Friday, January 15, 2010

Turkey and Baby G

Well I thought I'd tell y'all about my hunting trip yesterday. It really wasn't a trip per say because here we hunt mostly in the back yard and the front yard. No I'm not kidding, you can see the house from either deer stand.

Well since I don't do still well, or I should say I don't do still at all, I just go sit in the stand about 45 minutes because any longer than that I fall asleep or am moving so much I might as well yell to the deer "Run Run Run!!!" Well since I hardly ever get the good daddy cookie because I don't let them get away with anything and I am a hard ass about the chores and such I figured I'd take them hunting when they wanted to go with me since that was something kind of cool that we could do together and it is free and not something where either of us, me or the kids, is hung up together to long.

So yesterday I came in from the trellis building gig and checked the kids room which were kinda clean and asked in my most inviting tone "anyone wanna go be cold and not see anything?", my standard invitation. Well the girl child, daughter 11 y/o, "Baby G" aid yes shed go. So we got on our Global Warming gear since it was 30 degrees here in the tropics, no I'm serious I live in the tropics nearly, and off we went.

So its 5:15 and we get to the stand. It gets dark at 6 so we are good on time. We get up there and get settled and she breaks out her Ipod thing, whatevertheF that is and is fondling it and I am getting out he Crackberry and happened to look up and what do I see but 4 pretty big gobblers coming into the food plot.

* not the actually turkey*

So I got her attention and she saw them and I said "you wanna bust on of em?" She nodded and got up out of her chair. I got her gun up and through the window and she got in position.
"You see em baby?"
"yes sir"
"You want me to pull em in?" (adjust the scope so that they look bigger)
"Yes sir" (slightly breathless)
So I did.
"No sir thats good"

Well the way the stand is and where they were I had to look out the other window, so I said take the safety off.
"Fire when ready"


Well they scattered, but didn't leave the field. They were about 65-70 yards, "get on em again baby, shoot again"


Well then they really scattered, cept one that was really slow.


Well the second shot as paydirt! The turkeys flew off except the one and he ran off and quickly gave out.

She looked at me with some concern in her pretty eyes and I said "shhhhh" and you could hear the turkey flouncing around. "Whats that Daddy?"
"Thats your bird"

So both of us relieved we climb down out of the stand. Well the boy child, 6, "Rowdy" (and yes he earned that name, oh boy has he ever) was outside when the assault in Sageville went down and had run in and alerted the reinforcements (Momma Sage) so they were standing outside and waiting on us to climb down.

Well everyone was tickled and we went and got the dead turkey.

So I did get the good daddy cookie from her yesterday and I had a good time watching her. So all was well in my world yesterday!

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Southern Sage


April said...

Thats really cool. A great memory she will carry with her forever!

Nonflammable said...

2nd post: how to clean the turkey?

Sandi said...

nice bird! Great story :)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Cute monologue between you and your daughter.

Good Dad! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks y'all!

April: for sure for sure and I will too!

Non: LOL I can do that post if you'd like but you see me holding the turkey, she said "Dad I don't TOUCH em I just shoot em!"

Anonymous said...

Sandi: Thanks!

Shelle: I don't get the cookie often so I'm tickled when I do!

WannabeVirginia W. said...

Awww, nice bonding time with Baby G. That is so cute.

♥Georgie♥ said...

from your backyard??? OMGosh my husband will be incredibly jealous!

What a great momory you just made...AWESOME!

Missty said...

Love the story! Great memories. And I am with Baby G I wouldn't touch it either. I will fish... that means I don't put the bait on the hook, and I don't touch the fish when its caught. lol I hold the fishing pole.

TentCamper said...

I can't believe nobody else said this....You gave a gun to an 11 year old girl?...I am scared to give our tweenies anything more than rubber bands.
That being said...nice work and now I need to go build a blind in my back yard ...guess I could shoot crows or seagulls...or the occasional raccoon.

Anonymous said...

WVW: I am cute huh?

Georgie: Excellent memories indeed!

Anonymous said...

Missssssssssssssssssssty: don't be a sissy! Last year she killed a deer and BEFORE she shot with the deer right there close she said "daddy I don't have to watch you clean it do I?

Tent: ha well ummmmm uhhhhhhh the 6 yr old boy has been just hasn't had the chance to shoot yet!

Missty said...

Tent: My dad had all of us shooting really young. Maybe 8 or so. And I know things have changes, but he left all his guns (6-8 of them)accessable and in the closet, some probably loaded. We just knew to NEVER touch them, and we never did. Now, they have to be locked up, or not around.

Sage - Hey I am not a sissy... I am very girlie. ;o)

Anonymous said...


Dood you better watch her she can shoot the wings off a gnat flyin!

Barefoot Dreamer said...

girls with guns rock! seriously I doubt she will be as likely to fear a boyfriend when she knows she could whoop his butt :)

I love watching our kids hunt. It is so fun - just waiting for the reaction when they actually get a chance to get something - other than grouse.

Anjeny said...

Sounds like a great bonding moment for you two. Good job, dad!!

Not a soccer mom said...

Take it from an old 40 year old!
Hunting time with daddy is a lifetime memory.

jam said...

put me down for hunting but not cleaning. yuck. sounds like she had a great time. dad and daughter time.

Anonymous said...

BFD: woot woot I agree!!! Good luck to your kids too!

Anjeny it was for sure!

Anonymous said...

Soccer Mom : I read it! Good stuff!!

Jam: LOL yeah no cleaning for her a-tall!

Keith Wilcox said...

That's some seriously fine work. We're into bow hunting in our family, but killing turkeys is killing turkeys so that's awesome. My boys have yet to hit the broad side of a barn :-)

Anonymous said...

Bows are next here! Keep em in the woods they will be delighted when they slay something!

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