Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ho Ho Ho Holiday Dating Do's & Don'ts

Last week, KittyCat asked for some Hot Dads Advice on Dating During the Holidays. Never let it be said that Hot Dads are not givers. So for you KittyCat, and all the other readers, here are some simple Do's and Don'ts to help you through the season without hospitalization or a restraining order.

Do: Recognize that expectations may be raised at Christmas: For many women, The holidays are a time when being single can put added pressure on dating. This pressure can amplify the situation and speed up normal dating time lines. Be aware that a simple coffee meeting might be analyzed from her perspective as an "interview" for being a potential date to an office party or even Hanukkah supper with her family.

Don't: Show up for a first date with your suitcase packed and demand she get rid of her cat on account of your allergies.

Do: Behave yourself at the office Christmas party. In this age of political correctness and sexual harassment, the office party is a mine field of potential work issues for the new year. Enjoy the social atmosphere of conversation and refreshments with your co-workers, keep your hands to yourself and don't be the last person to leave.

Don't: Get drunk and finally confess to Rhonda in Purchasing she's "stacked but not fat, but in a good way," and tell your female regional manager "she is really attractive when she's not being a ball breaker!"

Do: Show interest in her celebration traditions. From decorating the Christmas Tree to lighting the menorah, most faiths have events they hold special. If you are lucky enough to be in
vited to attend such a celebration with her, be respectful and engaged.

Don't: Ask her to participate in your annual online Feast Of The An'kora'na Beast in World of Warcraft.

Do: Expect an increase in her emotions. Whether it's unpleasant memories of a "Christmas Gone Wrong" or the thought she won't see her sister this year, even a happy moment can open a floodgate of tears. Sometimes the holidays can seem like three weeks of egg nod induced PMS. But just be patient and understanding and she'll appreciate your time even more when she has stopped.

Don't: Tell her to hang on and you'll talk about it during the next commercial after Chevy Chase falls off the roof.

Do: Curb your generosity. If you just started dating, there is no expectation to give a gift. A card, flowers and a heartfelt admission you feel happy to spend this time of year with her will go along way.

Don't: Give her diamonds, airline tickets or a kidney.

Do: Give her some some time to prepare for New Year's Eve. The movies make a last minute invitation to the best party seem like the most romantic thing ever. However, in practice, it's is not a recipe for a love connection. Ask for her time at least three days before (more is better). A woman wants to have enough time to plan her outfit, hair, nails etc and also to think about you feeling that sense of anticipation of seeing her all dolled up.

Don't: Take your date to your ex's New Years Eve party to make her jealous that you are kissing someone else at midnight.

For more helpful advice, be sure to visit Trooper Thorn at Dogs and Jeans


KittyCat said...

Damn you are GOOD. Those are all great. You have a good insight to how women are. I bet you make an awesome spouse.

Thanks for the "pimp" by the way.

Love ya

Happy Holidays

Trooper Thorn said...

Thanks KittyCat. I'll let my wife know she can appreciate me more.

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