Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In Which The Boy Pukes, Everywhere

The next time my neighbors warn me that their kids have the stomach flu, I should heed their warning and stay the hell away, immediately. The kids and I walked out of the house for our daily walk around the hood today, and we ran into a new neighbor with his 17 month old sickly little bugger right in front of our house. “You might want to stay back, he has a 101 temperature right now,” he warned me as Mr Pant’s went running up to him. “Yeah yeah, I’m not worried about it, we’re outside right?”

Then fifteen minutes later, down the street as we were exploring the hood we ran into one of our usual families that we play with. They were out for their daily walk too. She warned me, “You might want to stay back, she’s been puking for two days, although her temperature just went away,” she warned me about her youngest kid. “Yeah yeah, I’m not worried about it, we’re outside right? Can we join you on your walk?” “Sure, let’s go.” And all six of us walked the neighborhood for the next hour. Outside right? Yeah right!

Four hours later, just after Mr Pants laid down for a late bedtime, he hurled. Rice, an entire banana and a bottle of OJ and a couple pieces of chicken…..all over his sheets. But then, oh but then he hurled on Lilly. All over her nice work pants. Can’t say I didn’t feel bad, but I can’t really say I did either. Considering that he puked on me in the middle of a restaurant a year ago, she had it coming.

And he puked on his stuffed Woody, Sid, and Buck all in the same shot. Now how the hell am I suppose to put the kid to sleep without his friends. Huh, tell me!


Beryl said...

Pukapalooza...poor little guy. Poor big guy, too.



SoccerMom said...

Im surprised that your neighbors would bother taking their kids outside to begin with if they are freakin SICK! Hello keep the damn germs inside.

SOrry to hear your little one has now caught the bug.

Heres to a quickie recovery!

Kristy said...

I have never been so amazed by the sheer force of projectile puking until I had a kid. Kids are amazing at it, aren't they?! Much better than drunks.

UP said...

Sorry the little one is ill, but what a great blog topic! Yowzah!


Surfer Jay said...'s awful. it's awful!

Mad 'n Hairy said...

I feel your pain, dude. Having a son who once projectile vomited directly into my open mouth, you have my sympathies.

On a side note: not many people realize that diseases like the flu usually take 24-72 hours to incubate in your body before showing symptoms. Most likely, your little'un was already exposed to the bug long before running into any of your neighbors' sick kids.

Why they had sick, feverish kids "out for a stroll" to begin with is beyond me...

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