Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ashton Kutcher Sexy Texting - Huh?

Apparently Ashton Kutcher didn’t get the memo when Tiger Woods went through his high-profile divorce. When a spouse sends sexy text messages to someone other than their betrothed, there’s Trouble with a capital T, and that rhymes with P, and that stands for Pathetic!

To summarize (straight from the covers of People and Okay! magazines): Ashton Kutcher reportedly cheated on his wife of five years, Demi Moore. After he cheated on her, he and his much younger lover Brittney kept up a texting relationship. I’m not sure how many times Ashton and Brittney hooked up, but the texting evidence of their post-coital flirting is there on young Brittney’s cell phone.

Ashton Kutcher is 32, and Demi Moore is 47. A lot of people wondered about their older woman younger man cougar relationship. But they seemed to be in love and got along great. Demi has kids from her marriage to Bruce Willis, and I believe even Bruce felt Ashton was a good step-dad.

Ashton’s lover Brittney is 21, making her younger than Ashton's step-daughter (Demi’s oldest daughter). How f**ked up is that? Most would agree that older man younger woman relationships become creepy if the woman is the same age or younger than the guy’s daughter (or in Ashton’s case, step-daughter).

I’m sure psychologists could have a field day with the older woman younger man / older man younger woman dynamics to these relationships. I won’t try to analyze Ashton here. Though I will say, it always did strike me that Demi’s old enough to be Ashton’s mother.

At least Ashton’s too young to be Brittney’s dad. (But somehow he’s old enough to be step-dad to Demi and Bruce’s oldest? Only in Hollywood...)

To put things in perspective: I’m the same age as Demi Moore. If my ex-wife had married someone as young as Ashton Kutcher, there would have been bells ringing and red flags flying in my mind. And I sure as hell wouldn’t want him as my kids’ stepdad, especially if he was only ten years older than my daughter.

Back to sexy texting. What Ashton Kutcher does with his life is his business. How he involves his wife and step-kids is his business. But if he’s going to have an affair, don’t you think he’d know enough from Tiger Woods divorce to not text about it? I’m not defending Ashton. I’m just saying any sane person … er… what am I trying to say?

Okay, the whole thing is creepy. And it played out in text-speak exactly how it was meant to be...

Hey Ashton, here’s an emoticon for ya: :-P


Anonymous said...

I wish these douchebags would quit making is good husbands look so good ;)

Nicki said...

And once again my faith in men is shaken...not stirred.

Raquel's World said...

Please. Morgan Freeman 70some years old is due to marry his 27 year old step=granddaughter after carrying on a ten year affair with her. Now thats some ish.
I always worried that Ashton would fuck around with one of Demi's daughters. So at least he kept it outside the home.

T said...

And again I say *sigh*.

Again proof that happiness will never be found OUTSIDE of you.

Anonymous said...

If Demi thought for one minute that she would be able to hold onto her 32 year old husband forever then she was smoking crack! I don't care how much plastic surgery she gets, eventually the age difference is going to start to affect him. Hence he pulls a total 180 and is with someone younger by almost as much as he is younger than his wife.

FIrst, Ashton is a complete douche, end of discussion! His acting is about as good as a B-rated porn flick (like there is an A-rated one...), and the only reason his has stayed in the spotlight this long is because of his gross geriatric charity banging marriage.

Besides being total idiot, his also isn't career smart.

What a dumb-ass!

Stacie's Madness said...


3GirlKnight said...

I just kind of assume this is SOP for celebs. To bad people look up to them.

And I LOL'd at "gross geriatric charity banging." :D

Debbie(single;complicated) said...

on the one hand you would think they would learn..on the other hand..I am glad they do not! the humiliation serves them right...just sayin.

Eathan said...

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Danielle said...

Good comment by T!

MindyMom said...


Little ol' Me said...

It's all messy and crazy, and what surprises me most is that so many people care!

I mean, honestly...I got so much crap on my own plate I could care less who Ashton is banging, or sexting, or whatever.

You would think he would have learned from all the other people whos dirty little secrets became public fodder - but nope...he's an idiot for sure.

dadshouse said...

Mindy - there was a woman on the other end of those texts who knew he was married. Women!

Or rather, Humans!

Anonymous said...

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