Saturday, February 6, 2010

Keeping Momma Happy

Each day Veronica gives Darling Boy (DB) the choice of buying lunch at school or she can pack something for him. The other day lasagna was on the school menu for the first time, so DB elected to buy lunch.

That evening Veronica says to DB "How was lunch today, was the lasagna any good?"

DB: Yeah, it was pretty good, I liked it

Veronica: Was it as good as my lasagna?

Uh-oh. I wonder if DB has any clue about the minefield he's about to wander into. Veronica is the off-spring of a Brooklyn born and raised 100% Eye-talian who takes great pride in her cooking.

DB: Hmm, I think it was about the same, just as good as yours.

Nope, he had no clue. I see the look on Veronica's face and say "DB, come here, we have to talk" and take him safely out of his mothers earshot.

Now listen son, one thing you should always remember is that nothing is as good as mom's cooking. It's okay not to like some things, but if you ever say that someone else makes your favorite meal better than mom does, I'm afraid I won't be able to protect you from the wrath of mom. You're still young, so I'm sure she'll forgive you, but next time, you might not be so lucky.

Darling Boy promptly goes back to Veronica and corrects himself, telling her that it was good, but not as good as hers. Crisis averted.

I hope I don't confuse him someday when I tell him to forget that lesson, and instead remember that nothing is as a good as his wife's cooking...


Hubman said...

My boy, the dumbass...

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Just me... said...

Oh, no!! DB is a wise little creature.. The first thing he did was to immediately return to the 'scene of the crime' and make amends with Mama.. Like you said, he's young so she'll forgive him.. This time.. Bet he doesn't make the same mistake twice!! :):):)

The Pipster said...

I wish I had a Veronica to cook for me and my boys. (I mean, I'm a woman, but I can't cook). You are a lucky guy! Best, P

TentCamper said...

Very good lesson to learn. My teachings here are, "nothing is as good as a home cooked meal."

You've got him on the right path though. Bravo!!

KiddosDad said...

Nice post, don't forget to add in there, "You're new hairdo looks great!" and "No way does that dress make you look fat, you always look stunning."

Missty said...

LOL. teach them young! lol My MIL can't cook, so my husband loved my cooking from the get go!
And he has taught our boys well.

Here is a quick story. Oldest son in first grade came home and pulled out a few dollars out of his pocket. I asked where did he get that money. "the kids at school gave it to me." Why? Because I sold them your homemade cookies. I knew I could just come home and get more, everybody loves your cookies mom, and I get a few extra bucks." lol

Ms Scarlett said...

OMG!! Classic! That is one of those indispensable truths.... Good catch Hubman!

Nonflammable said...

i love to cook and am encouraged by my kids' and husband's enthusiasm to try new recipes. they are not all hits but they have learned to not discourage my experimentation.

you have trained young grasshopper well.

Brandy said...

Hopefully he will figure it out by the time he gets married. :-)

Rachel Cotterill said...

Ah, yes, he'll definitely need to understand that his wife's cooking is better than his mum's! :)

Hubman said...

Just Me- And he even made amends with mom without a suggestion from me!

Pipster- you have no idea how lucky I am!

TentCamper- Especially when that home cooked meal comes from mom. My culinary skills don't go much past hot dogs and mac and cheese!

KiddosDad- We'll get to those lessons eventually.

Missty- your son has quite the entrepreneurial spirit! Mmm cookies...

Ms Scarlett- I try to save the little knucklehead from himself when I can!

Nonflammable- He'll still in training, but thanks! Unfortunately neither he nor his sister are too keen on trying new foods, much to Veronica's dismay

Brandy- I hope so! I'll make sure to help him out along the way!

Rachel Cotterill- that was an easy lesson for me as my mom is the queen of bland cooking, but DB may have a tough time, getting spoiled with Veronica's cooking.

Keith Wilcox said...

It's true. My wife is a terrible cook. She knows it, I know it, and the kids know it. Yet, one day I made a comparison between her and my mom and, boy, that was an ugly scene. Anyway, glad you got the lesson in early :-)

Candice said...

You taught him a valuable life lesson for sure.

I'm so glad he made it through that with his arse intact! ;)

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