Thursday, July 15, 2010

Senses Are All We Need

Without even opening my eyes
I can see the sun rising and clouds drifting above us all
I see kids running around the house and yard
I see everyone, going about their business

Without removing the pillow from my ears
I hear the surf lapping at the shoreline
I can hear the dogs eagerly crunching their morning kibble
I hear the neighborhood come alive

Without shaking off my blanket
I can feel the warm touch of my beautiful woman
I feel goose bumps from the houseful of loving family surrounding me
I feel the heat of the coming day, from the bright sun above

I love the fact that, just awaking or not, I can experience all of these joys of life..any time I want…just by closing my eyes and clearing my mind.


Andrea said...

We should all close our eyes more often.

Mariah said...

Love you. Let's go take a nap

Mariah said...

Also? There's a LOT of people in this house - how are we going to find some alone time??

Joanna Cake said...

This is really nice :)

Danielle said...

We don't hear from you forever, then you come at us all sweet and loving! :)
What a guy! Now go take a nap with your woman!

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