Thursday, July 1, 2010

How Is Having Balls A Pre-Existing Condition?

My brother got his nuts detached finally. When he first went to the doctor, they found a lump and had to do some further tests to disprove cancer. Then his insurance company….get this, his insurance company denied coverage for a vasectomy because they considered it to be a pre-existing condition. I’ll let you take a moment to digest that one.

So let’s see here. A vasectomy is where one gets their flow of sperm cut off from their testicle to their urethra. So, which is it? Is having nuts, or having a urethra the pre-existing condition? I suppose they both are pre-existing, if you consider having them a condition.

“Yeah man, I’m not feeling to good today.”

“Oh yeah, why’s that.”

“Well I’ve got this condition…”

“What sort of condition?”

“Nuts. I’ve got nuts, man.”

“Oooh, don’t get too close, I don’t want to catch your nuts.”

I really have no adequate words to describe the idiocy of the insurance company. Really what could one possibly say about that? So, do we need insurance reform? Yeeeeees. Do we need Obamas insurance reform, nooooooo. But reform, yes we need it. How do you say that having balls is a pre-existing condition!

So my brother had to call the insurance company himself, as well as get the doctor to send in a letter, to knock it in their dumb bureaucratic heads, that having a sack is not a pre-existing condition. They ended up covering the vasectomy, naturally.

I bet they have a standardized letter they send out every time a procedure request is sent in. Just deny coverage for everything, that’s our the policy. Who cares, make some shit up, call it pre-existing, or out of the coverage plan, just deny it! Then, when the patient complains, they say, oops sorry, we mailed you the wrong letter, you’re covered. They bank on the fact that we are idiots, and we’ll fold under their strong arm. No! If I want to get my dam nuts detached, then you’re going to pay for it, damnit.


MindyMom said...

That's pretty bad. But you called it exactly. The insurance Co's play the odds - how many people will challenge their decision to deny? Pretty sad. Glad your brother got the procedure covered though!

Swirl Girl said...

Damned insurance companies will pay to fill the sacks (via the little blue wonder pill) but not to empty them.

go figure.

dadshouse said...

I should go have a lady doctor feel my nuts and check on that pre-existing condition of mine... How many of those preventive care checks can I get each week? :-) (hahahaha)

Spencer Park said...

It's free over here in Britain. Mind, they don't allow you any pain relief - that would just cost too much!!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Aw nuts.

Kristian said...

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