Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Give Away? Ya Don't Say

Don't miss out on this GIVE-AWAY! Free stuff! How much is it? FREE thats how much. F-R-E-E! And easy! Like me! I am giving away these items in Sageville, hit that link to enter!!!!

*****OK I had to change the links because of an IP conflict so the links will take you to Sageville but go there and hit it up, easy, free, like me!

Ok so here is the straight skinny.

This fella Sean hit me up and said "Sage, the girls in the office have been telling me how damn beautiful you are, and while it is lost completely on me they made me contact you and see if you would give some stuff away for us."

Then I said "Talk to me"

He said " Man they want me to call you Sexy Wonderful Smart Sage but that just isn't right, so anyway we have these stores, like 250 of them and we would like you to give one of your wonderful awesome readers $75.00 gift certificate, or we would like for you to review something for our site."

I said" Whoa up there big Stroker. My folks are high falutin folks. We don't do anything for less that a $100.00 ever."

He said "well after the girls made me check out your blog I was clicking links on the side and man those ARE the hottest chicks I have ever seen! So ok they are surely worth $10000.00 but I am only authorized to do $75.00"

I Said "See ya"

He said : Wait wait wait waitttttttttttttttttttttttt "

So after a while he got the Council of leaders and rich folks together and they met and 11 hours later we had a deal for $100.00 gift certificate for me to give YOU!


For real that is how I remember it. Along with the chicks in the office sending all these mails and such but we won't get into that! And since I never give up an anon contributor I will not tell you which one on the Boob-Quake girls is an office girl.......

Heres the deal.

They have all those stores with some good stuff. So you hit the link HERE then all you do is find something you would use the $100.00 to buy and you come back and tell me in the comments what it is. That gets you entered.

You tweet this post, come tell me, in a different comment that you tweeted, another entry.

You FB this post, you come back and tell me in a different comment that you did that, another entry.

Link this post in YOUR post on your blog(s) and come tell me and leave the link and another entry!

All those comments count as an entry. BUT the first comment has to be what you'd buy. And you can use the "what you'd buy" method 100 times if you want, each will count as long as the item is different.

YOU CAN ENTER AS MUCH AS YOU WANT. You simply comment as often as you'd like with a different item you would buy!!! So come on and lets do this!

Samples of items you can buy.

Got a baby? CSN can Hook a Momma UP!

Got a grill? CSN can hook a griller up! (they sell the whole grill too!)

Some of y'all vegitablarians would like this fan! Where you gonna get a fan like that? CSN that is where!

That is a mirror. What kind? A damn fancy one thats what! Where you get it? CSN

Ahem. Coffee whore amongst us? Or some of that sissified coffee with cool whoop and jelly beans and cow tongue or whatever they put in it now drinker out there? You know where CSN!

Dont fret it any if the item is more then use the $100.00 against the item and pay the difference. If it has shipping you pay that. There are MANY items that ship free for under $100.00 so it will be all the way free! What beats free. Nottadamnthing! thats what!

Hey they have man stuff too. Get your dood to enter too.

HERE is the link to all their categories! You can choose from ANY category! Come on people don't let me down! My man Sean said we would do it again and again if y'all hit it, so come onnnnnnnnnnn now!

This one is easy folks I promise you you can get good stuff for no money out of your pocket. Hell I was getting those pics and they have every frickin thing! Check it out. Pitch till you win!

They offered some stuff for me just to review, but I didn't take it I chose to let y'all have a shot at it so shoot! The give-away will go on a couple weeks, so don't be shy!

Always read the fine print too.
*** Naughty pics will NOT help you win this prize***
but it won't HURT you any either!

There ya go. Y'all hit that. Cool stuff for real. I posted in the Real World today about vacations, hit that!

Big FREE Sexy is out.

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Anything in the kids dept or the health and fitness area. Do they have plane tickets? :)

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