Monday, June 22, 2009

Ask Hot Dads

This week's Ask Hot Dads was a nice mix of questions....though...still none of you have submitted any questions that have been too difficult to answer. As we need to exercise our brains...we ask that you send in a few difficult, emotion envoking and personal that you can fully understand the powers stowed within our HOT craniums!!

(**For the next 3 weeks, please submit your questions to DaddyGeekBoy (at)

Shelle asked:
In your household/relationship/co-ownership with the person who your kids call mom--are you more the disciplinarian or the one that gives in cause you'd rather not deal with it? And why? (Yea that sounded like a beauty pageant question "and why?" Consider yourselves in the Mr. Hot Dads Pageant and just answer the question!!!)

TentCamper says: It is different in our household as I am the step dad, but I think that I am a bit stricter and tend to be more ‘rule oriented’ stern, but Mariah tends to dole out the punishments. It is fairly easy for the kids to pull the sweet little kid thing with her more than I…I have to try to balance that sometimes.

DadsHouse says: I'm more the disciplinarian, but I'm also more laid back. I draw a line, and if they stay on one side, all is good. If they cross it, watch out. "Why?" Because I'm a hot dad, that's why.

DaddyGeekBoy says: I’m standing here in my sash and Speedos. I’m shaved, waxed and prepped. I’ve got Vaseline on my teeth for a frictionless smile and I just did 100 push ups backstage. I’m ready for my moment in the spotlight.

WonderWife™ and I take turns with the good cop/bad cop routine. This way, it keeps the kids on their toes. But since my son is halfway through his threes and my wife is with him more, she ends up dolling out more discipline than I. However, we have both agreed that the threat of “Dad hearing about this when he comes home from work” can be powerful, so we keep that in our back pocket when the going gets rough.

SouthernSage says: I am the closer. Momma fights them all day so when I come in the door I am already taking my belt off. There is n doubt that one if not both deserve a tail whipping. I never ever give in. Ever. They can cry, puke, fart, wet themselves or otherwise, no matter. We practice the triple crown of punishment. We whip azz, then they go to time out, then by the time that is over I decide which of their things they will do without for the upcoming time period.

Hubman says: I'm more of the disciplinarian, though Veronica can be a hard-ass when she wants to. I think it comes down to me being more intolerant of the kids misbehaving or whatnot. Sometimes Veronica's patience isn't such a good thing.

LiteralDan says: Because I am the one at home with the kids all the time, I'd say I'm the disciplinarian of the two of us, but I wouldn't say either of us is consistently a soft touch. Our kids are just lucky that way.

Ashley asked:
#1-Everyone always asks what the biggest turn on for a man is, but what are some of the biggest turn-offs for you guys?

TentCamper says: Being unsanitary (obviously). Bickering and arguing over stupid shit, Controlling women and pompous people.

DadsHouse says: Too much talking after sex. Actually, any talking after sex.

DaddyGeekBoy says:
Mentally: Shallowness. Stupidity. Vapidness. Ignorance.
Emotionally: Somebody who’s cold.
Physically: Small boobs. Like really small. Like a Kate Hudson level of anti-boob.

SouthernSage says: Well I would say babbling, but if that turned me off then damn near everyone with a vagina installed would be a turn off!! ;-) I'd say simple mindedness. Chicks who dig things, not substance. Low self esteem.

Hubman says: Seriously, personality is everything. I love a woman who has a carefree attitude and a good sense of humor. Not long ago Veronica and I were at a gathering at a neighbors house, and another woman we didn't know previously was there. She was an attractive woman, physically, but between her apparent complete lack of a sense of humor and the sour look on her face that persisted for hours, I had absolutely no interest in interacting with her. What a miserable woman.

Another big turn-off is smoking- what a disgusting habit. Who'd want to kiss an ashtray? No thanks. [And this is coming from someone who smoked some in his youth...]

Oh, and granny panties are bad. Very, very bad.

LiteralDan says: Nagging, granny panties, and... well, I guess there probably really aren't all that many.

#2-What's your favorite little "Kid Wisdom" that your child/children have shared with you?

TentCamper says: “If you fall out of a tree…either keep trying til you get it right…or don’t climb trees.”

DadsHouse says: The best syrup at iHop is boysenberry.

DaddyGeekBoy says: The Bean has said: “At the airport, they make us take off our shoes to check for scary crabs in them.” Makes perfect sense to me.

SouthernSage says: Not a specific thing but their innocence amazes me. There is so much truth in it, they know right from wrong and will apply it to complex things and come up with the right stance.

Hubman says: Not too long ago, Darling Boy and I were relaxing in the yard after finishing some yard work. We were laying in the hammock and he insisted on having his shirt off, in all of his 8 yr old pale-skinned glory. I asked him why he wanted to have his shirt off and he replied "Dad, sometimes it's good to be half-nekkid!"

Any regular Thursday reader of my or Veronica's blogs will understand why I almost died laughing!

LiteralDan says: Probably, "Don't worry about it, Dad."

Barefoot Dreamer asked:
What is the deal with anal sex? why is it so intriguing to a guy? does it really feel that much better to you all, or is the fact that it seems a little off limits making it that much more appealing?

