Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is Your Child A Lindsey Lohan

CNN posted this article today warning us of the signs that our kids might be addicted to drugs and alcohol. The top 5 signs are:
1. Your child has a sudden change in appearance, friends and activities.
2. You are unfamiliar with the language your child speaks (texts).
3. Bottles disappear from the medicine cabinet faster than they should.
4. Another family member has an addiction problem.
5. Your gut says something is wrong.

Considering Lindsey's case, you might also want to be aware of the following:

1. Your child attends nightclubs in short skirts and no panties.

2. You are a douchbag parent like Dina and Michael Lohan.

3. Your child starred in successful films like "Mean Girls" only to follow it up with "I Know Who Killed Me".

2. Your child is repeatedly arrested for drunken activities including driving under the influence


Raquel's World said...

Lindsay....What a mess! I'm glad she's going to the big house. I think she needs it.

Web Hosting said...

The attorney is the best thing that has happened to LiLo in a long time. He refused to take the case because the Lohan camp was trying to limit him so much. Zero tolerance for dishonesty?

Not a soccer mom said...

Too true. Parents are a HUGE part of the way a child/teen enters the world. Too often, the parents are addicts themselves.

TentCamper said...

She is a mess...and I agree that parenting has a huge impact on how a kid turns out. Lindsey has a LONG road ahead of her!!!

Angel said...

I feel bad for Lindsey. I think her parents are screw ups and I wish the best for her.

LiteralDan said...

That is a classic, classy picture

But, how do we know if we're douchebag parents? Douchebags NEVER know they're douchebags!

web designing jacksonville said...

I think Lindsay needs to grow up and be true to herself. She use to be a pretty little red head girl. Now, she is a pot head with many insecurities. Grow up! She should stop trying to be everyone else but Lindsay. Most recent cry out for attention was dying her hair black. I think she wants to look like and be Megan Fox. Truth is there is only one Lindsay and one Megan. Needs to be herself. She use to be beautiful, now she is whatever!

Joanna Cake said...

A very disturbed young woman who needs proper help in a place where she cannot rely on money or position to wheedle out of the work of recovery.

However, teenage girls are a difficult concept these days. So many external influences over which you, as a parent, have no control. And, once they reach 18 here, they are adults so there isn't a whole lot that you can do about their behaviour. If you insist, they leave home and then you lose any influence whatsoever.

It's a really tough road but sometimes you do have to let go and allow them to learn their own lessons rather than continually trying to protect them.

Web Hosting said...

I really think someone should do something to Lindsay's mom. She and the dad both allowed Lindsay to do all this stuff. They did not set boundaries. I am trying to teach my grandson that choices have consequences.

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