Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Slides, Funnies, Caption Contest

A lady about 8 months pregnant got on a bus.
She noticed the man opposite her was smiling at her.
She immediately moved to another seat.
This time the smile turned into a grin, so she moved again.
The man seemed more amused.
When on the fourth move, the man burst out laughing,
she complained to the driver and he had the man arrested.

The case came up in court.

The judge asked the man (about 20 years old)
what he had to say for himself.

The man replied,
'Well your Honor, it was like this:
when the lady got on the bus,
I couldn't help but notice her condition.
She sat down under a sign that said,
'The Double Mint Twins are coming' and I grinned.
Then she moved and sat under a sign that said,
'Logan's Liniment will reduce the swelling,' and I had to smile.
Then she placed herself under a deodorant sign that said,
'William's Big Stick Did the Trick,' and I could hardly contain myself.
But, Your Honor, when she moved the fourth time
and sat under a sign that said,
'Goodyear Rubber could have prevented this Accident!'
... I just lost it.'


I need this button sometimes!

2. Just silly.

3. LOL

"Sex With an Illegal Immigrant"

An illegal immigrant picks up a hooker. "Hey, how much you charge for da hour?" he asks.

"$100," she replies.

In broken English, he says, "Do you do immigrant style?"

"No," she says.

"I pay you $200 to do immigrant style."

"No," she says, not knowing what immigrant style is.

"I pay you $300."
"No," she says.

"I pay you $400."
"No," she says.

So finally he says, "OK, I pay $1,000 to do immigrant style."

She thinks, "Well, I've been in the game for over 10 years now. I've had every kind of request from weirdoes from every part of the world. How bad could immigrant style be?"

So she agrees and has sex with him. Finally, they finish and exhausted, the hooker turns to him and says, "Hey, I was expecting something perverted and disgusting. But that was not so bad. So, what exactly is immigrant style?"

The illegal immigrant replies, "You send bill to Government."


4. Tunnel of love?

5. I had no idea there wasa chick out there with a tongue identical to mine!

6. Smile son I can get us both on my Facebook profile pic!

7. Kinda funny

Caption contest!!! Come you can come up with something. I'll go with "Kiss me I'm Irish!"

Hope every ones long weekend is good!

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Southern Sage


Barefoot Dreamer said...

caption - better straight from the mug vs through the breast second hand

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There's no way that chicks tongue is THAT long... freakin' nuts!!!

Not a soccer mom said...

"huh wha?'

Stick out your tongue.

Crazy Brunette said...

You never disappoint baby!

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