TentCamper says: I think it is a bit of both. I like it now and then. I don’t think it feels ‘better’ but it is different. Kind of like differing positions, blow jobs, etc. I think men might also like it cuz it is kind of an indicator that your woman is up for anything.

DadsHouse says: It doesn't feel better - it's actually a less sensual experience. But, it's taboo, so that makes it alluring.

DaddyGeekBoy says: It must be the taboo factor, cause from my perspective it doesn’t feel that different. Anal sex never even crossed my mind until my mid twenties, when a former girlfriend of mine literally demanded that I do it to her. (It later turned out that she was a few prawns short of a galaxy.) It’s not something I’ve had in a very long time and it’s not something I miss in the slightest.

SouthernSage says: The appeal for me is if she enjoys it. I'd do damn near anything she wanted. My pleasure comes from giving her pleasure. So if she wants anal, then she gets it. Whatever suits her suits me. Everytime I hollar Yeee Hawww is the same to me no matter what the route to get there is. So whatever street gets me to the destination suits me, so whatever she likes I'm all in for.

Hubman says: It's not that it feels better, more like it feels different, in a good way. And Veronica likes it too, so it's not like she's doing it just because I like it- the pleasure is mutual ;-)

So what about you, Barefoot Dreamer? Why do you like anal sex?

LiteralDan says: I'm pretty sure if the stodgy powers-that-be made a point of telling everyone often enough that you should never, ever fuck someone's ear, many of you ladies would start waking up some mornings with a penis gently stroking your lobes.


Barefoot Dreamer said...

alrighty then.... thank you for answering my question (and hubman you sh*t...who said I was the one who liked anal?) seriously though - interesting answers. This may have been the best Ask H.Dad's yet...

Time to go dispose of all granny panties and try not to babble while doing it, making sure to keep an fabulous personality while doing so :)

Amber said...

You know, if the shape of my panties really did hold power as to which way the mood went I think I'd be in trouble.
Ashley asked some really great questions, and you guys had some fab answers!
Interesting stance on anal sex, good to know.

M said...

Great answers this week!!

Ashley said...

Yay!! Great answers!! And I agree with the overall consensus that a bad personality is a turn off.

Totally agree with Hubman on the smoking thing. I cannot STAND to be around cigarettes and cigarette smoke, so kissing someone that smokes is not even on my list of things to do.

Love the kid wisdoms, too! Thanks for answering!!

Oh, and I'm glad to see that not all guys are necessarily into the anal thing. It's just one of those things, for me, that I don't think I could get into, so I'm glad to know it's not as widely fantasized about as I'd have thought. There's hope yet!!


Willow Witch said...

Ok, new question for next week:

How can I ask/make sure my 16 year old son is emotionally doing OK? My 18 year old daughter says whats on her mind, so I dont wonder. I mean I ask but I feel like the nagging mom and I am afraid coming across like that will close more doors than open them. Their dad left us about six months ago for a co-worker and mother of 4, which he is spending time with and making a new family. He texts the kids maybe once a week and has only seen them maybe 8-9 times since he left, picking them up to go out to eat and then brings them home, I have told the kids to go with him when ever they want so to keep the door open... he does stop in where they work to say "hi" but doesnt offer to do activities or anything... I know this is hurting him, but I am afraid of pushing to hard.... As former boys and men what do you suggest?

Why Mom Drinks Rum said...

You guys need an "Ask Hot Dads" button at the top/side...yeah you do!

So....question for future use (don't know if you've had it yet)

Porn. Does your wife support/enjoy/allow unlimited porn access? I'm talking one way on the screen only...not the interactive $6.99 a minute crap.

For me, I personally don't care. I consider it a great tool (alone or in pairs) but I know alot of wives who think it's worse than head to Satan.

Miss Grace said...

This makes me want to write a post of why women like/dislike anal. But my siblings read my blog, so I'd prolly better not.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I'm so glad not all guys care either way about anal it hurt my butt just talking about it! I'm not knocking it... I'm just not trying it!

Thanks for answering my question... Daddy geek boy won cause of his speedo and non-sticky smile!

Ill have to think of a more emotional thought provoking question... Kinda pointless though... Do guys have emotion?

I kid. I kid.

TentCamper said...

@RumDrunkMom - we have been know to enjoy some porn is not a nightly thing, but not at all frowned upon in our long as it leads to great sex.

@Grace - do a survey of some of your mommy friends and write up something...we'd be glad to post it here if you want.

@ Shelle - don't knock it before you try it...but it just needs to be right...have a few drinks first LOL

Not a soccer mom said...

OMG! these just get better....
btw Literal Dan- although I am laughing my ass off... My ears are covered and may be around all males for a little while... just in case

Sandi said...

haha I like the turn offs. Kate Hudson boobs. What about Kiera Knightly? That girl could use a little boob. lol :) Or a big boob I guess but anything would help.

LiteralDan said...

Bad personality, totally a turnoff-- I was picturing turnoffs once you'd gotten past the personality cuts.

And Miss Grace, I second TentCamper's willingness to post it here instead of your own blog.

I think it would be enlightening for everyone.

Frogs in my formula said...

Nice sampling of the Hot Dads goods...I may be back for seconds.

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