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Happy Fathers Day, Staff Sgt Beale

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Well I decided not to do the slides today. I got an electronic mail that pointed toward this subject and it really fits with fathers day. Fathers (and all parents that don't suck) make a lot of sacrifices for their kids, even the ones who kinda suck make a lot of sacrifices. Well my mailer pointed me toward one of many many fathers who made a much larger sacrifice for their kids than most. Here is what I can find of his story.

Staff Sargent John Beale.

He was a Georgia boy which hits close to home for me. It seems that John Beale always wanted to be a soldier. His father said he always wanted him to bring home army men when he was young. Well after ROTC in high school he joined the Army and served in Desert Storm. Then as he got older and his family grew he got out of the Army to be closer with his kids. Well as time went on he felt pulled back to to the service of his country so he joined the Georgia Army National Guard's 1st Battalion, 108th Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition Squadron. Well last month they were deployed for Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

His father said he was more apprehensive about going this time but knew he was serving his country and doing what was right by his family and all Americans. This time though he was leaving a family behind. Staff Sgt. Beale lives in McDonough with his wife Crystal, his son Christopher, 13, and daughter Calye, 8.

Well as you have surely figured out by now Staff Sgt. Beale won't get to see his kids this fathers day. He was killed by an IED near Kapisa, Afghanistan on June 4th along with two other patriots, Maj. Kevin Jenrette of Lula, Ga and Specialist Jeffrey Jordan of Rome Ga.

Well i think you should go here and watch the video(s) of Staff Sgt Beales homecoming, I will warn you though I sent it to the bride and she absolutely squalled.


If you didn't hit that link you really really should.

Here is what his father and father in law had to say about Staff Sgt. Beale.

His pa in law said: "He loved his country; he loved the military,". "He was just a good man."

His father said: "I hope he didn't die in vain," he said. "I think that's the main thing any father or a mother wants is to know that their son didn't die in vain."

What he wants people to know about his son is much simpler. "That he was just and all American boy," he said. "John was just a normal kid."

What more can any parent ask of their son.

Well there ya go. I won't opine but to say, war is real, warriors are real, they are sons, daughters, mothers, sisters, brothers, nephews, nieces, lovers and people. Not numbers. Not just people without names, faces, hearts, souls and families.

My father died in November of 07. He was a man of principles. I hear him and see his actions in my mind nearly daily. He said may things often based in principles, morals and values. He would often say "son sometimes you have to take a stand, and you always should do the right thing. Sometimes you have to decide which side you are on, sometimes you can't have it both ways"
When I watch some peoples actions it is tough to tell which side they are on when it comes to Staff Sgt. Beale and the others living and dead who serve and have served. The choice is clear. Decide and take a stand. You are either for em or agin em (that is a grandfather quote) you can't have it both ways.

If you are a father the Happy Fathers day. If you have a father then you need to precite them, even if they sucked at times. They don't live forever.

Christopher and Calye, we thank you for your father and the sacrifice you and he made for every American, be they for him or agin him.

Staff Sgt. Beale I hope I did you justice.

We salute you.


Irish Gumbo said...

Well said, Sage. And a hats off, hand on heart salute to Staff Sergeant Beale.

A good man.

Barefoot Dreamer said...

I comment on your blog about this - but these kinds of posts need as much attention as possible. So, well said, good job, well deserved recognition - sad what it is for though.

An impossible responsibility our service men and women have - our hats should be off to them everyday.

TentCamper said...

Great post and I hope that all of our military men and women know that this is how a great many of us feel.

Ms Scarlett said...

Thank you for this post Sage. I have lost several good friends in Afghanistan, and seeing the hundreds of people that line our Highway of Heroes in Canada gives a little needed comfort.

Steph said...

That was an amazing post.

Thank you for posting the video of Staff Sergeant Beale's homecoming.

To all the men and women who serve our country and to their families and friends, thank you for your service and dedication.

Not a soccer mom said...

I applaud you for having the heart to post this here.
I cannot bring myself to click on the link as my own son is headed to Iraq this september just one month after his 20th birthday...
thank you to all of you for support of these heros

Zachariah said...

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