Tuesday, December 21, 2010

His & Her Gifts

Last week Beth had asked the Hot Dad's for a post about least favorite gifts we have received. I can't say I have received any I didn't like. Christmas (and birthdays) have always been hard for me as I'm uncomfortable receiving gifts. I really enjoy the holiday, the family, the traditions and giving, but I'm awkward about receiving gifts. I'd just as soon not get anything, and if you must, then beer always fits.

After my ex and I spilt up, there were a few Christmases when I thought we were "working it out" when the gifts she provided didn't seem like there had been much thought. However, even when she gave me a big box of returned gifts (included paintings I had done for her), I didn't give back her dismissive gifts.

As for suggestions to help your Christmases, I have posted over at Dogs and Jeans this season, so you are welcome to check it out:
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