Friday, December 4, 2009

That's what SHE said!

One of the great pleasures I get out of my current relationship is that we share a tremendous joy in "that's what SHE said" jokes.

For those unfamiliar with this gloriously immature guilty pleasure, here is its definition (one of many, I might add) as explained by the Urban Dictionary:
"A statement used to draw attention to a phrase that could possibly be interpreted as sexual innuendo."
For those of you who may not still "get it", let me provide another example:

My friend and I were talking about being able to draw when we were younger.

"I used to be really good with my hands, but now I just suck."

"That's what SHE said."

See?? Can you not just feel my joy???

Listen, there are times when it's completely inappropriate to say it, but I'm now finding myself being unable to control myself from even whispering the words under my breath.

It's happening at work when trying to plug an overhead projector into a laptop...

"Nothing's happening...maybe I should push it in harder."

"That's what SHE said!"

It's happening when I order a pizza...

"Would you like a 12-inch?"

"That's what SHE said!"

It's happening when I parallel park my car...

"Jeez...that's a pretty tight fit."

"That's what SHE said!"

It's happening when I've got a runny nose...

"I'm blowing and blowing and nothing comes out."

"That's what SHE said!"

It's happening when I put on my seatbelt...

"I'm having a hard time sticking it in."

"That's what SHE said!"

It's happening at work again...

"At least you're staying on top of things."

"That's what SHE said!"

It's happening when my parents drop by for a visit sooner than expected...

"You came so fast, I didn't have time to prepare."

"That's what SHE said!"

It's happening when I try new food...

"Is it supposed to taste this bad?"

"That's what SHE said!"

It's happening when a friend talks about her new piercing...

"It doesn't hurt to take it out, but it hurts to put it back in."

"That's what SHE said!"

Okay...that last one wasn't real.

As you can tell, I love this joke. I don't care how immature it is. I don't care how lame it is. I don't care how played-out it is. It makes me laugh and giggle like a little kid every time I say it (or hear somebody else say it).

Surely I'm not alone in my childish joy. Surely other couples have similar nonsensical things that are "just theirs" and brings them closer together, regardless of how silly it may seem. I can't be that difficult to find something that brings a couple closer together.

I can't be hard, can it?



ShellSpann said...

I love it too!!

Brandy said...

it can't be hard, can it?

That's what she said!

Anonymous said...

Oh It can... right?

TentCamper said...

OK ....first of all....THANKS!!!!
Now I am going to be saying that all day.

Mariah and I do have our little inside jokes and love them....but we tend to overplay them, which makes it hard (that's what she said) enjoy at the end.

One or both of us get pretty sick of hearing the nonsensical shit spews from between our lips.

Right now Mariah is..."Digging" everything...can you dig it...I dig it....then she incorporated catch my drift and absurd stuff such as, "you can't catch my drift..cuz you are drafting sideways and you can't dig it while drifting or drafting."

Feel my pain!!!!!

ZenMom said...

Hey, who doesn't love a good double entendre? Screw 'em if they can't take a joke. ;)

But, um, yeah, maybe some of those would be best left just said silently in your head.

Great post. :)

The Peach Tart said...

I don't know this game but am so working it today.

Missty said...

You hot dads always make me laugh!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

HA! Ummm... when is it NOT appropriate???


Daddy Geek Boy said...

Great post!

(That's what she said)

Eh...I'm working on it.

chocdrop said...

Those were great...I am not the only one who thinks like that.hee hee

T said...

That is pure greatness. I LOVE those!

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