men are EASILY trained."

and "Shave it all off."

and "Just do what she says."

all very universal and simple answers

Anonymous said...

Why did I not know about this blog??

Why am I always the last one invited to the party? lol

Funny stuff! I am ALWAYS trying to teach my daughters what respect means & why they should have it for others & themselves - good answers!

Not a soccer mom said...

what is the meaning of life?

Is there a God? is she mad?

How do you make creme Brulee'?

What is your favorite day of the year?

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